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From: Douglas J Hunley <>
Subject: Re: 2.6.0: Badness in pci_find_subsys!!
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:15:56 -0400	[thread overview]
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Hash: SHA1 shocked and awed us all by speaking:
> On Thu, 24 Jul 2003 13:26:01 EDT, Douglas J Hunley <>  
> > Just had my athlon box lock-up solid. needed SysRq to reboot the thing..
> > kernel info follows:
> > Jul 24 13:08:23 doug kernel: Badness in pci_find_subsys at
> > drivers/pci/search.c:132
> > Jul 24 13:08:23 doug kernel: Call Trace:
> > Jul 24 13:08:23 doug kernel:  [<c02064a1>] pci_find_subsys+0x111/0x120
> > Jul 24 13:08:23 doug kernel:  [<c02064df>] pci_find_device+0x2f/0x40
> > Jul 24 13:08:23 doug kernel:  [<c0206368>] pci_find_slot+0x28/0x50
> > Jul 24 13:08:23 doug kernel:  [<f8a2ada4>] os_pci_init_handle+0x3a/0x67
> The 'badness in pci_find_subsys' may not be related to your hang.
> The NVidia msgs are basically caused by the fact that pci_find_slot() is
> getting called in an interrupt, so we trigger the WARN_ON in
> pci_find_subsys(). The worry here is that we may be walking the PCI list on
> the interrupt side while something else is hotplugging a new device into
> existence, causing it to walk off the end of a inconsistent list.  Unless
> you actually crapped out right at 13:08:23, it's probably unrelated.

OK. But I don't have any hot-plugging enabled on this machine. Unless the 
kernel is internally doing things...

It crapped out within a matter of seconds. Started chewing up all available 
system RAM, then went totally non-responsive to anything but SysRQ (couldn't 
even kill X with CTRL-ALT-BKSP)

> (I was getting the same NVidia traceback on a regular basis (3-4 at every
> start of the X server, and 1 at X server shutdown) under 2.5.72-mm3, they
> stopped when I went to 2.5.73-mm1.  If you're still seeing them in
> 2.6.0-test1, I would suspect something different in the -mm series is
> fixing them for me - first place to look is what got added between 72-mm3
> and 73-mm1.

I try to stick w/ Linus' tree, but I'll attempt to decipher the changelogs on 
the -mm tree...
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Douglas J Hunley (doug at - Linux User #174778 &&

It takes 47 muscles to frown, but only 4 to pull the trigger of a finely tuned 
sniper rifle.
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