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From: Andrew Morton <akpm-de/>
To: Grant Likely <grant.likely-s3s/>
Cc: "David Brownell"
	"Daniel Mack" <>,
	"Uwe Kleine-König"
Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/5] spi-imx: some updates
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2009 16:35:46 -0800	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On Tue, 8 Dec 2009 17:25:59 -0700
Grant Likely <grant.likely-s3s/> wrote:

> I'm new to the job, so I'm being cautions about which things I'm pick
> up.  However, I'll happily merge anything that Andrew says is okay.

oop.  If I'm going to send a patch to a subsystem maintainer I'll usually give
it less attention than the ones I plan to merge myself.

Oh well, at least this way people will get their patches merged easily ;)

> Andrew, when in the merge window do you typically send out patch
> queues?

Late.  I stage the -mm patches after linux-next so I spend most of the
merge window waiting for people to get their stuff into mainline.

Often there are stragglers who I need to route around.  It's usually
not a significant problem though.

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2009-12-08 21:12 [PATCH 0/5] spi-imx: some updates Uwe Kleine-König
     [not found] ` <>
2009-12-08 21:14   ` [PATCH 1/5] spi-imx: use platform_driver_probe as probe lives in .init.text Uwe Kleine-König
     [not found]     ` <>
2009-12-08 21:14       ` [PATCH 2/5] spi-imx: correct check for platform_get_irq failing Uwe Kleine-König
     [not found]         ` <>
2009-12-08 21:14           ` [PATCH 3/5] spi-imx: use positive logic to distinguish cpu variants Uwe Kleine-König
     [not found]             ` <>
2009-12-08 21:14               ` [PATCH 4/5] spi-imx: Add mx25 support Uwe Kleine-König
     [not found]                 ` <>
2009-12-08 21:14                   ` [PATCH 5/5] spi-imx: don't access struct device directly but use dev_get_platdata Uwe Kleine-König
2009-12-08 23:32   ` [PATCH 0/5] spi-imx: some updates Andrew Morton
2009-12-09  0:25     ` Grant Likely
     [not found]       ` <>
2009-12-09  0:35         ` Andrew Morton [this message]
2009-12-09  6:15           ` Grant Likely
2009-12-09  0:47       ` [spi-devel-general] " jassi brar
2009-12-09  1:50         ` Grant Likely

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