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From: Thomas Bertschinger <>
Cc: Thomas Bertschinger <>
Subject: [PATCH RFC 0/3] bcachefs: add framework for internal Rust code
Date: Tue,  6 Feb 2024 22:55:58 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

This series adds support for Rust code into bcachefs. This only enables
using Rust internally within bcachefs; there are no public Rust APIs
added. Rust support is hidden behind a new config option,
CONFIG_BCACHEFS_RUST. It is optional and bcachefs can still be built
with full functionality without rust.

I wasn't sure if this needed to be an RFC based on the current status
of accepting Rust code outside of the rust/ tree, so I designated it as
such to be safe. However, Kent plans to merge rust+bcachefs code in the
6.9 merge window, so I hope at least the first 2 patches in this series,
the ones that actually enable Rust for bcachefs, can be accepted.

#1 is a prerequisite in KBuild. In order to call bindgen commands in the
fs/bcachefs tree, the bindgen commands need to be defined in the
top-level scripts/ along with the rustc commands, instead
of in rust/Makefile. This is the only patch outside of fs/bcachefs/ in
this series.

#2 creates the framework to use rust-bindgen in fs/bcachefs and
introduces the new config option to enable this. This patch does not
actually generate any Rust bindings; it just lays the foundation for
future patches to create bindings.

#3 demonstrates the new Rust functionality by implementing the module
entry and exit functions for bcachefs in Rust. The current C entry
and exit are retained so that bcachefs can still be built without Rust.
Given Kent's goal to use Rust more in bcachefs, the C functions will
presumably be dropped in the future.

Thomas Bertschinger (3):
  kbuild: rust: move bindgen commands to top-level
  bcachefs: create framework for Rust bindings
  bcachefs: introduce Rust module implementation

 fs/bcachefs/.gitignore                 |  3 ++
 fs/bcachefs/Kconfig                    |  6 +++
 fs/bcachefs/Makefile                   | 12 +++++
 fs/bcachefs/bcachefs.h                 |  5 ++
 fs/bcachefs/         | 66 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
 fs/bcachefs/bindgen_parameters         | 16 ++++++
 fs/bcachefs/bindings/bindings_helper.h |  7 +++
 fs/bcachefs/bindings/            |  5 ++
 fs/bcachefs/super.c                    | 31 +++++++++--
 rust/Makefile                          | 67 ------------------------
 scripts/                 | 71 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 11 files changed, 219 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 fs/bcachefs/.gitignore
 create mode 100644 fs/bcachefs/
 create mode 100644 fs/bcachefs/bindgen_parameters
 create mode 100644 fs/bcachefs/bindings/bindings_helper.h
 create mode 100644 fs/bcachefs/bindings/


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