[v1,34/63] Input: atmel_mxt_ts - Change call-points of mxt_free_* functions
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Jiada Wang Aug. 16, 2019, 8:34 a.m. UTC
From: Kautuk Consul <kautuk_consul@mentor.com>

Revamping the code to call mxt_free_object_table and mxt_free_input_device
functions only in the following scenarios and code paths:
1) The error path of the mxt_probe() entry point
2) The mxt_remove de-init path entry point
3) All paths which definitely expect to populate the object table
   - the mxt_update_fw_store path which first calls
     mxt_load_fw and then resorts to calling mxt_initialize itself.
   - the mxt_read_info_block function which attempts to fill in the
     object table itself as the main non-error part of the logic.
4) All paths in the code expected to definitely allocate and register
   the input device such as:
   - the mxt_update_fw_store path which first calls
     mxt_load_fw and then resorts to calling mxt_initialize itself.
   - the mxt_update_cfg_store function which will call

Signed-off-by: Kautuk Consul <kautuk_consul@mentor.com>
Signed-off-by: George G. Davis <george_davis@mentor.com>
Signed-off-by: Jiada Wang <jiada_wang@mentor.com>
 drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c | 16 +++++++---------
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c b/drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c
index 248d4b239bf6..aa913d2a0e3b 100644
--- a/drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c
+++ b/drivers/input/touchscreen/atmel_mxt_ts.c
@@ -3328,21 +3328,21 @@  static int mxt_configure_objects(struct mxt_data *data,
 	error = mxt_init_t7_power_cfg(data);
 	if (error) {
 		dev_err(dev, "Failed to initialize power cfg\n");
-		goto err_free_object_table;
+		return error;
 	if (cfg) {
 		error = mxt_update_cfg(data, cfg);
 		if (error) {
 			dev_warn(dev, "Error %d updating config\n", error);
-			goto err_free_object_table;
+			return error;
 	if (data->multitouch) {
 		error = mxt_initialize_input_device(data);
 		if (error)
-			goto err_free_object_table;
+			return error;
 	} else {
 		dev_warn(dev, "No touch object detected\n");
@@ -3350,10 +3350,6 @@  static int mxt_configure_objects(struct mxt_data *data,
 	return 0;
-	mxt_free_object_table(data);
-	return error;
 /* Configuration crc check sum is returned as hex xxxxxx */
@@ -4142,11 +4138,13 @@  static int mxt_probe(struct i2c_client *client, const struct i2c_device_id *id)
 	error = mxt_initialize(data);
 	if (error)
-		goto err_sysfs_remove_group;
+		goto err_free_object;
 	return 0;
+	mxt_free_input_device(data);
+	mxt_free_object_table(data);
 	sysfs_remove_group(&client->dev.kobj, &mxt_fw_attr_group);
 	return error;