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* Linux 5.5
@ 2020-01-27  0:39 Linus Torvalds
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From: Linus Torvalds @ 2020-01-27  0:39 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Linux Kernel Mailing List

So this last week was pretty quiet, and while we had a late network
update with some (mainly iwl wireless) network driver and netfilter
module loading fixes, David didn't think that warranted another -rc.
And outside of that, it's really been very quiet indeed - there's a
panfrost driver update too, but again it didn't really seem to make
sense to delay the final release by another week.

Outside of those, it's all really tiny, even if some of those tiny
changes touched some core files.

So despite the slight worry that the holidays might have affected the
schedule, 5.5 ended up with the regular rc cadence and is out now.

That means that the merge window for 5.6 will open tomorrow, and I
already have a couple of pull requests pending. The timing for this
next merge window isn't optimal for me - I have some travel and other
things going on during the same two weeks, but hopefully it won't be
all that noticeable.  But there might be random timezones, odd hours,
and random delays because of that. I try to avoid scheduling things
during the merge window, but hey, it doesn't always work out, and I'd
have to delay things by two weeks to avoid the conflicts, which just
doesn't seem worth it.

Particularly since it's not necessarily going to be a problem to begin
with. We'll see.

Anyway. Go out and test 5.5, and start sending me those pull requests
for all the new development that is ready,



Ajay Gupta (1):
      net: stmmac: platform: fix probe for ACPI devices

Al Viro (1):
      do_last(): fetch directory ->i_mode and ->i_uid before it's too late

Alex Deucher (2):
      PCI: Mark AMD Navi14 GPU rev 0xc5 ATS as broken
      drm/amdgpu: remove the experimental flag for renoir

Alex Sverdlin (1):
      ARM: 8950/1: ftrace/recordmcount: filter relocation types

Alexander Potapenko (1):
      PM: hibernate: fix crashes with init_on_free=1

Andrew Lunn (1):
      MAINTAINERS: Make Russell King designated reviewer of phylib

Aneesh Kumar K.V (1):
      powerpc/mm/hash: Fix sharing context ids between kernel & userspace

Arnd Bergmann (1):
      mt76: fix LED link time failure

Bart Van Assche (1):
      scsi: RDMA/isert: Fix a recently introduced regression related to logout

Bartosz Golaszewski (2):
      Input: max77650-onkey - add of_match table
      led: max77650: add of_match table

Bharata B Rao (1):
      powerpc: Ultravisor: Fix the dependencies for CONFIG_PPC_UV

Boris Brezillon (1):
      drm/panfrost: Add the panfrost_gem_mapping concept

Boyan Ding (1):
      pinctrl: sunrisepoint: Add missing Interrupt Status register offset

Changbin Du (1):
      tracing: xen: Ordered comparison of function pointers

Christoph Hellwig (1):
      block: allow partitions on host aware zone devices

Christophe Leroy (1):
      lib: Reduce user_access_begin() boundaries in
strncpy_from_user() and strnlen_user()

Chuhong Yuan (1):
      Input: sun4i-ts - add a check for devm_thermal_zone_of_sensor_register

Colin Ian King (4):
      i40e: fix spelling mistake "to" -> "too"
      ipvs: fix spelling mistake "to" -> "too"
      caif_usb: fix spelling mistake "to" -> "too"
      net/rose: fix spelling mistake "to" -> "too"

Cong Wang (1):
      net_sched: fix datalen for ematch

Dan Carpenter (1):
      mt76: Off by one in mt76_calc_rx_airtime()

David Howells (1):
      afs: Fix characters allowed into cell names

David S. Miller (1):
      net: Add Jakub to MAINTAINERS for networking general.

