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* [git pull] vfs misc
@ 2020-06-10 20:30 Al Viro
  2020-06-11  1:50 ` pr-tracker-bot
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From: Al Viro @ 2020-06-10 20:30 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Linus Torvalds; +Cc: linux-kernel, linux-fsdevel

	A couple of trivial patches that fell through the cracks last cycle

The following changes since commit 8f3d9f354286745c751374f5f1fcafee6b3f3136:

  Linux 5.7-rc1 (2020-04-12 12:35:55 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

  git:// work.misc

for you to fetch changes up to cc23402c1c2de8b1815212f3924cdbc3cda02b94:

  fs: fix indentation in deactivate_super() (2020-05-29 10:35:25 -0400)

Nikolay Borisov (1):
      vfs: Remove duplicated d_mountpoint check in __is_local_mountpoint

Yufen Yu (1):
      fs: fix indentation in deactivate_super()

 fs/namespace.c | 5 +----
 fs/super.c     | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

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* [GIT PULL] vfs: misc
@ 2023-06-23 11:01 Christian Brauner
  2023-06-26 17:34 ` pr-tracker-bot
  0 siblings, 1 reply; 6+ messages in thread
From: Christian Brauner @ 2023-06-23 11:01 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Linus Torvalds; +Cc: Christian Brauner, linux-fsdevel, linux-kernel

Hey Linus,

/* Summary */
This contains miscellaneous features, cleanups, and fixes for vfs and
individual fs.

* Use mode 0600 for file created by cachefilesd so it can be run by
  unprivileged users. This aligns them with directories which are
  already created with mode 0700 by cachefilesd.
* Reorder a few members in struct file to prevent some false sharing
* Indicate that an eventfd is used a semaphore in the eventfd's fdinfo
  procfs file.
* Add a missing uapi header for eventfd exposing relevant uapi defines.
* Let the VFS protect transitions of a superblock from read-only to
  read-write in addition to the protection it already provides for
  transitions from read-write to read-only. Protecting read-only to
  read-write transitions allows filesystems such as ext4 to perform
  internal writes, keeping writers away until the transition is

* Arnd removed the architecture specific arch_report_meminfo()
  prototypes and added a generic one into procfs.h.
  Note, we got a report about a warning in amdpgpu codepaths that
  suggested this was bisectable to this change but we concluded it was a
  false positive.
* Remove unused parameters from split_fs_names().
* Rename put_and_unmap_page() to unmap_and_put_page() to let the name
  reflect the order of the cleanup operation that has to unmap before
  the actual put.
* Unexport buffer_check_dirty_writeback() as it is not used outside of
  block device aops.
* Stop allocating aio rings from highmem.
* Protecting read-{only,write} transitions in the VFS used open-coded
  barriers in various places. Replace them with proper little helpers
  and document both the helpers and all barrier interactions involved
  when transitioning between read-{only,write} states.
* Use flexible array members in old readdir codepaths.

* Use the correct type __poll_t for epoll and eventfd.
* Replace all deprecated strlcpy() invocations, whose return value isn't
  checked with an equivalent strscpy() call.
* Fix some kernel-doc warnings in fs/open.c
* Reduce the stack usage in jffs2's xattr codepaths finally getting
  rid of this:
  fs/jffs2/xattr.c:887:1: error: the frame size of 1088 bytes is larger than 1024 bytes [-Werror=frame-larger-than=]
  royally annoying compilation warning.
* Use __FMODE_NONOTIFY instead of FMODE_NONOTIFY where an int and not
  fmode_t is required to avoid fmode_t to integer degradation warnings.
* Create coredumps with O_WRONLY instead of O_RDWR. There's a long
  explanation in that commit how O_RDWR is actually a bug which we found
  out with the help of Linus and git archeology.
* Fix "no previous prototype" warnings in the pipe codepaths.
* Add overflow calculations for remap_verify_area() as a signed addition
  overflow could be triggered in xfstests.
* Fix a null pointer dereference in sysv.
* Use an unsigned variable for length calculations in jfs avoiding
  compilation warnings with gcc 13.
* Fix a dangling pipe pointer in the watch queue codepath.
* The legacy mount option parser provided as a fallback by the VFS for
  filesystems not yet converted to the new mount api did prefix the
  generated mount option string with a leading ',' causing issues for
  some filesystems.
* Fix a repeated word in a comment in fs.h.
* autofs: Update the ctime when mtime is updated as mandated by POSIX.

