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* [PATCH][RFC] remove devfs special casing from disk_name
@ 2003-05-04 17:22 Christoph Hellwig
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From: Christoph Hellwig @ 2003-05-04 17:22 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: linux-kernel

Currently disk_name() does some special casing to print the devfs
pathname for a gendisk instead of the disk_name as used all over the
kernel (which is the same/similar to the old-style device name but
not in any way connected to it).  There's two problems with this

 a) the devfs name is often too long for BDEVNAME_SIZE and thus
    gets truncated by snprintf
 b) having the kernel behave differently depending on whether devfs
    is compiled in or not is a bad thing.  One of my goals for 2.5
    is that devfs has no effect on the kernel except creating the
    devfs entries.

If there's some reason you can't live with the change below please
speak up (and no, "the devfs name looks prettier" or "it would confuse
Aunt Tillie" are not good enough arguments).

--- 1.108/fs/partitions/check.c	Tue Apr 29 17:42:50 2003
+++ edited/fs/partitions/check.c	Fri May  2 09:41:04 2003
@@ -96,19 +96,6 @@
 char *disk_name(struct gendisk *hd, int part, char *buf)
-	if (hd->devfs_name[0] != '\0') {
-		if (part)
-			snprintf(buf, BDEVNAME_SIZE, "%s/part%d",
-					hd->devfs_name, part);
-		else if (hd->minors != 1)
-			snprintf(buf, BDEVNAME_SIZE, "%s/disc", hd->devfs_name);
-		else
-			snprintf(buf, BDEVNAME_SIZE, "%s", hd->devfs_name);
-		return buf;
-	}
 	if (!part)
 		snprintf(buf, BDEVNAME_SIZE, "%s", hd->disk_name);
 	else if (isdigit(hd->disk_name[strlen(hd->disk_name)-1]))

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2003-05-04 17:22 [PATCH][RFC] remove devfs special casing from disk_name Christoph Hellwig

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