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From: Alarig Le Lay <>
To: David Ahern <>
	Vincent Bernat <>
Subject: Re: IPv6 regression introduced by commit 3b6761d18bc11f2af2a6fc494e9026d39593f22c
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 16:09:07 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On mar. 10 mars 09:27:53 2020, David Ahern wrote:
> Are the failing windows always ~30 seconds long?

It seems so. At least it’s a relaively fixed amout of time.

> How many ipv6 sockets are open? (ss -6tpn)

Only the BGP daemon.

root@hv03:~# ss -6tpn
State           Recv-Q           Send-Q                          Local Address:Port                            Peer Address:Port                                                     
ESTAB           0                0                          [2a00:5884:0:6::a]:55418                     [2a00:5884:0:6::2]:179            users:(("bird6",pid=1824,fd=10))          
ESTAB           0                0                          [2a00:5884:0:6::a]:56892                     [2a00:5884:0:6::1]:179            users:(("bird6",pid=1824,fd=11))          

> How many ipv6 neighbor entries exist? (ip -6 neigh sh)

root@hv03:~# ip -6 neigh sh
fe80::21b:21ff:fe48:6899 dev vmbr12 lladdr 00:1b:21:48:68:99 router DELAY
fe80::c8fd:83ff:fe88:7052 dev tap116i0 lladdr ca:fd:83:88:70:52 PERMANENT
2a00:5884:8204::1 dev vmbr1 lladdr ca:fd:83:88:70:52 STALE
fe80::5476:43ff:fe0f:209d dev vmbr0 lladdr 56:76:43:0f:20:9d STALE
fe80::3c19:f7ff:fe18:f9ca dev vmbr0 lladdr 3e:19:f7:18:f9:ca STALE
fe80::ecc0:e7ff:fe97:b4d9 dev vmbr0 lladdr ee:c0:e7:97:b4:d9 STALE
fe80::7a2b:cbff:fe4c:d537 dev vmbr13 lladdr 78:2b:cb:4c:d5:37 STALE
fe80::a093:a1ff:fe14:8c8a dev vmbr0 lladdr a2:93:a1:14:8c:8a STALE
fe80::9a4b:e1ff:fe64:b90 dev vmbr0 lladdr 98:4b:e1:64:0b:90 STALE
2a00:5884:0:6::2 dev vmbr12 lladdr 00:1b:21:48:68:99 router REACHABLE
fe80::5287:89ff:fef0:ce81 dev vmbr12 lladdr 50:87:89:f0:ce:81 router REACHABLE
fe80::c8fd:83ff:fe88:7052 dev vmbr1 lladdr ca:fd:83:88:70:52 STALE
2a00:5884:0:6::1 dev vmbr12 lladdr 50:87:89:f0:ce:81 router REACHABLE
fe80::7a2b:cbff:fe4c:d537 dev vmbr12 lladdr 78:2b:cb:4c:d5:37 STALE
fe80::7a2b:cbff:fe4c:d537 dev vmbr8 lladdr 78:2b:cb:4c:d5:37 STALE
fe80::5054:ff:fef9:192d dev vmbr0 lladdr 52:54:00:f9:19:2d STALE

Not so much either.

But the good news is that I have a work-around: adding
`net.ipv6.route.gc_thresh = -1` to sysctl.conf

I don’t know exactly what it does as it’s not documented, I just pick
the IPv4 value.


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