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From: Marcelo Tosatti <>
Subject: Linux 2.4.23-pre9
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:00:59 -0200 (BRST)	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.44.0310300954540.1275-100000@logos.cnet> (raw)


Here goes -pre9. Only bugfixes will be accepted till 2.4.24-pre now.

-pre9 backouts out a few ACPI problematic changes. It also includes a USB 
update, JFS update, sis900/starfire/tg3 bugfixes, etc.

Detailed changelog below. 

Please help with testing! 

Summary of changes from v2.4.23-pre8 to v2.4.23-pre9

  o Fix compatibily issue with some APs
  o Fix wireless stats locking

  o USB: one more digicam for unusual_devs.h

  o sysctl core_setuid_ok fix

  o USB brlvger: Debug code fixes

  o USB: Add Handspring Treo 600 ids

  o USB: Update SL811, HC_SL811 driver


  o [TCP]: When SYN is set, the window is not scaled

  o [IRDA]: Fix build fallout from gcc-3.3 changes

  o [ACPI] fix x86_64 build (Jeff Garzik)
  o [ACPI] fix x86_64 build (Jeff Garzik)
  o [ACPI] REVERT acpi_ec_gpe_query(ec) T40 fix that crashed other boxes
  o [ACPI] REVERT ACPICA-20030918 CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG printk that caused crash
  o [ACPI] fix x86_64 ACPI build in 2.4.22 by backporting from 2.4.23
  o vsprintf needs PAGE_SIZE from page.h in 2.4

  o USB: add W996[87]CF driver

  o Fix Makefile -pre8 typo
  o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20031021055256|28265
  o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre9

  o [netdrvr 8139too] add pci id

  o Fix aic7xxx compilation without PCI support

Adrian Bunk:
  o USB: add USB gadget Configure help entries

Alan Stern:
  o USB: fix for earlier unusual_devs.h patch

Andrew Morton:
  o make printk more robust with "null" pointers
  o sis900 skb free fix
  o [netdrvr 3c527] add MODULE_LICENSE tag

Arjan van de Ven:
  o r8169 module license tag
  o fix starfire 64-bit b0rkage

Bart De Schuymer:
  o [NETFILTER]: Fix potential OOPS in ipt_REDIRECT

Ben Collins:
  o IEEE1394 fixes

Dave Kleikamp:
  o JFS: Make sure journal records get flushed to disk
  o JFS: Improved error handing
  o JFS: remove racy, redundant call to block_flushpage

David Brownell:
  o USB: usb ethernet gadget
  o USB: ehci-hcd, misc bugfixes
  o USB: usb "gadget zero" tweaks
  o USB: <linux/usb_ch9.h> updates
  o USB: usb gadget updates

David S. Miller:
  o [TG3]: Disable/enable timer in suspend/resume
  o Cset exclude:|ChangeSet|20031021053209|59468

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
  o USB: fix compiler error in sl811.c
  o USB: fix build bug with usbnet and older versions of gcc

Henning Meier-Geinitz:
  o USB: scanner driver: new device ids (1/3)
  o USB: scanner driver: added USB_CLASS_CDC_DATA (2/3)
  o USB: scanner driver: use static declarations (3/3)

Hideaki Yoshifuji:
  o [IPV6]: Fix bogus semicolon typo in mcast.c

Ian Abbott:
  o USB: ftdi_sio - Perle UltraPort new ids - 1 of 2
  o USB: ftdi_sio - Perle UltraPort new ids - 2 of 2
  o USB: ftdi_sio - version bump 1.3.5

Jay Vosburgh:
  o [bonding] Restore compatibilty with old ifenslave

Jun Komuro:
  o [pcmcia fmvj18x_cs] share interrupts properly for TDK multifunction cards

Linus Torvalds:
  o Kamble, Nitin A: Add a quirk for the Intel ICH-[45] to add special ACPI regions

Maksim Krasnyanskiy:
  o [Bluetooth] Add support for FCon and FCoff flow control commands
  o [Bluetooth] Credit based flow control (CFC) must be disabled by default for compatibility with 1.0b devices. Made CFC a session attribute, introduced CFC states and cleaned up CFC logic.

Marcel Holtmann:
  o [Bluetooth] Always use two ISOC URB's
  o [Bluetooth] Remove USB zero packet option
  o [Bluetooth] Add support for the Digianswer USB devices
  o [Bluetooth] Add support for an old ALPS module

Neil Brown:
  o Fix deadlock problem in lockd

Paul Mackerras:
  o Add load_addr arg to ELF_PLAT_INIT

Rik van Riel:
  o saa7110 typo fix
  o silence warning in reiserfs_ioctl
  o [netdrvr starfire] include asm/io.h

Stelian Pop:
  o sonypi driver update
  o compile mii when using usbnet

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