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From: Wengang Wang <wen.gang.wang@oracle.com>
To: ocfs2-devel@oss.oracle.com
Subject: [Ocfs2-devel] [PATCH] ocfs2: initialize ip_next_orphan
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2020 08:40:28 -0800	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <cf989eb6-dfda-4f04-7cd8-46dbb0775b97@oracle.com> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <d0045479-2766-b1e5-d664-5a6ba95f29f9@linux.alibaba.com>

On 11/1/20 5:40 PM, Joseph Qi wrote:
> On 2020/10/30 23:32, Wengang Wang wrote:
>> Thanks for review Joseph,
>> Please see in lines:
>> On 10/29/20 10:55 PM, Joseph Qi wrote:
>>> On 2020/10/30 05:04, Wengang Wang wrote:
>>>> Though problem if found on a lower 4.1.12 kernel, I think upstream
>>>> has same issue.
>>>> In one node in the cluster, there is the following callback trace:
>>>> # cat /proc/21473/stack
>>>> [<ffffffffc09a2f06>] __ocfs2_cluster_lock.isra.36+0x336/0x9e0 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffffc09a4481>] ocfs2_inode_lock_full_nested+0x121/0x520 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffffc09b2ce2>] ocfs2_evict_inode+0x152/0x820 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffff8122b36e>] evict+0xae/0x1a0
>>>> [<ffffffff8122bd26>] iput+0x1c6/0x230
>>>> [<ffffffffc09b60ed>] ocfs2_orphan_filldir+0x5d/0x100 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffffc0992ae0>] ocfs2_dir_foreach_blk+0x490/0x4f0 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffffc099a1e9>] ocfs2_dir_foreach+0x29/0x30 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffffc09b7716>] ocfs2_recover_orphans+0x1b6/0x9a0 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffffc09b9b4e>] ocfs2_complete_recovery+0x1de/0x5c0 [ocfs2]
>>>> [<ffffffff810a1399>] process_one_work+0x169/0x4a0
>>>> [<ffffffff810a1bcb>] worker_thread+0x5b/0x560
>>>> [<ffffffff810a7a2b>] kthread+0xcb/0xf0
>>>> [<ffffffff816f5d21>] ret_from_fork+0x61/0x90
>>>> [<ffffffffffffffff>] 0xffffffffffffffff
>>>> The above stack is not reasonable, the final iput shouldn't happen in
>>>> ocfs2_orphan_filldir() function. Looking at the code,
>>>> 2067???????? /* Skip inodes which are already added to recover list, since dio may
>>>> 2068????????? * happen concurrently with unlink/rename */
>>>> 2069???????? if (OCFS2_I(iter)->ip_next_orphan) {
>>>> 2070???????????????? iput(iter);
>>>> 2071???????????????? return 0;
>>>> 2072???????? }
>>>> 2073
>>>> The logic thinks the inode is already in recover list on seeing
>>>> ip_next_orphan is non-NULL, so it skip this inode after dropping a
>>>> reference which incremented in ocfs2_iget().
>>>> While, if the inode is already in recover list, it should have another
>>>> reference and the iput() at line 2070 should not be the final iput
>>>> (dropping the last reference). So I don't think the inode is really
>>>> in the recover list (no vmcore to confirm).
>>>> Note that ocfs2_queue_orphans(), though not shown up in the call back trace,
>>>> is holding cluster lock on the orphan directory when looking up for unlinked
>>>> inodes. The on disk inode eviction could involve a lot of IOs which may need
>>>> long time to finish. That means this node could hold the cluster lock for
>>>> very long time, that can lead to the lock requests (from other nodes) to the
>>>> orhpan directory hang for long time.
>>>> Looking at more on ip_next_orphan, I found it's not initialized when
>>>> allocating a new ocfs2_inode_info structure.
>>> I don't see the internal relations.
>> If not initialized, ip_next_orphan could be any value. When it's an arbitrary value rather than zero (NULL), the problem would appear (at line 2069 and 2070).
>> But, what I am curious is that why this problem didn't raise much earlier? Hope I can find the answer here.
>>> And AFAIK, ip_next_orphan will be initialized during ocfs2_queue_orphans().
>> I am not seeing it's initialized in ocfs2_queue_orphans() in source code v5.10-rc1. Can you provide more details where it's initialized?
> I thought it is initialzed by ocfs2_queue_orphans() ->
> ocfs2_orphan_filldir(). But take a closer look at the code, it's after
> the check you paste above, so you are right.
Thanks for checking again.
> I also have the same question now, why we don't encounter it before
> since recovery is very common case for us.

One guess is that the problem actually was happening in the past too, but just not noticed by people somehow.
The impact of this problem is holding the inode cluster lock for long time against the orphan directory in question, while if no other nodes request same lock, that is OK.
How did I notice this problem is that there are reflink operations happening on different nodes. You know when creating reflinks, they are firstly created under orphan directories then are secondly moved to destination directories. In both step1 and step2, it locks the inode cluster lock against the orphan directory (then unlock). My case is in step2, moving the reflink from orphan directory to destination with the following stack trace:

[<ffffffffc099bf06>] __ocfs2_cluster_lock.isra.36+0x336/0x9e0 [ocfs2]
[<ffffffffc099d481>] ocfs2_inode_lock_full_nested+0x121/0x520 [ocfs2]
[<ffffffffc09c3033>] ocfs2_mv_orphaned_inode_to_new+0x383/0xaa0 [ocfs2]
[<ffffffffc09d0c44>] ocfs2_vfs_reflink+0x5e4/0x850 [ocfs2]
[<ffffffffc09d1137>] ocfs2_reflink_ioctl+0x287/0x290 [ocfs2]
[<ffffffffc09ae410>] ocfs2_ioctl+0x280/0x750 [ocfs2]
[<ffffffff8122310b>] do_vfs_ioctl+0x2fb/0x510

Those reflink operations are found hang for very long time.

Let's wait for some more ideas.


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