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From: David Laight <David.Laight@ACULAB.COM>
To: 'Linus Torvalds' <>,
	Kees Cook <>
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	Alexander Popov <>,
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Subject: RE: [GIT PULL] gcc-plugin updates for v4.19-rc1
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2018 09:51:41 +0000	[thread overview]
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From: Linus Torvalds
> Sent: 15 August 2018 21:19
> But if people run things on real machines, then BUG() is absolutely
> the last thing you EVER want to do for "debugging".

I'm not sure you want it on a live system either.
Live systems are where the 'hard' bugs show up.

I've just spent a couple of days pulling my hair out trying to work
out how to debug a customer system that was locking up solid when
running some new (and not completely testable by us) kernel code.

At 4am I suddenly realised that the distribution they are using
might be enabling 'panic_on_oops' by default.
Turning that off showed what was going wrong.

It wouldn't be as bad if Linux implemented 'dump to swap'.

For 'errors' that aren't completely fatal the system could
'fast shutdown' a lot of processes (maybe just refuse to schedule
them) while leaving enough running for fault diagnosis.
I'm not sure how you'd decide what to allow to run though.


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