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From: Davyd McColl <>
Subject: Possible regression: unable to mount CIFS 1.0 shares from older machines since 76a3c92ec9e0668e4cd0e9ff1782eb68f61a179c
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 08:06:37 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Good day

I'm following advice from the thread at as to how to report
this, so please bear with me and redirect me as necessary.

Since commit 76a3c92ec9e0668e4cd0e9ff1782eb68f61a179c, I'm unable to
mount a CIFS 1.0 share ( from a media player: mede8er med600x3d, which
runs some older linux). Apparently I'm not the only one, according to
that thread, though the other affected party there is windows-based.

I first logged this in the Gentoo bugtracker
( and a reversion patch is available
there for the time being.

I understand that some of the encryption methods upon which the
original feature relied are to be removed and, as such, the ability to
mount these older shares was removed. This is sure to affect anyone
running older Windows virtual machines (or older, internally-visible
windows hosts) in addition to anyone attempting to connect to shares
from esoteric devices like mine.

Whilst I understand the desire to clean up code and remove dead
branches, I'd really appreciate it if this particular feature remains
available either by kernel configuration (which suits me fine, but is
likely to be a hassle for anyone running a binary distribution) or via
boot parameters. In the mean-time, I'm updating my own sync software
to support this older device because if I can't sync media to the
player, the device is not very useful to me.


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