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* [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 6.0.0-rc2 is now available
@ 2021-04-06 20:58 Michael Roth
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From: Michael Roth @ 2021-04-06 20:58 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: qemu-devel; +Cc: peter.maydell


On behalf of the QEMU Team, I'd like to announce the availability of the
third release candidate for the QEMU 6.0 release.  This release is meant
for testing purposes and should not be used in a production environment.


You can help improve the quality of the QEMU 6.0 release by testing this
release and reporting bugs on Launchpad:


The release plan, as well a documented known issues for release
candidates, are available at:


Please add entries to the ChangeLog for the 6.0 release below:


Thank you to everyone involved!

Changes since rc1:

d0d3dd401b: Update version for v6.0.0-rc2 release (Peter Maydell)
d83f46d189: virtio-pci: compat page aligned ATS (Jason Wang)
49bc76550c: Remove myself as i.mx31 maintainer (Chubb, Peter (Data61, Eveleigh))
21c2dd77a6: Revert "target/arm: Make number of counters in PMCR follow the CPU" (Peter Maydell)
e7e0d52dc6: hw/ppc/e500plat: Only try to add valid dynamic sysbus devices to platform bus (Peter Maydell)
37fce4dde1: hw/arm/virt: Only try to add valid dynamic sysbus devices to platform bus (Peter Maydell)
0fb124dbfa: machine: Provide a function to check the dynamic sysbus allowlist (Peter Maydell)
387c0e8b41: include/hw/boards.h: Document machine_class_allow_dynamic_sysbus_dev() (Peter Maydell)
498114b37b: hw/block/nvme: expose 'bootindex' property (Joelle van Dyne)
ef951ee33f: target/alpha: fix icount handling for timer instructions (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
4e655e3cd8: tcg/mips: Fix SoftTLB comparison on mips backend (Kele Huang)
b62b178c37: hw/block/nvme: remove description for zoned.append_size_limit (Niklas Cassel)
90a66f4847: x86: rename oem-id and oem-table-id properties (Paolo Bonzini)
30c676134e: target/xtensa: make xtensa_modules static on import (Max Filippov)
84317d57e8: target/xtensa: fix meson.build rule for xtensa cores (Max Filippov)
8ddf543248: pci: sprinkle assert in PCI pin number (Isaku Yamahata)
44421c60c9: isa/v582c686: Reinitialize ACPI PM device on reset (Isaku Yamahata)
0fae92a313: vt82c686.c: don't raise SCI when PCI_INTERRUPT_PIN isn't setup (Isaku Yamahata)
0fd7432533: acpi/piix4: reinitialize acpi PM device on reset (Isaku Yamahata)
51e0e42cab: virtio-pci: remove explicit initialization of val (Yuri Benditovich)
c3fd706165: virtio-pci: add check for vdev in virtio_pci_isr_read (Yuri Benditovich)
2b7d06c452: vhost-user-blk: add immediate cleanup on shutdown (Denis Plotnikov)
bc79c87bcd: vhost-user-blk: perform immediate cleanup if disconnect on initialization (Denis Plotnikov)
0c99d722e7: vhost-user-blk: use different event handlers on initialization (Denis Plotnikov)
ca89d15f8e: device-crash-test: Ignore errors about a bus not being available (Thomas Huth)
69c5d14dc8: docs: Fix typo in the default name of the qemu-system-x86_64 binary (Thomas Huth)
4fb98ae62d: docs: Remove obsolete paragraph about config-target.mak (Thomas Huth)
7e3a61ce62: util/compatfd.c: Fixed style issues (Mahmoud Mandour)
bd74ecd1c3: qom: Fix default values in help (Markus Armbruster)
2d53d0c77f: MAINTAINERS: Mark SH-4 hardware emulation orphan (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