/* Testing */
clang: Ubuntu clang version 15.0.7
gcc: (Ubuntu 12.2.0-3ubuntu1) 12.2.0

All patches are based on v6.4-rc2 and have been sitting in linux-next.
No build failures or warnings were observed. All old and new tests in
fstests, selftests, and LTP pass without regressions.

/* Conflicts */
There are two merge conflicts:

(1) This will cause a minor merge conflict with my v6.5/vfs.file pull
    request which renames an internal helper that's used in cachefiles.
    I would suggest to merge v6.5/vfs.misc first.
(2) linux-next: manual merge of the tip tree with the vfs-brauner tree

At the time of creating this PR no merge conflicts showed up doing a
test-merge with current mainline.

The following changes since commit f1fcbaa18b28dec10281551dfe6ed3a3ed80e3d6:

  Linux 6.4-rc2 (2023-05-14 12:51:40 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at: tags/v6.5/vfs.misc

for you to fetch changes up to 2507135e4ff231a368eae38000a501da0b96c662:

  readdir: Replace one-element arrays with flexible-array members (2023-06-21 09:06:59 +0200)

Please consider pulling these changes from the signed v6.5/vfs.misc tag.



Anuradha Weeraman (1):
      fs/open.c: Fix W=1 kernel doc warnings

Arnd Bergmann (3):
      fs: d_path: include internal.h
      fs: pipe: reveal missing function protoypes
      procfs: consolidate arch_report_meminfo declaration

Azeem Shaikh (1):
      vfs: Replace all non-returning strlcpy with strscpy

Christoph Hellwig (1):
      fs: unexport buffer_check_dirty_writeback

David Howells (1):
      cachefiles: Allow the cache to be non-root

David Sterba (1):
      fs: use UB-safe check for signed addition overflow in remap_verify_area

Fabian Frederick (1):
      jffs2: reduce stack usage in jffs2_build_xattr_subsystem()

Fabio M. De Francesco (2):
      highmem: Rename put_and_unmap_page() to unmap_and_put_page()
      fs/aio: Stop allocating aio rings from HIGHMEM

Gustavo A. R. Silva (1):
      readdir: Replace one-element arrays with flexible-array members

Jan Kara (2):
      fs: Protect reconfiguration of sb read-write from racing writes
      fs: Provide helpers for manipulating sb->s_readonly_remount

Jeff Layton (1):
      autofs: set ctime as well when mtime changes on a dir

Kees Cook (1):
      jfs: Use unsigned variable for length calculations

Mao Zhu (1):
      fs: Fix comment typo

Min-Hua Chen (2):
      fs: use correct __poll_t type
      fs: fix incorrect fmode_t casts

Prince Kumar Maurya (1):
      fs/sysv: Null check to prevent null-ptr-deref bug

Siddh Raman Pant (1):
      watch_queue: prevent dangling pipe pointer

Thomas Weißschuh (1):
      fs: avoid empty option when generating legacy mount string

Vladimir Sementsov-Ogievskiy (1):
      coredump: require O_WRONLY instead of O_RDWR

Wen Yang (2):
      eventfd: show the EFD_SEMAPHORE flag in fdinfo
      eventfd: add a uapi header for eventfd userspace APIs

