[v3,0/2] Add new PHY APIs to framework to get/set PHY attributes
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  • Add new PHY APIs to framework to get/set PHY attributes
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Swapnil Jakhade July 13, 2020, 9:38 a.m. UTC
This patch series adds a new pair of PHY APIs that can be used to get/set
all the PHY attributes. It also adds a new PHY attribute max_link_rate.

It includes following patches:

1. v3-0001-phy-Add-new-PHY-attribute-max_link_rate-and-APIs-.patch
This patch adds max_link_rate as a new PHY attribute along with a pair of
APIs that allow using the generic PHY subsystem to get/set PHY attributes
supported by the PHY.

2. v3-0002-phy-cadence-torrent-Use-kernel-PHY-API-to-set-PHY.patch
This patch uses PHY API phy_set_attrs() to set corresponding PHY properties
in Cadence Torrent PHY driver. This will enable drivers using this PHY to
read these properties using PHY framework.

The phy_get_attrs() API will be used in the DRM bridge driver [1] which is
in the process of upstreaming.



Version History:

    - Add comment describing new PHY attribute max_link_rate
    - Use of memcpy to copy structure members
    - Change commit log a bit

    - Implemented single pair of functions to get/set all PHY attributes

Swapnil Jakhade (2):
  phy: Add new PHY attribute max_link_rate and APIs to get/set PHY
  phy: cadence-torrent: Use kernel PHY API to set PHY attributes

 drivers/phy/cadence/phy-cadence-torrent.c |  7 +++++++
 include/linux/phy/phy.h                   | 22 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 29 insertions(+)