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  • coresight: Support for ACPI bindings
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Suzuki Kuruppassery Poulose May 7, 2019, 10:52 a.m. UTC
This series adds the support for CoreSight devices on ACPI based
platforms. The device connections are encoded as _DSD graph property[0],
with CoreSight specific extensions to indicate the direction of data
flow as described in [1]. Components attached to CPUs are listed
as child devices of the corresponding CPU, removing explicit links
to the CPU like we do in the DT.

The majority of the series cleans up the driver and prepares the subsystem
for platform agnostic firwmare probing, naming scheme, searching etc.

We introduce platform independent helpers to parse the platform supplied
information. Thus we rename the platform handling code from:
	of_coresight.c  => coresight-platform.c

The CoreSight driver creates shadow devices that appear on the Coresight
bus, in addition to the real devices (e.g, AMBA bus devices). The name
of these devices match the real device. This makes the device name
a bit cryptic for ACPI platform. So this series also introduces a generic
platform agnostic device naming scheme for the shadow Coresight devices.
Towards this we also make changes to the way we lookup devices to resolve
the connections, as we can't use the names to identify the devices. So,
we use the "fwnode_handle" of the real device for the device lookups.
Towards that we clean up the drivers to keep track of the "CoreSight"
device rather than the "real" device. However, all real operations,
like DMA allocation, Power management etc. must be performed on
the real device which is the parent of the shadow device.

Finally we add the support for parsing the ACPI platform data. The power
management support is missing in the ACPI (and this is not specific to
CoreSight). The firmware must ensure that the respective power domains
are turned on.

Applies on Mathieu's coresight/next tree.

Tested on a Juno-r0 board with ACPI bindings patch (Patch 31/30) added on
top of [2]. You would need to make sure that the debug power domain is
turned on before the Linux kernel boots. (e.g, connect the DS-5 to the
Juno board while at UEFI). arm32 code is only compile tested.

[0] ACPI Device Graphs using _DSD (Not available online yet, approved but
    awaiting publish and eventually should be linked at).
[1] https://developer.arm.com/docs/den0067/latest/acpi-for-coresighttm-10-platform-design-document
[2] https://github.com/tianocore/edk2-platforms.git

Changes since v2:
 - Fix the symlink name for ETM devices under cs_etm PMU (Patch by Mathieu)
 - Drop patches merged already in the tree.
 - Add the tags from Mathieu
 - More documentation with examples of ACPI graph in ACPI bindings support.
 - Fix ETM4 error return path (Mathieu)
 - Drop the patches exposing device links via sysfs, to be posted as separate
 - Drop the generic helper for device search by fwnode for a better cleanup
 - Split the ACPI bindings support patch for AMBA and platform devices.
 - Return integer error for <platform>_get_platform_data() helpers.
 - Fix comment about the return code for acpi_get_coresight_cpu().
 - Ensure we don't have devices part of multiple graphs (Mathieu).

Changes since v1:

 [ http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2019-March/639963.html ]

  - Dropped the replicator driver merge changes as they were pulled already.
  - Cleanups for Power management in the drivers.
  - Reuse platform description for connection information. Also introduce
    routines to clean up the platform description to make sure we drop
    the references (fwnode_handle).
  - Add RFC patches for exposing the device-links via sysfs.
  - Drop tracking the device in favour of coresight_device.
  - Name etb10 as "etb"
  - Fix other comments in v1.
  - Use a generic helper for searching with fwnode_handle rather than adding
    one for CoreSight.

Mathieu Poirier (1):
  coresight: Use coresight device names for sinks in PMU attribute

Suzuki K Poulose (29):
  coresight: funnel: Clean up device book keeping
  coresight: replicator: Cleanup device tracking
  coresight: tmc: Clean up device specific data
  coresight: catu: Cleanup device specific data
  coresight: tpiu: Clean up device specific data
  coresight: stm: Cleanup device specific data
  coresight: etm: Clean up device specific data
  coresight: etb10: Clean up device specific data
  coresight: Rename of_coresight to coresight-platform
  coresight: etm3x: Rearrange cp14 access detection
  coresight: stm: Rearrange probing the stimulus area
  coresight: tmc-etr: Rearrange probing default buffer size
  coresight: platform: Make memory allocation helper generic
  coresight: Make sure device uses DT for obsolete compatible check
  coresight: Introduce generic platform data helper
  coresight: Make device to CPU mapping generic
  coresight: Remove cpu field from platform data
  coresight: Remove name from platform description
  coresight: Cleanup coresight_remove_conns
  coresight: Reuse platform data structure for connection tracking
  coresight: Rearrange platform data probing
  coresight: Add support for releasing platform specific data
  coresight: platform: Use fwnode handle for device search
  coresight: Use fwnode handle instead of device names
  coresight: Use platform agnostic names
  coresight: stm: ACPI support for parsing stimulus base
  coresight: Support for ACPI bindings
  coresight: acpi: Support for AMBA components
  coresight: acpi: Support for platform devices

 drivers/acpi/acpi_amba.c                           |   9 +
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/Makefile               |   3 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-catu.c       |  40 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-catu.h       |   1 -
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-cpu-debug.c  |   3 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etb10.c      |  51 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etm-perf.c   |   8 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etm.h        |   6 +-
 .../hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etm3x-sysfs.c    |  12 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etm3x.c      |  45 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etm4x.c      |  37 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-etm4x.h      |   2 -
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-funnel.c     |  35 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-platform.c   | 810 +++++++++++++++++++++
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-priv.h       |   4 +
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-replicator.c |  42 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-stm.c        | 118 ++-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-tmc-etf.c    |   9 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-tmc-etr.c    |  44 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-tmc.c        |  96 +--
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-tmc.h        |   2 -
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-tpiu.c       |  24 +-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight.c            | 164 ++++-
 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/of_coresight.c         | 297 --------
 include/linux/coresight.h                          |  61 +-
 25 files changed, 1332 insertions(+), 591 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/coresight-platform.c
 delete mode 100644 drivers/hwtracing/coresight/of_coresight.c

ACPI bindings for Juno-r0 (applies on [2] above)

Suzuki K Poulose (1):
  edk2-platform: juno: Update ACPI CoreSight Bindings

 Platform/ARM/JunoPkg/AcpiTables/Dsdt.asl | 241 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 241 insertions(+)