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From: Greg KH <>
To: Thorsten Leemhuis <>
Cc: LKML <>,
	Linus Torvalds <>,
	Linux regressions mailing list <>
Subject: Re: Linux regressions report for mainline [2021-11-24]
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 12:03:08 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 11:01:52AM +0100, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> Lo! This was the first report sent by regzbot, my Linux kernel
> regression tracking bot, so I guess it might be a good idea to highlight
> a few of it's aspects:
> On 24.11.21 10:25, Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis) wrote:
> > From: Regzbot (for Thorsten Leemhuis) <>
> > 
> > Hi, this is regzbot, the Linux kernel regression tracking bot.
> > 
> > Currently I'm aware of 15 regressions in linux-mainline. Find the
> > current status below and the latest on the web:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Bye bye, hope to see you soon for the next report.
> >    Regzbot (on behalf of Thorsten Leemhuis)
> >From now on I plan to make regzbot send such reports on Monday mornings,
> e.g. usually a few hours after Linus released a new RC.
> Let me know what you think about the format.
> A few random thoughts and explanations about the current format:
> - next weeks report will highlight regressions that get added to regzbot
> over the next few days
> - I chose to categorize the regressions by identification status and by
> version line. Those where the culprit is identified come first, as they
> are the ones which most of the time can be solved by reverting the culprit
> - the entries in each section are ordered by time of last activity,
> which makes it easy to spot those where nothing happened recently, as
> they are near the end of a section.
> - the webui ( )
> links to the latest five activities regzbot noticed (an activity most of
> the time will be a mail send in reply to the report or a related thread
> that regzbot monitors). I for now chose to not do that in the report, as
> it would make it much longer and might be something that spam filters
> consider suspicious.
> That's it from my side. Let me know what you think.

I like it, but as a maintainer, I find this hard to know what to do with

As a maintainer, I want to be reminded of what regressions have been
reported for my subsystem, so I know what to do and who to go poke about

I could dig through the list and try to see if these are relevant to me,
but it's not always obvious.

How about something like "one email per issue" as a response from the
first report, that would cc: the needed maintainers (or people from
MAINTAINERS, you should be able to get that automatically from and the subsystem mailing list (again from, so that I am constantly reminded that "you need to
get this fixed!".

Pester me, it's my job as a maintainer to get regressions resolved.  If
I see a long list with no names on it, It's easier for me to just ignore

Anyway, I know that's more work for you, don't do it if you don't want
to, but as you have individual items in your database already, maybe it
is easy to do, I don't know.  Thanks again for doing this work, it's
great to see happen.


greg k-h

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