[v6,00/11] Show privacy_gpio as a v4l2_ctrl
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  • Show privacy_gpio as a v4l2_ctrl
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Ricardo Ribalda Dec. 22, 2020, 11:04 p.m. UTC
Some devices can implement a physical switch to disable the input of the
camera on demand. Think of it like an elegant privacy sticker.

The system can read the status of the privacy switch via a GPIO.

The ACPI table maps this GPIO to the USB device via _CRS and _DSD
descriptors, so the kernel can find it.

The userspace applications need to know if the privacy pin is enabled
or not.

The obvious way to show it to userspace is via the V4L2_CID_PRIVACY

This patchset implement this functionality.

v6: Thanks to all the comments from Laurent!
  - Remove multiple async_ctrls from v5, it is not needed
  - Split event handling in two parts, so it can be triggered without wq
  - Save pointer to the privacy entity in the main structure
  - Handle the quirk in a different location to avoid races
  - CodeStyle

v5: Thanks to all the comments from Laurent!
  - Allow multiple async_ctrls
  - Use dev_dbg() for uvc_trace
  - Major redesing of "Implement UVC_EXT_GPIO_UNIT"
  - Major redesing of "Implement UVC_QUIRK_PRIVACY_DURING_STREAM"


v3: Thanks to all the comments from Joe Perches
  - Rework of printk macros

v2: Thanks to all the comments from Laurent!
  - move guid to unit
  - support entities with no pads
  - CodeStyle
  - Irq handling
  - pr_cont
  - new ids

Ricardo Ribalda (11):
  media: uvcvideo: Move guid to entity
  media: uvcvideo: Allow extra entities
  media: uvcvideo: Allow entities with no pads
  media: uvcvideo: Add uvc_ctrl_status_event_direct
  media: uvcvideo: Allow entity-defined get_info and get_cur
  media: uvcvideo: Implement UVC_EXT_GPIO_UNIT
  media: uvcvideo: Add Privacy control based on EXT_GPIO
  media: uvcvideo: Implement UVC_QUIRK_PRIVACY_DURING_STREAM
  media: uvcvideo: Use dev_ printk aliases
  media: uvcvideo: New macro uvc_trace_cont
  media: uvcvideo: use dev_printk() for uvc_trace()

 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_ctrl.c   | 184 +++++----
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_driver.c | 603 +++++++++++++++++++----------
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_entity.c |  11 +-
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_isight.c |  16 +-
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_queue.c  |   9 +-
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_status.c |  32 +-
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_v4l2.c   |  53 ++-
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvc_video.c  | 147 ++++---
 drivers/media/usb/uvc/uvcvideo.h   |  76 +++-
 9 files changed, 727 insertions(+), 404 deletions(-)