Yihuan Pan (1):
      init: remove unused names parameter in split_fs_names()

chenzhiyin (1):
      fs.h: Optimize file struct to prevent false sharing

 arch/parisc/include/asm/pgtable.h    |  3 ---
 arch/powerpc/include/asm/pgtable.h   |  3 ---
 arch/s390/include/asm/pgtable.h      |  3 ---
 arch/s390/mm/pageattr.c              |  1 +
 arch/x86/include/asm/pgtable.h       |  1 +
 arch/x86/include/asm/pgtable_types.h |  3 ---
 arch/x86/mm/pat/set_memory.c         |  1 +
 fs/aio.c                             | 26 ++++++++---------------
 fs/autofs/root.c                     |  6 +++---
 fs/buffer.c                          |  1 -
 fs/cachefiles/namei.c                |  3 ++-
 fs/char_dev.c                        |  2 +-
 fs/coredump.c                        |  2 +-
 fs/d_path.c                          |  1 +
 fs/eventfd.c                         | 12 ++++++-----
 fs/eventpoll.c                       |  2 +-
 fs/fs_context.c                      |  3 ++-
 fs/internal.h                        | 41 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 fs/jffs2/build.c                     |  5 ++++-
 fs/jffs2/xattr.c                     | 13 ++++++++----
 fs/jffs2/xattr.h                     |  4 ++--
 fs/jfs/namei.c                       |  6 +++---
 fs/namespace.c                       | 25 ++++++++++++++--------
 fs/open.c                            | 14 +++---------
 fs/overlayfs/file.c                  |  2 +-
 fs/readdir.c                         |  8 +++----
 fs/remap_range.c                     |  5 ++++-
 fs/super.c                           | 22 +++++++++++--------
 fs/sysv/dir.c                        | 22 +++++++++----------
 fs/sysv/itree.c                      |  4 ++++
 fs/sysv/namei.c                      |  8 +++----
 include/linux/eventfd.h              |  8 ++-----
 include/linux/fs.h                   | 20 ++++++++++++------
 include/linux/highmem.h              |  2 +-
 include/linux/pipe_fs_i.h            |  4 ----
 include/linux/proc_fs.h              |  2 ++
 include/linux/watch_queue.h          |  3 +--
 include/uapi/linux/eventfd.h         | 11 ++++++++++
 init/do_mounts.c                     |  6 +++---
 kernel/watch_queue.c                 | 12 +++++------
 40 files changed, 188 insertions(+), 132 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 include/uapi/linux/eventfd.h

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* [GIT PULL] vfs misc
@ 2024-03-08 10:09 Christian Brauner
  2024-03-11 18:33 ` pr-tracker-bot
  0 siblings, 1 reply; 6+ messages in thread
From: Christian Brauner @ 2024-03-08 10:09 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Linus Torvalds; +Cc: Christian Brauner, linux-fsdevel, linux-kernel

Hey Linus,

/* Summary */
This contains the usual miscellaneous features, cleanups, and fixes for vfs and
individual fses.


* Support idmapped mounts for hugetlbfs.

* Add RWF_NOAPPEND flag for pwritev2(). This allows to fix a bug where
  the passed offset is ignored if the file is O_APPEND. The new flag
  allows a caller to enforce that the offset is honored to conform to
  posix even if the file was opened in append mode.

* Move i_mmap_rwsem in struct address_space to avoid false sharing
  between i_mmap and i_mmap_rwsem.

* Convert efs, qnx4, and coda to use the new mount api.

* Add a generic is_dot_dotdot() helper that's used by various
  filesystems and the VFS code instead of open-coding it mutliple times.

* Recently we've added stable offsets which allows stable ordering
  when iterating directories exported through NFS on e.g., tmpfs
  filesystems. Originally an xarray was used for the offset map but that
  caused slab fragmentation issues over time. Tis switches the offset
  map to the maple tree which has a dense mode that handles this
  scenario a lot better. Includes tests.

* Finally merge the case-insensitive improvement series Gabriel has been
  working on for a long time. This cleanly propagates case insensitive
  operations through ->s_d_op which in turn allows us to remove the
  quite ugly generic_set_encrypted_ci_d_ops() operations. It also
  improves performance by trying a case-sensitive comparison first and
  then fallback to case-insensitive lookup if that fails. This also
  fixes a bug where overlayfs would be able to be mounted over a case
  insensitive directory which would lead to all sort of odd behaviors.


