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From: PGNet Dev <>
Subject: Re: boot of J1900 (quad-core Celeron) mobo: kernel <= 5.12.15, OK; kernel >= 5.12.17, 5.13.4, slow boot (>> 660 secs) + hang/FAIL
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 11:30:35 -0400	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 7/23/21 9:22 AM, PGNet Dev wrote:
>> Can you use 'git bisect' to find the offending change?
>> thanks,
>> greg k-h


git clone
cd kernel-ark
git log -n1 | head -n1
       1 commit 94dd448e56d2446de85682efabd2f833c5f6dfc8 (HEAD -> os-build, origin/os-build, origin/HEAD)

git bisect start
git bisect good v5.12.15
git bisect bad  v5.12.17
git bisect visualize --oneline | wc -l


	1  BAD   [88611c8036bf96f91e59d223b1b8630e9ace82f2] mm: mmap_lock: use local locks instead of disabling preemption
	2  GOOD  [49e077e7c08ec4fd9299646d430bcc085ae81b86] mmc: sdhci-sprd: use sdhci_sprd_writew
	3  BAD   [2d3650748f83eb9fb5121a52c8b53e436e1f349c] crypto: ux500 - Fix error return code in hash_hw_final()
	4  GOOD  [b1bdf36471f2166725a688cf0204059455aedd66] fs: dlm: cancel work sync othercon
	5  BAD   [19d2497258ad98e1938c43ea00edfdd5408699a9] smb3: fix uninitialized value for port in witness protocol move
	6  BAD   [d401922918b0f36e2cef76413c07d1c223ee6df0] block: fix race between adding/removing rq qos and normal IO
	7  GOOD  [bc58f76172e8b80b9231abb275fac32c069df151] fs: dlm: fix memory leak when fenced
	8  BAD   [96b15a0b45182f1c3da5a861196da27000da2e3c] ACPI: resources: Add checks for ACPI IRQ override
	9  GOOD  [24743ca474860e2c350268b98cfff4ed1ff37fb4] ACPI: bus: Call kobject_put() in acpi_init() error path

	96b15a0b45182f1c3da5a861196da27000da2e3c is the first bad commit
	commit 96b15a0b45182f1c3da5a861196da27000da2e3c
	Author: Hui Wang <>
	Date:   Wed Jun 9 10:14:42 2021 +0800

	    ACPI: resources: Add checks for ACPI IRQ override

	    [ Upstream commit 0ec4e55e9f571f08970ed115ec0addc691eda613 ]

	    The laptop keyboard doesn't work on many MEDION notebooks, but the
	    keyboard works well under Windows and Unix.

	    Through debugging, we found this log in the dmesg:

	     ACPI: IRQ 1 override to edge, high
	     pnp 00:03: Plug and Play ACPI device, IDs PNP0303 (active)

	     And we checked the IRQ definition in the DSDT, it is:

	        IRQ (Level, ActiveLow, Exclusive, )

	    So the BIOS defines the keyboard IRQ to Level_Low, but the Linux
	    kernel override it to Edge_High. If the Linux kernel is modified
	    to skip the IRQ override, the keyboard will work normally.

	    From the existing comment in acpi_dev_get_irqresource(), the override
	    function only needs to be called when IRQ() or IRQNoFlags() is used
	    to populate the resource descriptor, and according to Section
	    of ACPI 6.4 [1], if IRQ() is empty or IRQNoFlags() is used, the IRQ
	    is High true, edge sensitive and non-shareable. ACPICA also assumes
	    that to be the case (see acpi_rs_set_irq[] in rsirq.c).

	    In accordance with the above, check 3 additional conditions
	    (EdgeSensitive, ActiveHigh and Exclusive) when deciding whether or
	    not to treat an ACPI_RESOURCE_TYPE_IRQ resource as "legacy", in which
	    case the IRQ override is applicable to it.

	    Link: # [1]
	    Suggested-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
	    Reported-by: Manuel Krause <>
	    Tested-by: Manuel Krause <>
	    Signed-off-by: Hui Wang <>
	    [ rjw: Subject rewrite, changelog edits ]
	    Signed-off-by: Rafael J. Wysocki <>
	    Signed-off-by: Sasha Levin <>

	 drivers/acpi/resource.c | 9 ++++++++-
	 1 file changed, 8 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

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