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* [patch V9 00/39] x86/entry: Rework leftovers (was part V)
@ 2020-05-21 20:05 Thomas Gleixner
  2020-05-21 20:05 ` [patch V9 01/39] nmi, tracing: Make hardware latency tracing noinstr safe Thomas Gleixner
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From: Thomas Gleixner @ 2020-05-21 20:05 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: LKML
  Cc: Andy Lutomirski, Andrew Cooper, X86 ML, Paul E. McKenney,
	Alexandre Chartre, Frederic Weisbecker, Paolo Bonzini,
	Sean Christopherson, Masami Hiramatsu, Petr Mladek,
	Steven Rostedt, Joel Fernandes, Boris Ostrovsky, Juergen Gross,
	Brian Gerst, Mathieu Desnoyers, Josh Poimboeuf, Will Deacon,
	Tom Lendacky, Wei Liu, Michael Kelley, Jason Chen CJ, Zhao Yakui,
	Peter Zijlstra (Intel)


This is V9 of the rework series. V7 and V8 were never posted but I used the
version numbers for tags while fixing up 0day complaints. The last posted
version was V6 which can be found here:

The V9 leftover series is based on:

  git:// x86/entry

That branch contains the merged part 1-4 of the original 5 part series.

V9 has the following changes vs. V6:

   - Rebase on tip x86/entry

   - Simplified the hardware latency detector changes by moving the
     invocation to the right place in nmi_enter/exit() and annotate it.

   - Reworked the conditional RCU handling so it is now used
     unconditionally everywhere. That simplified the idtentry_enter/exit
     code significantly and also allowed to simplify the XEN hypercall
     voluntary preemption handling.

   - Moved the run on irq stack logic into an inline to avoid having the
     same conditionals all over the place and fixed up the relevant places.

   - Picked up Acked-by and Reviewed-by tags where appropriate.

The full series is available from:

  git:// entry-v9-the-rest

If we agree on the RCU changes, then these will be applied into the core/rcu branch
first so Paul can pick them up to avoid the next conflict horrors.



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