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* Linux 2.2.27-rc1
@ 2005-01-11 17:14 Marc-Christian Petersen
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From: Marc-Christian Petersen @ 2005-01-11 17:14 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: lkml

Hi all,

here goes 2.2.27-rc1. Please let me know if I missed something security 
related. It's hard to keep up2date with latest tons of security vulns ;)

Thank you. Have fun.

o	CAN-2004-0497: fixed missing DAC check on sys_chown	(Thomas Biege)
o	CAN-2004-1016: fixed a buffer overflow vulnerability	(Paul Starzetz)
 	  in the "__scm_send" function which handles the sending
 	  of UDP network packets. A wrong validity check of the
 	  cmsghdr structure allowed a local attacker to modify
 	  kernel memory, thus causing an endless loop (DoS) or
 	  possibly even root privilege escalation.
o	CAN-2004-1333: fixed integer overflow in the vc_resize	(Georgi Guninski)
 	  function allows local users to cause a denial of
 	  service (kernel crash) via a short new screen value,
 	  which leads to a buffer overflow. Make sure VC
 	  resizing fits in s16.
o	If the user makes ip_cmsg_send call ip_options_get	(Georgi Guninski)
 	  multiple times, we leak kmalloced IP options data.
o	fixed moxa serial bound checking issue			(Alan Cox)
o	menu cleanups						(me)

o	A more correct fix to last mremap (2) bug		(Dan Yefimov/Solar Designer)
o	renamed imho *bogus* _vsnprintf to vsnprintf		(me)
o	fixed 'noexec' behaviour (2.4 backport)			(me)
 	  from Ulrich Drepper

o	fixed TCP keepalive bug					(Neal Cardwell)
o       fixed tcp seq nr wrapping bug				(Ulrik De Bie)
o	added cciss root translation table			(Eduard Bloch)
o	VIA KL133/KM133 northbridge: vga console going crazy	(Roberto Biancardi)
o	speedup 'make dep'					(Benoit Poulot-Cazajous)
o	disabled MCE only on Pentiums by default (2.4 backport)	(Herbert Xu)
 	  (boot with 'mce' if your MCE works as expected)
o	skb_realloc_headroom() panics when new headroom is	(James Morris)
 	  smaller than existing headroom
o	invalid nh.raw use after free				(Julian Anastasov)
o	fix a local APIC initaliziation ordering bug that	(Andrea Arcangeli)
 	  triggers on the P4
o	TSC calibration must be dynamic and not a compile	(Andrea Arcangeli)
 	  time thing because gettimeofday is dynamic and it
 	  depends on the TSCs to be in sync
o	fix deadlock on shutdown in 8139too			(Herbert Xu)
o	support for ELF executables which use an a.out format	(Solar Designer)
 	  interpreter (dynamic linker) moved into a separate
 	  configuration option and disabled by default
o	fixed sys_utimes perm check according to sys_utim	(Al Viro)
o	show us the saved kernel command line (2.4 backport)	(me)
o	some whitespace cleanups, some coding style cleanups	(me)
o	fixed some gcc warnings					(me)
o	add PCI ID for 82820 NIC to eepro100 network driver	(me)
o	move 'Network device support' near 'Networking options'	(me)

Kind regards
         Marc-Christian Petersen

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2005-01-11 17:14 Linux 2.2.27-rc1 Marc-Christian Petersen

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