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From: Pablo Neira Ayuso <>
To: Stefano Brivio <>
	"Florian Westphal" <>,
	"Kadlecsik József" <>,
	"Eric Garver" <>, "Phil Sutter" <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH nf-next v4 5/9] nf_tables: Add set type for arbitrary concatenation of ranges
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 21:42:25 +0100
Message-ID: <20200214204225.dh3ubs67vorh2ail@salvia> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 08:42:13PM +0100, Stefano Brivio wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Feb 2020 19:16:34 +0100
> Pablo Neira Ayuso <> wrote:
> > You refer to a property that says that you can split a range into a
> > 2*n netmasks IIRC. Do you know what is the worst case when splitting
> > ranges?
> I'm not sure I got your question: that is exactly the worst case, i.e.
> we can have _up to_ 2 * n netmasks (hence rules) given a range of n
> bits. There's an additional upper bound on this, given by the address
> space, but single fields in a concatenation can overlap.
> For example, we can have up to 128 rules for an IPv6 range where at
> least 64 bits differ between the endpoints, and which would contain
> 2 ^ 64 addresses. Or, say, the IPv4 range - is
> expressed by 42 rules.
> By the way, - takes 62 rules, so we can
> *probably* say it's 2 * n - 2, but I don't have a formal proof for that.

By "splitting" I was actually refering to "expanding", so you're
replying here to my worst-case range-to-rules expansion question.

> I have a couple of ways in mind to get that down to n / 2, but it's not
> straightforward and it will take me some time (assuming it makes
> sense). For the n bound, we can introduce negations (proof in
> literature), and I have some kind of ugly prototype. For the n / 2
> bound, I'd need some auxiliary data structure to keep insertion
> invertible.

OK, so there is room to improve the "rule expansion" logic. I didn't
spend much time on that front yet.

> In practice, the "average" case is much less, but to define it we would
> first need to agree on what are the actual components of the
> multivariate distribution... size and start? Is it a Poisson
> distribution then? After spending some time on this and disagreeing
> with myself I'd shyly recommend to skip the topic. :)

Yes, I agree to stick to something relatively simple and good is just

> > There is no ipset set like this, but I agree usecase might happen.
> Actually, for ipset, a "net,port,net,port" type was proposed
> (netfilter-devel <>), but when
> József enquired about the intended use case, none was given. So maybe
> this whole "net,net,port,mac" story makes even less sense.

Would it make sense to you to restrict pipapo to 3 fields until there
is someone with a usecase for this?

> > The per-cpu scratch index is only required if we cannot fit in the
> > "result bitmap" into the stack, right?
> Right.
> > Probably up to 256 bytes result bitmap in the stack is reasonable?
> > That makes 8192 pipapo rules. There will be no need to disable bh and
> > make use of the percpu scratchpad area in that case.
> Right -- the question is whether that would mean yet another
> implementation for the lookup function.

This would need another lookup function that can be selected from
control plane path. The set size and the range-to-rule expansion
worst-case can tell us if it would fit into the stack. It's would be
just one extra lookup function for this case, ~80-100 LOC.

> > If adjusting the code to deal with variable length "pipapo word" size
> > is not too convoluted, then you could just deal with the variable word
> > size from the insert / delete / get (slow) path and register one
> > lookup function for the version that is optimized for this pipapo word
> > size.
> Yes, I like this a lot -- we would also need one function to rebuild
> tables when the word size changes, but that sounds almost trivial.
> Changes for the slow path are actually rather simple.
> Still, I start doubting quite heavily that my original worst case is
> reasonable. If we stick to the one you mentioned, or even something in
> between, it makes no sense to keep 4-bit buckets.

OK, then moving to 8-bits will probably remove a bit of code which is
dealing with "nibbles".

> By the way, I went ahead and tried the 8-bit bucket version of the C
> implementation only, on my usual x86_64 box (one thread, AMD Epyc 7351).
> I think it's worth it:
>                 4-bit       8-bit
> net,port
>  1000 entries   2304165pps  2901299pps
> port,net
>  100 entries    4131471pps  4751247pps
> net6,port
>  1000 entries   1092557pps  1651037pps
> port,proto
>  30000 entries   284147pps   449665pps
> net6,port,mac
>  10 entries     2082880pps  2762291pps
> net6,port,mac,proto
>  1000 entries    783810pps  1195823pps
> net,mac
>  1000 entries   1279122pps  1934003pps

Assuming the same concatenation type, larger bucket size makes pps
drop in the C implementation?

> I would now proceed extending this to the AVX2 implementation and (once
> I finish it) to the NEON one, I actually expect bigger gains there.

Good. BTW, probably you can add a new NFT_SET_CLASS_JIT class that
comes becomes NFT_SET_CLASS_O_1 to make the set routine that selects
the set pick the jit version instead.

> > Probably adding helper function to deal with pipapo words would help
> > to prepare for such update in the future. There is the ->estimate
> > function that allows to calculate for the best word size depending on
> > all the information this gets from the set definition.
> Hm, I really think it should be kind of painless to make this dynamic
> on insertion/deletion.

OK, good. How would you like to proceed?


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