David Sterba (1):
      btrfs: dev-replace: remove warning for unknown return codes when finished

Dmytro Linkin (1):
      net/mlx5e: Clear VF config when switching modes

Eli Cohen (1):
      net/mlx5: E-Switch, Prevent ingress rate configuration of uplink rep

Emmanuel Grumbach (1):
      iwlwifi: mvm: don't send the IWL_MVM_RXQ_NSSN_SYNC notif to Rx queues

Erez Shitrit (2):
      net/mlx5: DR, Enable counter on non-fwd-dest objects
      net/mlx5: DR, use non preemptible call to get the current cpu number

Eric Dumazet (5):
      net_sched: use validated TCA_KIND attribute in tc_new_tfilter()
      net: rtnetlink: validate IFLA_MTU attribute in rtnl_create_link()
      gtp: make sure only SOCK_DGRAM UDP sockets are accepted
      tun: add mutex_unlock() call and napi.skb clearing in tun_get_user()
      tcp: do not leave dangling pointers in tp->highest_sack

Eugene Syromiatnikov (1):
      io_uring: fix compat for IORING_REGISTER_FILES_UPDATE

Faiz Abbas (3):
      mmc: sdhci_am654: Remove Inverted Write Protect flag
      mmc: sdhci_am654: Reset Command and Data line after tuning
      mmc: sdhci_am654: Fix Command Queuing in AM65x

Finn Thain (12):
      net/sonic: Add mutual exclusion for accessing shared state
      net/sonic: Clear interrupt flags immediately
      net/sonic: Use MMIO accessors
      net/sonic: Fix interface error stats collection
      net/sonic: Fix receive buffer handling
      net/sonic: Avoid needless receive descriptor EOL flag updates
      net/sonic: Improve receive descriptor status flag check
      net/sonic: Fix receive buffer replenishment
      net/sonic: Quiesce SONIC before re-initializing descriptor memory
      net/sonic: Fix command register usage
      net/sonic: Fix CAM initialization
      net/sonic: Prevent tx watchdog timeout

Florian Fainelli (1):
      net: bcmgenet: Use netif_tx_napi_add() for TX NAPI

Florian Westphal (1):
      netfilter: nft_osf: add missing check for DREG attribute

Frederic Barrat (1):
      powerpc/xive: Discard ESB load value when interrupt is invalid

Gil Adam (1):
      iwlwifi: don't send PPAG command if disabled

Gilles Buloz (2):
      hwmon: (nct7802) Fix voltage limits to wrong registers
      hwmon: (nct7802) Fix non-working alarm on voltages

Guenter Roeck (1):
      hwmon: (core) Do not use device managed functions for memory allocations

Haim Dreyfuss (1):
      iwlwifi: Don't ignore the cap field upon mcc update

Hannes Reinecke (1):
      scsi: fnic: do not queue commands during fwreset

Hans Verkuil (2):
      Revert "Input: synaptics-rmi4 - don't increment rmiaddr for
SMBus transfers"
      Input: rmi_f54 - read from FIFO in 32 byte blocks

Hayes Wang (9):
      r8152: fix runtime resume for linking change
      r8152: reset flow control patch when linking on for RTL8153B
      r8152: get default setting of WOL before initializing
      r8152: disable U2P3 for RTL8153B
      r8152: Disable PLA MCU clock speed down
      r8152: disable test IO for RTL8153B
      r8152: don't enable U1U2 with USB_SPEED_HIGH for RTL8153B
      r8152: avoid the MCU to clear the lanwake
      r8152: disable DelayPhyPwrChg

Ido Schimmel (1):
      mlxsw: spectrum_acl: Fix use-after-free during reload

Jacek Anaszewski (1):
      leds: gpio: Fix uninitialized gpio label for fwnode based probe

Jakub Sitnicki (1):
      net, sk_msg: Don't check if sock is locked when tearing down psock

James Hughes (1):
      net: usb: lan78xx: Add .ndo_features_check

Jeff Layton (1):
      ceph: hold extra reference to r_parent over life of request

Jeff Mahoney (1):
      reiserfs: fix handling of -EOPNOTSUPP in reiserfs_for_each_xattr

Jens Axboe (2):
      Revert "io_uring: only allow submit from owning task"
      io_uring: don't cancel all work on process exit

