[3/3] power: supply: s3c_adc_battery: remove unused pdata in suspend/resume
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Commit c8bbab8f2d5f8b292d568449584bef7ef10d609e
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  • [1/3] MAINTAINERS: power: supply: add entry for S3C ADC battery driver
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Krzysztof Kozlowski Feb. 10, 2021, 5:21 p.m. UTC
The "pdata" local variable is not used in suspend/resume handlers since
commit 7776bcd241e0 ("power: supply: s3c-adc-battery: Convert to GPIO

    drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c: In function ‘s3c_adc_bat_suspend’:
    drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c:405:28: warning: unused variable ‘pdata’ [-Wunused-variable]

    drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c: In function ‘s3c_adc_bat_resume’:
    drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c:422:28: warning: unused variable ‘pdata’ [-Wunused-variable]

Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Kozlowski <krzk@kernel.org>
 drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c | 4 ----
 1 file changed, 4 deletions(-)

diff mbox series

diff --git a/drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c b/drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c
index de98aea53a24..dc700066d7bc 100644
--- a/drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c
+++ b/drivers/power/supply/s3c_adc_battery.c
@@ -402,8 +402,6 @@  static int s3c_adc_bat_remove(struct platform_device *pdev)
 static int s3c_adc_bat_suspend(struct platform_device *pdev,
 	pm_message_t state)
-	struct s3c_adc_bat_pdata *pdata = pdev->dev.platform_data;
 	if (main_bat.charge_finished) {
 		if (device_may_wakeup(&pdev->dev))
@@ -419,8 +417,6 @@  static int s3c_adc_bat_suspend(struct platform_device *pdev,
 static int s3c_adc_bat_resume(struct platform_device *pdev)
-	struct s3c_adc_bat_pdata *pdata = pdev->dev.platform_data;
 	if (main_bat.charge_finished) {
 		if (device_may_wakeup(&pdev->dev))