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* [patch 00/25] First batch
@ 2019-05-19 13:51 Thomas Gleixner
  2019-05-19 13:51 ` [patch 01/25] treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 1 Thomas Gleixner
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From: Thomas Gleixner @ 2019-05-19 13:51 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-spdx


I was waiting for the reference data to show up, but I fear I'm going to
wait another $N years. So lets start to get over with it.

The current batch is against the top Linus tree as of today in the morning.

I've updated the spdx-utils repo with the latest tools and pushed out the
latest automated run to the linux-spdx repository.

The patches follow all the same pattern:

 1) Each patch contains a single match rule.

 2) The changelog of each patch contains the normalized match pattern(s).
    The normalization is done by removing comment markers, line breaks,
    whitespace damage, uppercase, punctuation, brackets, hyphens and such.

    If there is more than one pattern in the changelog, then the secondary
    ones have items in square brackets inside. These are either caused by
    copy and paste errors, file wide search/replace errors or randomly
    placed copyright notices, .e.g. [no]_[pad]_[ctrl] which is in the file

    The random words like NO_PAD_CTRL are removed when the boiler plate is
    patched out. The copyright notices are kept intact of course.

 3) The changelog contains also the concluded SPDX license identifier.

 4) After the Signed-off-by line there is an URL to the actual patch in the
    linux-spdx repository as some of the patches are trimmed due to mailing
    list size limits.

 5) The diffstat

 6) The actual patch (maybe trimmed due to size limits)

Please review the following:

 1) Confirm that the concluded SPDX license identifier matches the

 2) Spot check the actual patches (if you're masochistic check all)

In case of disagreement, please holler. If you're happy with the outcome,
please reply with a: 'Reviewed-by: Your Name <your@mail>'.

You can reply with 'Reviewed-by' to individual mails or to this cover
letter. In both cases we can pick up the reviewed tags automatically.  If
you find a problem in only one patch, then you still can give a Reviewed-by
to the cover letter if you reply to the failing patch with an appropriate
comment and state in the cover letter reply:

'For the series except patch N/25:'
'Reviewed-by: Your Name <your@mail>'

I'll send out a few more batches soon, so we can work through them and see
how that goes.



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