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* Linux regressions report  for mainline [2023-06-18]
@ 2023-06-18 14:51 Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)
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From: Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis) @ 2023-06-18 14:51 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: LKML, Linus Torvalds, Linux regressions mailing list

Hi Linus. Things look mostly normal on the regression front. But as we
are nearing the final a few more words from my side than usual:

* I already mentioned in an earlier mail that there is a series of mm
reverts in next where my brain said "hmmm, Andrew merged those more than
a week ago to mm-hotfixes-unstable and -rc7 is due today; I don't see a
PR from him and wonder if these revert are something that better should
be in rc7 to help preventing a rc8?" so I thought I mention it here so
that you can take a look yourself if you got curious:
(for the backstory see the two links in that mail)

* it's afaics nothing that will bother many people, but switching to
asynchronous probe broke the Dragonboard 845c (SDM845). People are still
discussing how to properly fix this:

* Currently looks a lot like a regression in 9p that causes MPTCP tests
to be unstable won't be fixed within the next week or two:

* a tpm/ppc/kexec issue reported a few days ago is investigated:

* for completeness: I expect you will get "tick/common: Align tick
period during sched_timer setup" from the tip folks today.

Ciao, Thorsten

P.S. Sorry, I didn't got around to send a regression report last week, I
was on a short vacation and came back home one day later than expected.


Hi, this is regzbot, the Linux kernel regression tracking bot.

Currently I'm aware of 6 regressions in linux-mainline. Find the
current status below and the latest on the web:

Bye bye, hope to see you soon for the next report.
   Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)

current cycle (v6.3.. aka v6.4-rc), culprit identified

[ *NEW* ] mm: problems with the SRCU changeover (two reverts pending)

By kernel test robot; 26 days ago; 33 activities, latest 0 days ago.
Introduced in f95bdb700bc6 (v6.4-rc1)

Fix incoming:
* Revert "mm: vmscan: make global slab shrink lockless"

regulator: qcom-rpmh: Dragonboard 845c broken due to asynchronous probe

By Amit Pundir; 35 days ago; 48 activities, latest 1 days ago.
Introduced in ad44ac082fd (v6.4-rc1)

Recent activities from: Amit Pundir (9), Krzysztof Kozlowski (7), Doug
  Anderson (7), Mark Brown (2), Linux regression tracking (Thorsten
  Leemhuis) (1)

One patch associated with this regression:
* Re: [PATCH] regulator: qcom-rpmh: Revert "regulator: qcom-rpmh: Use PROBE_FORCE_SYNCHRONOUS"
  35 days ago, by Caleb Connolly

Noteworthy links:
* [PATCH] Revert "regulator: qcom-rpmh: Revert "regulator: qcom-rpmh: Use PROBE_FORCE_SYNCHRONOUS""
  33 days ago, by Amit Pundir; thread monitored.
* [PATCH] arm64: dts: qcom: sdm845-db845c: Move LVS regulator nodes up
  15 days ago, by Amit Pundir; thread monitored.

[ *NEW* ] sched/clock: printk.time causes rare kernel boot hangs

By Richard W.M. Jones; 5 days ago; 44 activities, latest 3 days ago.
Introduced in f31dcb152a3d (v6.4-rc1)

Fix incoming:
* tick/common: Align tick period during sched_timer setup

[ *NEW* ] tpm/ppc: crash during a kexec

By Sachin Sant; 3 days ago; 3 activities, latest 3 days ago.
Introduced in bd8621ca1510 (v6.4-rc1)

Recent activities from: Sachin Sant (2), Michael Ellerman (1)

One patch associated with this regression:
* Re: [6.4-rc6] Crash during a kexec operation (tpm_amd_is_rng_defective)
  3 days ago, by Michael Ellerman

[ *NEW* ] 9p: MPTCP tests regressions due to new 9p features in v6.4

By Matthieu Baerts; 12 days ago; 5 activities, latest 4 days ago.
Introduced in d9bc0d11e33b (v6.4-rc1)

Recent activities from: Matthieu Baerts (3), Eric Van Hensbergen (1), (1)

on back burner, but with activity since the last report

[ *NEW* ] mm: performance regression on shell-heavy workloads

By Jan Kara; 10 days ago; 6 activities, latest 9 days ago.
Introduced in f1a7941243c (v6.2-rc1)

Recent activities from: Shakeel Butt (2), Jan Kara (2), Dennis Zhou (1),
  Yu Zhao (1)

End of report

All regressions marked '[ *NEW* ]' were added since the previous report,
which can be found here:

Thanks for your attention, have a nice day!

  Regzbot, your hard working Linux kernel regression tracking robot

P.S.: Wanna know more about regzbot or how to use it to track regressions
for your subsystem? Then check out the getting started guide or the
reference documentation:

The short version: if you see a regression report you want to see
tracked, just send a reply to the report where you Cc with a line like this:

#regzbot introduced: v5.13..v5.14-rc1

If you want to fix a tracked regression, just do what is expected
anyway: add a 'Link:' tag with the url to the report, e.g.:


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2023-06-18 14:51 Linux regressions report for mainline [2023-06-18] Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)

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