[v5,0/5] Bluetooth: Add new MGMT interface for advertising add
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  • Bluetooth: Add new MGMT interface for advertising add
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Daniel Winkler Nov. 24, 2020, 6:07 p.m. UTC
Hi Maintainers,

This patch series defines the new two-call MGMT interface for adding
new advertising instances. Similarly to the hci advertising commands, a
mgmt call to set parameters is expected to be first, followed by a mgmt
call to set advertising data/scan response. The members of the
parameters request are optional; the caller defines a "params" bitfield
in the structure that indicates which parameters were intentionally set,
and others are set to defaults.

The main feature here is the introduction of min/max parameters and tx
power that can be requested by the client. Min/max parameters will be
used both with and without extended advertising support, and tx power
will be used with extended advertising support. After a call for hci
advertising parameters, a new TX_POWER_SELECTED event will be emitted to
alert userspace to the actual chosen tx power.

Additionally, to inform userspace of the controller LE Tx power
capabilities for the client's benefit, this series also changes the
security info MGMT command to more flexibly contain other capabilities,
such as LE min and max tx power.

All changes have been tested on hatch (extended advertising) and kukui
(no extended advertising) chromebooks with manual testing verifying
correctness of parameters/data in btmon traces, and our automated test
suite of 25 single- and multi-advertising usage scenarios.

A separate patch series will add support in bluetoothd. Thanks in
advance for your feedback!

Daniel Winkler

Changes in v5:
- Ensure data/scan rsp length is returned for non-ext adv

Changes in v4:
- Add remaining data and scan response length to MGMT params response
- Moving optional params into 'flags' field of MGMT command
- Combine LE tx range into a single EIR field for MGMT capabilities cmd

Changes in v3:
- Adding selected tx power to adv params mgmt response, removing event
- Re-using security info MGMT command to carry controller capabilities

Changes in v2:
- Fixed sparse error in Capabilities MGMT command

Daniel Winkler (5):
  Bluetooth: Add helper to set adv data
  Bluetooth: Break add adv into two mgmt commands
  Bluetooth: Use intervals and tx power from mgmt cmds
  Bluetooth: Query LE tx power on startup
  Bluetooth: Change MGMT security info CMD to be more generic

 include/net/bluetooth/hci.h      |   7 +
 include/net/bluetooth/hci_core.h |  12 +-
 include/net/bluetooth/mgmt.h     |  49 +++-
 net/bluetooth/hci_core.c         |  47 +++-
 net/bluetooth/hci_event.c        |  19 ++
 net/bluetooth/hci_request.c      |  29 ++-
 net/bluetooth/mgmt.c             | 426 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 7 files changed, 544 insertions(+), 45 deletions(-)