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From: Stephane Wirtel <>
To: Linux Kernel Mailing List <>
Subject: linux-2.6.0-test1(-ac3) mm/slab.c - Debug
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 22:33:17 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20030725203317.GA14513@gentoo.lan> (raw)

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Hi all,

Here is a debug from my dmesg.

nvidia: no version magic, tainting kernel.
nvidia: module license 'NVIDIA' taints kernel.
0: nvidia: loading NVIDIA Linux x86 nvidia.o Kernel Module  1.0-4363  Sat
Apr 19 17:46:46 PDT 2003
Debug: sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/slab.c:1811
Call Trace:
 [<c011e53f>] __might_sleep+0x5f/0xa0
 [<c0140a25>] kmem_cache_alloc+0x65/0x70
 [<c014e6ad>] get_vm_area+0x2d/0x110
 [<c011c003>] __ioremap+0xb3/0x100
 [<c01b8b7e>] devfs_lookup+0x1ae/0x300
 [<c011c079>] ioremap_nocache+0x29/0xc0
 [<d4ae4fdd>] os_map_kernel_space+0x68/0x6c [nvidia]
 [<d4af6df7>] __nvsym00517+0x1f/0x2c [nvidia]
 [<d4af8cce>] __nvsym00711+0x6e/0xdc [nvidia]
 [<d4af8d5a>] __nvsym00718+0x1e/0x184 [nvidia]
 [<d4af9d88>] rm_init_adapter+0xc/0x10 [nvidia]
 [<d4ae1e60>] nv_kern_open+0x167/0x26e [nvidia]
 [<c015d0d0>] exact_match+0x0/0x10
 [<c015ce21>] chrdev_open+0xf1/0x220
 [<c01b855e>] devfs_open+0xee/0x110
 [<c01b8470>] devfs_open+0x0/0x110
 [<c0153100>] dentry_open+0x140/0x210
 [<c0152fbb>] filp_open+0x5b/0x60
 [<c0153443>] sys_open+0x53/0x90
 [<c01091ed>] sysenter_past_esp+0x52/0x71

agpgart: Found an AGP 2.0 compliant device at 0000:00:00.0.

Best Regards

Stephane Wirtel <>
GPG ID : 1024D/C9C16DA7 | 5331 0B5B 21F0 0363 EACD  B73E 3D11 E5BC C9C1 6DA7

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