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From: Kent Overstreet <>
To: Linus Torvalds <>
Subject: [GIT PULL] bcachefs fixes fro 6.9-rc6
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2024 15:52:06 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <fwtvoxp2ktrhst5rm2yk4uk5atjuvnfpg7wjrozg2zd5p7tqzo@mca5izehz5fx> (raw)

Hi Linus, another batch of bcachefs fixes.

Nothing too crazy in this one, and it looks like (fingers crossed) the
recovery and repair issues are settling down - although there's going to
be a long tail there, as we've still yet to really ramp up on error
injection or syzbot.

For users - if anyone is seeing bugs that impact filesystem
availability, make sure you're reporting those and be noisy about it;
all the non critical stuff should be reported too, but are lower
priority for now.


The following changes since commit ad29cf999a9161e7849aa229d2028854f90728c2:

  bcachefs: set_btree_iter_dontneed also clears should_be_locked (2024-04-15 13:31:15 -0400)

are available in the Git repository at: tags/bcachefs-2024-04-22

for you to fetch changes up to e858beeddfa3a400844c0e22d2118b3b52f1ea5e:

  bcachefs: If we run merges at a lower watermark, they must be nonblocking (2024-04-22 01:26:51 -0400)

bcachefs fixes for 6.9-rc6

- fix a few more deadlocks in recovery
- fix u32/u64 issues in mi_btree_bitmap
- btree key cache shrinker now actually frees, with more instrumentation
  coming so we can verify that it's working correctly more easily in the

Kent Overstreet (14):
      bcachefs: Fix null ptr deref in twf from BCH_IOCTL_FSCK_OFFLINE
      bcachefs: node scan: ignore multiple nodes with same seq if interior
      bcachefs: make sure to release last journal pin in replay
      bcachefs: Fix bch2_dev_btree_bitmap_marked_sectors() shift
      bcachefs: KEY_TYPE_error is allowed for reflink
      bcachefs: fix leak in bch2_gc_write_reflink_key
      bcachefs: Fix bio alloc in check_extent_checksum()
      bcachefs: Check for journal entries overruning end of sb clean section
      bcachefs: Fix missing call to bch2_fs_allocator_background_exit()
      bcachefs: bkey_cached.btree_trans_barrier_seq needs to be a ulong
      bcachefs: Tweak btree key cache shrinker so it actually frees
      bcachefs: Fix deadlock in journal write path
      bcachefs: Fix inode early destruction path
      bcachefs: If we run merges at a lower watermark, they must be nonblocking

Nathan Chancellor (1):
      bcachefs: Fix format specifier in validate_bset_keys()

 fs/bcachefs/backpointers.c          |  2 +-
 fs/bcachefs/bcachefs_format.h       |  3 +-
 fs/bcachefs/btree_gc.c              |  3 +-
 fs/bcachefs/btree_io.c              |  2 +-
 fs/bcachefs/btree_key_cache.c       | 19 +++---------
 fs/bcachefs/btree_node_scan.c       |  2 ++
 fs/bcachefs/btree_types.h           |  2 +-
 fs/bcachefs/btree_update_interior.c |  6 +++-
 fs/bcachefs/chardev.c               |  4 ++-
 fs/bcachefs/fs.c                    |  9 ++++--
 fs/bcachefs/journal_io.c            | 60 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 fs/bcachefs/recovery.c              |  5 +++-
 fs/bcachefs/sb-clean.c              |  8 +++++
 fs/bcachefs/sb-errors_types.h       |  3 +-
 fs/bcachefs/sb-members.c            |  4 +--
 fs/bcachefs/sb-members.h            |  6 ++--
 fs/bcachefs/super.c                 |  1 +
 fs/bcachefs/thread_with_file.c      | 15 ++++++++--
 fs/bcachefs/thread_with_file.h      |  3 ++
 19 files changed, 105 insertions(+), 52 deletions(-)

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