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Subject: [PATCH tip/core/rcu 16/20] torture: s/STOP/STOP.1/ to avoid scenario collision
Date: Wed,  6 Jan 2021 09:26:03 -0800
Message-ID: <20210106172607.22816-16-paulmck@kernel.org> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <20210106172547.GA22404@paulmck-ThinkPad-P72>

From: "Paul E. McKenney" <paulmck@kernel.org>

This commit changes the "STOP" file that is used to cleanly halt a running
rcutorture run to "STOP.1" because no scenario directory will ever end
with ".1".  If there really was a scenario named "STOP", its directories
would instead be named "STOP", "STOP.2", "STOP.3", and so on.  While in
the area, the commit also changes the kernel-run-time checks for this
file to look directly in the directory above $resdir, thus avoiding the
need to pass the TORTURE_STOPFILE environment variable to remote systems.

While in the area, move the STOP.1 file to the top-level directory
covering all of the scenarios.

Signed-off-by: Paul E. McKenney <paulmck@kernel.org>
 tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm-test-1-run.sh | 8 ++++----
 tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm.sh            | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm-test-1-run.sh b/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm-test-1-run.sh
index 4bc0e62..536d103 100755
--- a/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm-test-1-run.sh
+++ b/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm-test-1-run.sh
@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ do
 		if test -n "$TORTURE_KCONFIG_GDB_ARG"
-		elif test $kruntime -ge $seconds || test -f "$TORTURE_STOPFILE"
+		elif test $kruntime -ge $seconds || test -f "$resdir/../STOP.1"
@@ -254,16 +254,16 @@ then
 if test $commandcompleted -eq 0 -a -n "$qemu_pid"
-	if ! test -f "$TORTURE_STOPFILE"
+	if ! test -f "$resdir/../STOP.1"
 		echo Grace period for qemu job at pid $qemu_pid
 	oldline="`tail $resdir/console.log`"
 	while :
-		if test -f "$TORTURE_STOPFILE"
+		if test -f "$resdir/../STOP.1"
-			echo "PID $qemu_pid killed due to run STOP request" >> $resdir/Warnings 2>&1
+			echo "PID $qemu_pid killed due to run STOP.1 request" >> $resdir/Warnings 2>&1
 			kill -KILL $qemu_pid
diff --git a/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm.sh b/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm.sh
index 6b900360..6051868 100755
--- a/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm.sh
+++ b/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm.sh
@@ -386,7 +386,7 @@ then
 mkdir -p $resdir/$ds
 TORTURE_RESDIR="$resdir/$ds"; export TORTURE_RESDIR
 echo Results directory: $resdir/$ds
 echo $scriptname $args
 touch $resdir/$ds/log

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2021-01-06 17:25 [PATCH tip/core/rcu 0/20] Torture scripting updates for v5.12 Paul E. McKenney
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2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 02/20] torture: Make kvm.sh "--dryrun sched" summarize number of batches paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 03/20] torture: Make kvm.sh "--dryrun sched" summarize number of builds paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 04/20] torture: Allow kvm.sh --datestamp to specify subdirectories paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 05/20] torture: Prepare for splitting qemu execution from kvm-test-1-run.sh paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 06/20] torture: Add config2csv.sh script to compare torture scenarios paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 07/20] tools/rcutorture: Make identify_qemu_vcpus() independent of local language paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 08/20] torture: Make kvm.sh "Test Summary" date be end of test paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 09/20] torture: Make kvm.sh arguments accumulate paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 10/20] torture: Print run duration at end of kvm.sh execution paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 11/20] torture: Make kvm.sh return failure upon build failure paulmck
2021-01-06 17:25 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 12/20] torture: Make kvm.sh include --kconfig arguments in CPU calculation paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 13/20] torture: Add kvm.sh test summary to end of log file paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 14/20] torture: Stop hanging on panic paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 15/20] torture: Add --dryrun batches to help schedule a distributed run paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` paulmck [this message]
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 17/20] torture: Simplify exit-code plumbing for kvm-recheck.sh and kvm-find-errors.sh paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 18/20] torture: Remove "Failed to add ttynull console" false positive paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 19/20] torture: Allow standalone kvm-recheck.sh run detect --trust-make paulmck
2021-01-06 17:26 ` [PATCH tip/core/rcu 20/20] torture: Do Kconfig analysis only once per scenario paulmck

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