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* [PATCH AUTOSEL 4.14 26/57] tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix lockup for sysrq and oops
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@ 2019-12-27 18:01 ` Sasha Levin
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From: Sasha Levin @ 2019-12-27 18:01 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-kernel, stable
  Cc: Leo Yan, Jeffrey Hugo, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Sasha Levin,
	linux-arm-msm, linux-serial

From: Leo Yan <>

[ Upstream commit 0e4f7f920a5c6bfe5e851e989f27b35a0cc7fb7e ]

As the commit 677fe555cbfb ("serial: imx: Fix recursive locking bug")
has mentioned the uart driver might cause recursive locking between
normal printing and the kernel debugging facilities (e.g. sysrq and
oops).  In the commit it gave out suggestion for fixing recursive
locking issue: "The solution is to avoid locking in the sysrq case
and trylock in the oops_in_progress case."

This patch follows the suggestion (also used the exactly same code with
other serial drivers, e.g. amba-pl011.c) to fix the recursive locking
issue, this can avoid stuck caused by deadlock and print out log for
sysrq and oops.

Fixes: 04896a77a97b ("msm_serial: serial driver for MSM7K onboard serial peripheral.")
Signed-off-by: Leo Yan <>
Reviewed-by: Jeffrey Hugo <>
Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
Signed-off-by: Sasha Levin <>
 drivers/tty/serial/msm_serial.c | 13 +++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/tty/serial/msm_serial.c b/drivers/tty/serial/msm_serial.c
index e937fb189034..77a1f00fe843 100644
--- a/drivers/tty/serial/msm_serial.c
+++ b/drivers/tty/serial/msm_serial.c
@@ -1588,6 +1588,7 @@ static void __msm_console_write(struct uart_port *port, const char *s,
 	int num_newlines = 0;
 	bool replaced = false;
 	void __iomem *tf;
+	int locked = 1;
 	if (is_uartdm)
 		tf = port->membase + UARTDM_TF;
@@ -1600,7 +1601,13 @@ static void __msm_console_write(struct uart_port *port, const char *s,
 	count += num_newlines;
-	spin_lock(&port->lock);
+	if (port->sysrq)
+		locked = 0;
+	else if (oops_in_progress)
+		locked = spin_trylock(&port->lock);
+	else
+		spin_lock(&port->lock);
 	if (is_uartdm)
 		msm_reset_dm_count(port, count);
@@ -1636,7 +1643,9 @@ static void __msm_console_write(struct uart_port *port, const char *s,
 		iowrite32_rep(tf, buf, 1);
 		i += num_chars;
-	spin_unlock(&port->lock);
+	if (locked)
+		spin_unlock(&port->lock);
 static void msm_console_write(struct console *co, const char *s,

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2019-12-27 18:01 ` [PATCH AUTOSEL 4.14 26/57] tty: serial: msm_serial: Fix lockup for sysrq and oops Sasha Levin

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