* Make file_dentry() a simple accessor now that ->d_real() is
  simplified because of the backing file work we did the last two

* Use the dedicated file_mnt_idmap helper in ntfs3.

* Use smp_load_acquire/store_release() in the i_size_read/write helpers
  and thus remove the hack to handle i_size reads in the filemap code.

* The SLAB_MEM_SPREAD is a nop now. Remove it from various places in fs/

* It's no longer necessary to perform a second built-in initramfs unpack
  call because we retain the contents of the previous extraction. Remove it.

* Now that we have removed various allocators kfree_rcu() always works
  with kmem caches and kmalloc(). So simplify various places that only
  use an rcu callback in order to handle the kmem cache case.

* Convert the pipe code to use a lockdep comparison function instead of
  open-coding the nesting making lockdep validation easier.

* Move code into fs-writeback.c that was located in a header but can be
  made static as it's only used in that one file.

* Rewrite the alignment checking iterators for iovec and bvec to be
  easier to read, and also significantly more compact in terms of
  generated code. This saves 270 bytes of text on x86-64 (with clang-18)
  and 224 bytes on arm64 (with gcc-13). In profiles it also saves a bit
  of time for the same workload.

* Switch various places to use KMEM_CACHE instead of kmem_cache_create().

* Use inode_set_ctime_to_ts() in inode_set_ctime_current()

* Use kzalloc() in name_to_handle_at() to avoid kernel infoleak.

* Various smaller cleanups for eventfds.


* Fix various comments and typos, and unneeded initializations.

* Fix stack allocation hack for clang in the select code.

* Improve dump_mapping() debug code on a best-effort basis.

* Fix build errors in various selftests.

* Avoid wrap-around instrumentation in various places.

* Don't allow user namespaces without an an idmapping written to be used
  for idmapped mounts.

* Fix sysv sb_read() call.

* Fix fallback implementation of the get_name() export operation.

/* Testing */
clang: Debian clang version 16.0.6 (19)
gcc: (Debian 13.2.0-7) 13.2.0

All patches are based on v6.8-rc1 and have been sitting in linux-next.
No build failures or warnings were observed.

/* Conflicts */

Merge conflicts with other trees

[1] linux-next: manual merge of the scsi-mkp tree with the vfs-brauner tree

Merge conflicts with mainline

No known conflicts.

The following changes since commit 6613476e225e090cc9aad49be7fa504e290dd33d:

  Linux 6.8-rc1 (2024-01-21 14:11:32 -0800)

are available in the Git repository at: tags/vfs-6.9.misc

for you to fetch changes up to 09406ad8e5105729291a7639160e0cd51c9e0c6c:

  Merge tag 'for-next-6.9' of ssh:// into vfs.misc (2024-03-07 11:55:41 +0100)

Please consider pulling these changes from the signed vfs-6.9.misc tag.



Alexander Mikhalitsyn (1):
      ntfs3: use file_mnt_idmap helper

Amir Goldstein (2):
      fs: make file_dentry() a simple accessor
      fs: remove the inode argument to ->d_real() method

Andreas Gruenbacher (1):
      fs: Wrong function name in comment

Arnd Bergmann (1):
      fs/select: rework stack allocation hack for clang

Baokun Li (3):
      fs: make the i_size_read/write helpers be smp_load_acquire/store_release()
      Revert "mm/filemap: avoid buffered read/write race to read inconsistent data"
      asm-generic: remove extra type checking in acquire/release for non-SMP case

Baolin Wang (1):
      fs: improve dump_mapping() robustness

Bill O'Donnell (2):
      efs: convert efs to use the new mount api
      qnx4: convert qnx4 to use the new mount api

Chen Hanxiao (1):
      __fs_parse: Correct a documentation comment

Chengming Zhou (10):
      vfs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      sysv: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      romfs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      reiserfs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      qnx6: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      proc: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      openpromfs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      minix: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      jfs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage
      efs: remove SLAB_MEM_SPREAD flag usage