Jerry Snitselaar (1):
      iommu/vt-d: Call __dmar_remove_one_dev_info with valid pointer

Jiri Wiesner (1):
      netfilter: conntrack: sctp: use distinct states for new SCTP connections

Johan Hovold (8):
      Input: pegasus_notetaker - fix endpoint sanity check
      Input: aiptek - fix endpoint sanity check
      Input: aiptek - use descriptors of current altsetting
      Input: gtco - fix endpoint sanity check
      Input: gtco - fix extra-descriptor debug message
      Input: gtco - drop redundant variable reinit
      Input: sur40 - fix interface sanity checks
      Input: keyspan-remote - fix control-message timeouts

Johannes Berg (8):
      iwlwifi: pcie: move page tracking into get_page_hdr()
      iwlwifi: pcie: work around DMA hardware bug
      iwlwifi: pcie: detect the DMA bug and warn if it happens
      iwlwifi: pcie: allocate smaller dev_cmd for TX headers
      iwlwifi: mvm: report TX rate to mac80211 directly for RS offload
      iwlwifi: pcie: extend hardware workaround to context-info
      iwlwifi: mvm: fix SKB leak on invalid queue
      iwlwifi: mvm: fix potential SKB leak on TXQ TX

Jon Maloy (1):
      tipc: change maintainer email address

Jouni Hogander (1):
      net-sysfs: Fix reference count leak

Kadlecsik József (1):
      netfilter: ipset: use bitmap infrastructure completely

Kristian Evensen (1):
      fou: Fix IPv6 netlink policy

Linus Torvalds (3):
      readdir: be more conservative with directory entry names
      readdir: make user_access_begin() use the real access range
      Linux 5.5

Luca Coelho (6):
      iwlwifi: fix TLV fragment allocation loop
      iwlwifi: mvm: fix NVM check for 3168 devices
      iwlwifi: pcie: rename L0S_ENABLED bit to L0S_DISABLED
      iwlwifi: pcie: always disable L0S states
      iwlwifi: remove lar_disable module parameter
      iwlwifi: fw: make pos static in iwl_sar_get_ewrd_table() loop

Luuk Paulussen (1):
      hwmon: (adt7475) Make volt2reg return same reg as reg2volt input

Madalin Bucur (4):
      dt-bindings: net: add fsl,erratum-a011043
      powerpc/fsl/dts: add fsl,erratum-a011043
      net/fsl: treat fsl,erratum-a011043
      net: fsl/fman: rename IF_MODE_XGMII to IF_MODE_10G

Manish Chopra (1):
      qlcnic: Fix CPU soft lockup while collecting firmware dump

Masami Hiramatsu (3):
      tracing/uprobe: Fix double perf_event linking on multiprobe uprobe
      tracing: trigger: Replace unneeded RCU-list traversals
      tracing/uprobe: Fix to make trace_uprobe_filter alignment safe

Masami Ichikawa (1):
      tracing: Do not set trace clock if tracefs lockdown is in effect

Matthew Auld (1):
      drm/i915/userptr: fix size calculation

Matthew Wilcox (Oracle) (7):
      XArray: Fix xas_pause at ULONG_MAX
      XArray: Improve documentation of search marks
      XArray: Add wrappers for nested spinlocks
      XArray: Fix infinite loop with entry at ULONG_MAX
      XArray: Fix xa_find_after with multi-index entries
      XArray: Fix xas_find returning too many entries
      XArray: Add xa_for_each_range

Matwey V. Kornilov (1):
      ARM: dts: am335x-boneblack-common: fix memory size

Maxim Mikityanskiy (1):
      net: Fix packet reordering caused by GRO and listified RX cooperation

Mehmet Akif Tasova (1):
      Revert "iwlwifi: mvm: fix scan config command size"

Meir Lichtinger (1):
      net/mlx5: Update the list of the PCI supported devices

Michael Ellerman (3):
      airo: Fix possible info leak in AIROOLDIOCTL/SIOCDEVPRIVATE
      net: cxgb3_main: Add CAP_NET_ADMIN check to CHELSIO_GET_MEM

