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Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/4] Adding support to parse BERT for libnvdimm
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 15:04:58 +0000	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <1522422276.2693.268.camel@hpe.com> (raw)
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On Thu, 2018-03-29 at 15:37 -0700, Dave Jiang wrote:
> The following series implements support for parsing of the BERT records
> and adding the error memory ranges to nvdimm badblocks in order for the
> kernel to avoid prevent the kernel from accessing those areas. And with
> the addition of this support, we can surface the nd regions instead of waiting
> for ARS to complete. So the ARS handling is reworked to run in the
> background and not block nd region registration.

Hi Dave,

I agree on the problem, and adding an ability to obtain pmem badblocks
records at boot-time without waiting for a new ARS scan to complete is a
good option for users.

However, I do not think using the BERT table is a good approach.  This
requires FW to report pmem badblocks records with a new interface in
addition to ARS records, which FW already implements for pmem.  ACPI 6.2
defines Start ARS with Flags Bit[1] set to report badblocks record
without starting a new ARS scan.  We set this bit after receiving a 0x81
notification at this point.

Can we use ARS with Flags bit[1] set at boot-time so that both OS and FW
can use the same ARS implementation?


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2018-03-29 22:37 [PATCH 0/4] Adding support to parse BERT for libnvdimm Dave Jiang
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2018-03-29 22:37 ` [PATCH 4/4] acpi/nfit: allow knob to disable ARS being issued at kernel boot Dave Jiang
2018-03-30 15:04 ` Kani, Toshi [this message]
2018-03-30 16:38   ` [PATCH 0/4] Adding support to parse BERT for libnvdimm Dan Williams
2018-03-30 16:45     ` Kani, Toshi
2018-03-30 16:49       ` Dave Jiang
2018-03-30 16:51         ` Kani, Toshi

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