Christian Brauner (3):
      Merge tag 'exportfs-6.9' of ssh://
      Merge series 'Use Maple Trees for simple_offset utilities' of
      Merge tag 'for-next-6.9' of ssh:// into vfs.misc

Chuck Lever (6):
      fs: Create a generic is_dot_dotdot() utility
      libfs: Re-arrange locking in offset_iterate_dir()
      libfs: Define a minimum directory offset
      libfs: Add simple_offset_empty()
      maple_tree: Add mtree_alloc_cyclic()
      libfs: Convert simple directory offsets to use a Maple Tree

David Disseldorp (1):
      initramfs: remove duplicate built-in __initramfs_start unpacking

David Howells (1):
      Convert coda to use the new mount API

Dmitry Antipov (2):
      fs: prefer kfree_rcu() in fasync_remove_entry()
      eventpoll: prefer kfree_rcu() in __ep_remove()

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi (11):
      libfs: Attempt exact-match comparison first during casefolded lookup
      ovl: Always reject mounting over case-insensitive directories
      fscrypt: Factor out a helper to configure the lookup dentry
      fscrypt: Drop d_revalidate for valid dentries during lookup
      fscrypt: Drop d_revalidate once the key is added
      libfs: Merge encrypted_ci_dentry_ops and ci_dentry_ops
      libfs: Add helper to choose dentry operations at mount-time
      ext4: Configure dentry operations at dentry-creation time
      f2fs: Configure dentry operations at dentry-creation time
      ubifs: Configure dentry operations at dentry-creation time
      libfs: Drop generic_set_encrypted_ci_d_ops

Giuseppe Scrivano (1):
      hugetlbfs: support idmapped mounts

Hu Yadi (1):
      selftests/filesystems:fix build error in overlayfs

Hu.Yadi (1):
      selftests/move_mount_set_group:Make tests build with old libc

Huang Xiaojia (1):
      epoll: Remove ep_scan_ready_list() in comments

Jay (1):
      fs: fix a typo in attr.c

Jens Axboe (1):
      iov_iter: streamline iovec/bvec alignment iteration

JonasZhou (1):
      fs/address_space: move i_mmap_rwsem to mitigate a false sharing with i_mmap.

Kees Cook (2):
      iov_iter: Avoid wrap-around instrumentation in copy_compat_iovec_from_user()
      select: Avoid wrap-around instrumentation in do_sys_poll()

Kemeng Shi (1):
      writeback: move wb_wakeup_delayed defination to fs-writeback.c

Kent Overstreet (1):
      fs/pipe: Convert to lockdep_cmp_fn

Kunwu Chan (3):
      buffer: Use KMEM_CACHE instead of kmem_cache_create()
      fs: Use KMEM_CACHE instead of kmem_cache_create
      mbcache: Simplify the allocation of slab caches

Li zeming (1):
      libfs: Remove unnecessary ‘0’ values from ret

Liam R. Howlett (1):
      test_maple_tree: testing the cyclic allocation

Nguyen Dinh Phi (1):
      fs: use inode_set_ctime_to_ts to set inode ctime to current time

Nikita Zhandarovich (1):
      do_sys_name_to_handle(): use kzalloc() to fix kernel-infoleak

Randy Dunlap (1):
      fs/hfsplus: use better @opf description

Rich Felker (1):
      vfs: add RWF_NOAPPEND flag for pwritev2

Taylor Jackson (1):
      fs/mnt_idmapping.c: Return -EINVAL when no map is written

Tetsuo Handa (1):
      sysv: don't call sb_bread() with pointers_lock held

Trond Myklebust (1):
      exportfs: fix the fallback implementation of the get_name export operation

Vincenzo Mezzela (1):
      docs: filesystems: fix typo in docs

Wen Yang (3):
      eventfd: add a BUILD_BUG_ON() to ensure consistency between EFD_SEMAPHORE and the uapi
      eventfd: move 'eventfd-count' printing out of spinlock
      eventfd: strictly check the count parameter of eventfd_write to avoid inputting illegal strings

