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  • IDE: kill warning
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Geert Uytterhoeven Sept. 28, 2002, 8:42 p.m. UTC
IDE: kill warning



Geert Uytterhoeven -- There's lots of Linux beyond ia32 --

In personal conversations with technical people, I call myself a hacker. But
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diff mbox series

--- linux-2.5.44/drivers/ide/ide-lib.c	Sat Sep 28 14:56:40 2002
+++ linux-m68k-2.5.44/drivers/ide/ide-lib.c	Thu Oct 10 21:42:30 2002
@@ -171,7 +171,7 @@ 
 	return min(speed, speed_max[mode]);
-	return min(speed, XFER_PIO_4);
+	return min(speed, (u8)XFER_PIO_4);