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From: Peter Huewe <>
To: Jarkko Sakkinen
Cc: Mimi Zohar
	James Morris <jmorris-gx6/>,
	Jason Gunthorpe
	George Wilson <gcwilson-r/>
Subject: Re: Future of TPMDD @ Linux Security Summit / Plumbers
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:52:46 -0700	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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Am 13. September 2017 16:21:25 GMT-07:00 schrieb Jarkko Sakkinen <>:
>On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 10:48:43PM +0200, Peter Huewe wrote:
>> Hi Jarkko, Mimi, James, Jason, and everybody else,
>> it would be great if we could find a slot to discuss in person how we
>> proceed with the mailing lists, patch flows and review cycles.
>> I know there were some discussions, but atleast for my part I did not
>> get the final conclusion on how we proceed and why.
>The decision was to create combined mailing list for IMA and TPM. AFAIK
>you were in the loop.
Not on every mail I dropped on a few and re-added on others.
I don't see the reason behind the CC very much, since I don't know of any feedback that came ever through that ml? Maybe I'm wrong.

>There's zero change to patch flow or review cycle. It's just a combined
>mailing list.
Yes, but why not discuss this since we are finally all "in the same room" :)

Especially how we can improve there, and also I do not think the exact details are really worked out.
Who handles patchwork? Afaik currently only you a use patchwork, while Mimi does not?
So if I would look at the resulting patchwork I would see a lot of "un-touched" patches.
What are the patch naming conventions , shall everything prefixed by tpm / ima so people can filter?
And so on.

>The patchflow is such that for non-trivial patch sets we CC also
>linux-security-module. James will document this to
Would be great to also get write access to wiki so we can start documenting stuff there ;)

>> Also I would like to discuss what is the current status of the move
>> infrastructure (or atleast away from sf), and maybe we can
>> find anyone here at Plumbers to remove any blocking points.
>Took about month to get this. Got email at 13:37 (yes, not joking):
So big announcement time :)
Patchwork up and running?

>> Maybe we could also discuss how we can improve our testing strategy
>> and discuss which tests currently exists.
>> We have a (semi-)automatic test environment for the tpm kernel
>> at work and we are currently exploring how to expand this further and
>> automate it completely. I can give you a quick rundown on this if
>> interested.
>Can you link this infrastructure to my tree at
Infradead is only accessible via git protocol and that's not something our (many other company) proxies allow, which honestly sucks (both the proxy and git only)

As mentioned quite often
I would like to see tpmdd at completly.
Then we can start testing trees automatically.

It would be great to have some travis-ci or similar directly running on our tree but afaik this is github only?

So alot of things to discuss imho.

>> Thanks,
>> Peter

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