 Documentation/filesystems/files.rst                |   2 +-
 Documentation/filesystems/locking.rst              |   2 +-
 Documentation/filesystems/vfs.rst                  |  16 +-
 fs/attr.c                                          |   2 +-
 fs/backing-file.c                                  |   4 +-
 fs/buffer.c                                        |  10 +-
 fs/coda/inode.c                                    | 143 ++++++++++-----
 fs/crypto/fname.c                                  |   8 +-
 fs/crypto/hooks.c                                  |  15 +-
 fs/dcache.c                                        |   2 +-
 fs/ecryptfs/crypto.c                               |  10 --
 fs/efs/super.c                                     | 118 ++++++++----
 fs/eventfd.c                                       |  16 +-
 fs/eventpoll.c                                     |  16 +-
 fs/exportfs/expfs.c                                |   2 +-
 fs/ext4/namei.c                                    |   1 -
 fs/ext4/super.c                                    |   1 +
 fs/f2fs/f2fs.h                                     |  11 --
 fs/f2fs/namei.c                                    |   1 -
 fs/f2fs/super.c                                    |   1 +
 fs/fcntl.c                                         |   8 +-
 fs/fhandle.c                                       |   2 +-
 fs/fs-writeback.c                                  |  25 +++
 fs/fs_parser.c                                     |   4 +-
 fs/hfsplus/wrapper.c                               |   2 +-
 fs/hugetlbfs/inode.c                               |  23 ++-
 fs/inode.c                                         |   7 +-
 fs/jfs/super.c                                     |   2 +-
 fs/libfs.c                                         | 200 +++++++++++----------
 fs/mbcache.c                                       |   4 +-
 fs/minix/inode.c                                   |   2 +-
 fs/mnt_idmapping.c                                 |   2 +-
 fs/namei.c                                         |   6 +-
 fs/ntfs3/namei.c                                   |   2 +-
 fs/openpromfs/inode.c                              |   2 +-
 fs/overlayfs/params.c                              |  14 +-
 fs/overlayfs/super.c                               |  52 +++---
 fs/pipe.c                                          |  81 ++++-----
 fs/proc/inode.c                                    |   2 +-
 fs/qnx4/inode.c                                    |  47 +++--
 fs/qnx6/inode.c                                    |   2 +-
 fs/reiserfs/super.c                                |   1 -
 fs/romfs/super.c                                   |   4 +-
 fs/select.c                                        |  15 +-
 fs/sysv/inode.c                                    |   2 +-
 fs/sysv/itree.c                                    |  10 +-
 fs/ubifs/dir.c                                     |   1 -
 fs/ubifs/super.c                                   |   1 +
 include/asm-generic/barrier.h                      |   2 -
 include/linux/backing-dev.h                        |   1 -
 include/linux/dcache.h                             |  18 +-
 include/linux/fs.h                                 |  61 ++++++-
 include/linux/fscrypt.h                            |  66 ++++++-
 include/linux/maple_tree.h                         |   7 +
 include/linux/poll.h                               |   4 -
 include/uapi/linux/fs.h                            |   5 +-
 init/initramfs.c                                   |   2 -
 lib/iov_iter.c                                     |  60 ++++---
 lib/maple_tree.c                                   |  93 ++++++++++
 lib/test_maple_tree.c                              |  44 +++++
 mm/backing-dev.c                                   |  25 ---
 mm/filemap.c                                       |   9 -
 mm/shmem.c                                         |   4 +-
 .../selftests/filesystems/overlayfs/dev_in_maps.c  |  10 +-
 .../move_mount_set_group_test.c                    |   4 +-
 65 files changed, 816 insertions(+), 503 deletions(-)

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2023-06-23 11:01 [GIT PULL] vfs: misc Christian Brauner
2023-06-26 17:34 ` pr-tracker-bot
2024-03-08 10:09 [GIT PULL] vfs misc Christian Brauner
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