b2744da975: MAINTAINERS: Mark RX hardware emulation orphan (Philippe Mathieu-Daudé)
09c8d9e867: MAINTAINERS: add virtio-fs mailing list (Connor Kuehl)
e4145cd735: MAINTAINERS: Drop the line with Xiang Zheng (Thomas Huth)
d6eed46548: MAINTAINERS: replace Huawei's email to personal one (Dongjiu Geng)
bead6a96bb: MAINTAINERS: Drop the lines with Sarah Harris (Thomas Huth)
d3a0bb7706: tests: Add tests for yank with the chardev-change case (Lukas Straub)
feb774ca3f: chardev: Fix yank with the chardev-change case (Lukas Straub)
f36b0efd7f: chardev/char.c: Always pass id to chardev_new (Lukas Straub)
789fd6934e: chardev/char.c: Move object_property_try_add_child out of chardev_new (Lukas Straub)
e0150291ec: yank: Always link full yank code (Lukas Straub)
1a92d6d500: yank: Remove dependency on qiochannel (Lukas Straub)
816f93b200: docs: simplify each section title (Marc-André Lureau)
1d9fa7a859: dbus-vmstate: Increase the size of input stream buffer used during load (Priyankar Jain)
64e16fbbf4: util: fix use-after-free in module_load_one (Marc-André Lureau)
c81cfb89bc: docs: Add a QEMU Code of Conduct and Conflict Resolution Policy document (Paolo Bonzini)
2008b34a59: hexagon: do not specify Python scripts as inputs (Paolo Bonzini)
a5158a963e: hexagon: do not specify executables as inputs (Paolo Bonzini)
c7328271cf: configure: Do not use default_feature for EXESUF (Miroslav Rezanina)
b9e40bac9c: target/openrisc: fix icount handling for timer instructions (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
46967b1a43: replay: notify CPU on event (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
fe852ac2b3: icount: get rid of static variable (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
cb4d9e38bd: Revert "qom: use qemu_printf to print help for user-creatable objects" (Thomas Huth)
7cebff0d03: replay: fix recursive checkpoints (Pavel Dovgalyuk)
a061a71e0d: qapi: qom: do not use target-specific conditionals (Paolo Bonzini)
10b8eb94c0: target/i386: Verify memory operand for lcall and ljmp (Richard Henderson)
76f67bac79: meson: Propagate gnutls dependency to migration (Jessica Clarke)
074c84b9b3: MAINTAINERS: add/replace backups for some s390 areas (Matthew Rosato)
fac87d4d9d: MAINTAINERS: Fix tests/migration maintainers (Hyman Huang(黄勇))
b6489ac066: test-coroutine: Add rwlock downgrade test (David Edmondson)
25bc2daed0: test-coroutine: Add rwlock upgrade test (Paolo Bonzini)
050de36b13: coroutine-lock: Reimplement CoRwlock to fix downgrade bug (Paolo Bonzini)
2f6ef0393b: coroutine-lock: Store the coroutine in the CoWaitRecord only once (David Edmondson)
07ee2ab4fd: block/vdi: Don't assume that blocks are larger than VdiHeader (David Edmondson)
574b8304cf: block/vdi: When writing new bmap entry fails, don't leak the buffer (David Edmondson)
611ac0a60f: hw/net: fsl_etsec: Tx padding length should exclude CRC (Bin Meng)
a40888bad6: spapr: Fix typo in the patb_entry comment (Alexey Kardashevskiy)
df2d7ca774: spapr: Assert DIMM unplug state in spapr_memory_unplug() (Greg Kurz)
9cbcfb5924: target/ppc/kvm: Cache timebase frequency (Greg Kurz)
093256789a: hw/ppc: e500: Add missing #address-cells and #size-cells in the eTSEC node (Bin Meng)
13e340c886: linux-user: NETLINK_LIST_MEMBERSHIPS: Allow bad ptr if its length is 0 (Frédéric Fortier)

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2021-04-06 20:58 [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 6.0.0-rc2 is now available Michael Roth

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