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From: Bagas Sanjaya <>
To: Marcus Seyfarth <>
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	Jarkko Sakkinen <>,
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Subject: Re: Slow boot and shutdown/reboot problems with 6.5.0+
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2023 08:38:22 +0700	[thread overview]
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On 07/09/2023 20:56, Marcus Seyfarth wrote:
> Thanks for picking this up! Just to keep track, you can remove my earlier report ( <>) from regzbot. I've split out the boot/shutdown/reboot part from there into this new one as that was still reproducible on default distro Kernels.
> As to bisecting: Unfortunately I cannot afford the time right now to bisect this further as the system is used in production and already did invest a lot of time without success into it. Hopefully someone else can find the root cause of the problem. My systemd version is: 254.1, and I also use dbus 1.14.10 and dbus-broker 33.r35.g2220a84 which was configured with -D linux-4-17=true.

Do you have test environment with similar configurations so that
you can bisect there?

> Some other observations: It was very odd to notice that with 6.5.* local h264 video playback with mpv did not work any longer - mpv did not even open the files (it works fine with the older Kernel); the monitor refresh rate was set to 165 Hz (instead of the manually set 120 Hz) and opening of the task bar, Dolphin or attaching files to an E-mail took a lot longer to bring up the dialog than with the older Kernel. Hitting the power button still could successfully turn off the PC though, but clicking on the usual shutdown/reboot Plasma Desktop icons did not seem to work, at least not reliably in every case.

In that case, can you attach mpv output?


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