Michał Mirosław (2):
      mmc: tegra: fix SDR50 tuning override
      mmc: sdhci: fix minimum clock rate for v3 controller

Miles Chen (1):
      Input: evdev - convert kzalloc()/vzalloc() to kvzalloc()

Nicolas Dichtel (2):
      vti[6]: fix packet tx through bpf_redirect()
      xfrm interface: fix packet tx through bpf_redirect()

Niko Kortstrom (1):
      net: ip6_gre: fix moving ip6gre between namespaces

Pablo Neira Ayuso (2):
      netfilter: nf_tables: add __nft_chain_type_get()
      netfilter: nf_tables: autoload modules from the abort path

Paolo Abeni (1):
      Revert "udp: do rmem bulk free even if the rx sk queue is empty"

Paul Blakey (1):
      net/mlx5: Fix lowest FDB pool size

Pavel (1):
      leds: lm3532: add pointer to documentation and fix typo

Pavel Machek (2):
      ledtrig-pattern: fix email address quoting in MODULE_AUTHOR()
      leds: rb532: cleanup whitespace

Praveen Chaudhary (1):
      net: Fix skb->csum update in inet_proto_csum_replace16().

Qu Wenruo (1):
      btrfs: scrub: Require mandatory block group RO for dev-replace

Raag Jadav (1):
      ARM: dts: am43x-epos-evm: set data pin directions for spi0 and spi1

Richard Palethorpe (1):
      can, slip: Protect tty->disc_data in write_wakeup and close with RCU

Sakari Ailus (1):
      leds-as3645a: Drop fwnode reference on ignored node

Shahar S Matityahu (1):
      iwlwifi: dbg: force stop the debug monitor HW

Shuah Khan (1):
      iommu/amd: Fix IOMMU perf counter clobbering during init

Stanislaw Gruszka (1):
      MAINTAINERS: change Gruszka's email address

Stephan Gerhold (1):
      Input: pm8xxx-vib - fix handling of separate enable register

Steven Rostedt (VMware) (1):
      tracing: Fix histogram code when expression has same var as value

Tariq Toukan (3):
      net/mlx5e: kTLS, Fix corner-case checks in TX resync flow
      net/mlx5e: kTLS, Remove redundant posts in TX resync flow
      net/mlx5e: kTLS, Do not send decrypted-marked SKBs via non-accel path

Theodore Dubois (1):
      tcp: remove redundant assigment to snd_cwnd

Tvrtko Ursulin (1):
      drm/i915: Align engine->uabi_class/instance with i915_drm.h

Ulrich Weber (1):
      xfrm: support output_mark for offload ESP packets

Vasily Averin (6):
      seq_tab_next() should increase position index
      l2t_seq_next should increase position index
      vcc_seq_next should increase position index
      neigh_stat_seq_next() should increase position index
      rt_cpu_seq_next should increase position index
      ipv6_route_seq_next should increase position index

Vincenzo Frascino (1):
      tee: optee: Fix compilation issue with nommu

Vladimir Murzin (1):
      ARM: 8955/1: virt: Relax arch timer version check during early boot

Wayne Lin (1):
      drm/dp_mst: Handle SST-only branch device case

Wen Huang (1):
      libertas: Fix two buffer overflows at parsing bss descriptor

Wen Yang (1):
      tcp_bbr: improve arithmetic division in bbr_update_bw()

Wenwen Wang (1):
      firestream: fix memory leaks

William Dauchy (2):
      net, ip_tunnel: fix namespaces move
      net, ip6_tunnel: fix namespaces move

Xu Wang (1):
      xfrm: interface: do not confirm neighbor when do pmtu update

Yuki Taguchi (1):
      ipv6: sr: remove SKB_GSO_IPXIP6 on End.D* actions

wenxu (1):
      netfilter: nf_tables_offload: fix check the chain offload flag

xiaofeng.yan (1):
      hsr: Fix a compilation error

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