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From: Konstantin Komarov <>
To: <>
Cc: <>, <>,
Subject: [GIT PULL] ntfs3: bugfixes for 6.2
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2022 16:23:47 +0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Hi Linus,

Please pull this branch containing ntfs3 code for 6.2.

- add hidedotfiles option;
- add option "nocase";
- add windows_names mount option.

- fixed xfstests (tested on x86_64):
generic/083 generic/263 generic/307 generic/465;
- some logic errors;
- some dead code was removed or refactored.

The code was in linux-next branch since November.

There is merge conflict in linux-next [1].





The following changes since commit f76349cf41451c5c42a99f18a9163377e4b364ff:

    Linux 6.0-rc7 (Sun Sep 25 14:01:02 2022 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at: ntfs3_for_6.2

for you to fetch changes up to 36963cf225f890f97fd84af0a82d323043edd0f1:

    fs/ntfs3: Make if more readable (Tue Oct 11 20:21:03 2022 +0300)


Abdun Nihaal (2):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in ntfs_trim_fs
       fs/ntfs3: Validate attribute data and valid sizes

Alon Zahavi (1):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix attr_punch_hole() null pointer derenference

Dan Carpenter (2):
       fs/ntfs3: Harden against integer overflows
       fs/ntfs3: Delete duplicate condition in ntfs_read_mft()

Daniel Pinto (10):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix junction point resolution
       fs/ntfs3: Add windows_names mount option
       fs/ntfs3: Document windows_names mount option
       fs/ntfs3: Fix hidedotfiles mount option by reversing behaviour
       fs/ntfs3: Make hidedotfiles mount option work when renaming files
       fs/ntfs3: Add hidedotfiles to the list of enabled mount options
       fs/ntfs3: Document the hidedotfiles mount option
       fs/ntfs3: Rename hidedotfiles mount option to hide_dot_files
       fs/ntfs3: Add system.ntfs_attrib_be extended attribute
       fs/ntfs3: Document system.ntfs_attrib_be extended attribute

Edward Lo (9):
       fs/ntfs3: Validate data run offset
       fs/ntfs3: Add null pointer check to attr_load_runs_vcn
       fs/ntfs3: Add null pointer check for inode operations
       fs/ntfs3: Validate attribute name offset
       fs/ntfs3: Validate buffer length while parsing index
       fs/ntfs3: Validate resident attribute name
       fs/ntfs3: Validate index root when initialize NTFS security
       fs/ntfs3: Validate BOOT record_size
       fs/ntfs3: Add overflow check for attribute size

Hawkins Jiawei (1):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix slab-out-of-bounds read in run_unpack

Kenneth Lee (1):
       fs/ntfs3: Use kmalloc_array for allocating multiple elements

Konstantin Komarov (23):
       fs/ntfs3: Add comments about cluster size
       fs/ntfs3: Add hidedotfiles option
       fs/ntfs3: Change destroy_inode to free_inode
       fs/ntfs3: Add option "nocase"
       fs/ntfs3: Rename variables and add comment
       fs/ntfs3: Add ntfs_bitmap_weight_le function and refactoring
       fs/ntfs3: Fix sparse problems
       fs/ntfs3: Remove unused functions
       fs/ntfs3: Simplify ntfs_update_mftmirr function
       fs/ntfs3: Fixing work with sparse clusters
       fs/ntfs3: Change new sparse cluster processing
       fs/ntfs3: Fix wrong indentations
       fs/ntfs3: atomic_open implementation
       fs/ntfs3: Fixing wrong logic in attr_set_size and ntfs_fallocate
       fs/ntfs3: Changing locking in ntfs_rename
       fs/ntfs3: Restore correct state after ENOSPC in attr_data_get_block
       fs/ntfs3: Correct ntfs_check_for_free_space
       fs/ntfs3: Check fields while reading
       fs/ntfs3: Fix incorrect if in ntfs_set_acl_ex
       fs/ntfs3: Use ALIGN kernel macro
       fs/ntfs3: Fix wrong if in hdr_first_de
       fs/ntfs3: Improve checking of bad clusters
       fs/ntfs3: Make if more readable

Marc Aurèle La France (1):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix [df]mask display in /proc/mounts

Nathan Chancellor (2):
       fs/ntfs3: Don't use uni1 uninitialized in ntfs_d_compare()
       fs/ntfs3: Eliminate unnecessary ternary operator in ntfs_d_compare()

Shigeru Yoshida (2):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix memory leak on ntfs_fill_super() error path
       fs/ntfs3: Avoid UBSAN error on true_sectors_per_clst()

Tetsuo Handa (2):
       fs/ntfs3: Use __GFP_NOWARN allocation at wnd_init()
       fs/ntfs3: Use __GFP_NOWARN allocation at ntfs_fill_super()

Thomas Kühnel (3):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix endian conversion in ni_fname_name
       fs/ntfs3: Add functions to modify LE bitmaps
       fs/ntfs3: Use _le variants of bitops functions

Yin Xiujiang (1):
       fs/ntfs3: Fix slab-out-of-bounds in r_page

Yuan Can (1):
       fs/ntfs3: Use strcmp to determine attribute type

  Documentation/filesystems/ntfs3.rst |  19 +++++++
  fs/ntfs3/attrib.c                   | 392 
  fs/ntfs3/attrlist.c                 |   5 ++
  fs/ntfs3/bitfunc.c                  |   4 +-
  fs/ntfs3/bitmap.c                   | 168 
  fs/ntfs3/dir.c                      |   4 +-
  fs/ntfs3/file.c                     | 203 
  fs/ntfs3/frecord.c                  |  38 ++++++++++++--
  fs/ntfs3/fslog.c                    |  62 +++++++++-------------
  fs/ntfs3/fsntfs.c                   | 190 
  fs/ntfs3/index.c                    | 127 
  fs/ntfs3/inode.c                    | 210 
  fs/ntfs3/namei.c                    | 238 
  fs/ntfs3/ntfs.h                     |   6 +--
  fs/ntfs3/ntfs_fs.h                  |  41 +++++++++++----
  fs/ntfs3/record.c                   |   9 ++++
  fs/ntfs3/run.c                      |  28 +++-------
  fs/ntfs3/super.c                    | 119 
  fs/ntfs3/upcase.c                   |  12 +++++
  fs/ntfs3/xattr.c                    | 178 
  20 files changed, 1413 insertions(+), 640 deletions(-)

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