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From: Daniel Xu <>
Subject: How are rustc -Z flags enabled during build?
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2021 16:07:15 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20210901230715.civmnrpmt3c2u72v@kashmir.localdomain> (raw)


Context: While hacking on some rust modules, I ran into a bug where
kbuild was trying to generate BTF (from DWARF) for rust kernel modules.
I'm guessing one cannot generate valid BTF from rust debuginfo b/c at
module load time the btf parser complains and errors out the module
load. I know how to fix this and am planning on sending a fix.

In trying to fix the BTF issue, I'm trying to get more familiar w/
kbuild. Specifically, I've run `make V=1 LLVM=1 -j32` to try and figure
out exactly where the .o's are being created. I see the following

    RUST_MODFILE=samples/rust/rust_minimal rustc
    --emit=dep-info,obj,metadata --edition=2018 -Cpanic=abort
    -Cembed-bitcode=n -Clto=n -Crpath=n -Cforce-unwind-tables=n
    -Ccodegen-units=1 -Zbinary_dep_depinfo=y
    -Zsymbol-mangling-version=v0 -Dunsafe_op_in_unsafe_fn
    -Drust_2018_idioms -Wmissing_docs -Cdebug-assertions=y
    -Coverflow-checks=y -Copt-level=2 -Cdebuginfo=2 --cfg MODULE
    --extern alloc --extern kernel --crate-type rlib --out-dir /tmp/rust
    -L ./rust/ --crate-name rust_minimal samples/rust/

When I try to run it outside of kbuild, I get:

    error: the option `Z` is only accepted on the nightly compiler

How does kbuild use the -Z features on a stable rustc?


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