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From: Jeff Kirsher <>
To:, "jakub.kicinski" <>
Subject: Re: [net-next v2 00/14][pull request] 100GbE Intel Wired LAN Driver Updates 2019-11-06
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2019 15:49:57 -0800	[thread overview]
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On Wed, 2019-11-06 at 11:37 -0800, Jeff Kirsher wrote:
> This series contains updates to ice driver only.
> Jesse implements set_eeprom functionality in ethtool by adding
> functions
> to enable reading of the NVM image.
> Scott adds ethtool -m support so that we can read eeprom data on
> modules.
> Anirudh updates the return value to properly reflect when SRIOV is
> not
> supported.
> Md Fahad updates the driver to handle a change in the NVM, where the
> boot configuration section was moved to the Preserved Field Area
> (PFA)
> of the NVM.
> Paul resolves an issue when DCBx requests non-contiguous TCs,
> transmit
> hangs could occur, so configure a default traffic class (TC0) in
> these
> cases to prevent traffic hangs.  Adds a print statement to notify the
> user when unsupported modules are inserted.
> Bruce fixes up the driver unload code flow to ensure we do not clear
> the
> interrupt scheme until the reset is complete, otherwise a hardware
> error
> may occur.
> Dave updates the DCB initialization to set is_sw_lldp boolean when
> the
> firmware has been detected to be in an untenable state.  This will
> ensure that the firmware is in a known state.
> Michal saves off the PCI state and I/O BARs address after PCI bus
> reset
> so that after the reset, device registers can be read.  Also adds a
> pointer check to prevent a potential kernel panic.
> Mitch resolves an issue where VF's on PF's other than 0 were not
> seeing
> resets by using the per-PF VF ID instead of the absolute VF ID.
> Krzysztof does some code cleanup to remove a unneeded wrapper and
> reduces the code complexity.
> Brett reduces confusion by changing the name of ice_vc_dis_vf() to
> ice_vc_reset_vf() to better describe what the function is actually
> doing.
> v2: dropped patch 3 "ice: Add support for FW recovery mode detection"
>     from the origin al series, while Ani makes changes based on
>     community feedback to implement devlink into the changes.

Sorry for the thrash, I will need to generate a v3 of this series.  I
need to drop patch 1 of the series as well, since these driver changes
will be affected by Ani's work to implement devlink into the driver, as
well as we found a bug with this particular patch.

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2019-11-06 19:37 [net-next v2 00/14][pull request] 100GbE Intel Wired LAN Driver Updates 2019-11-06 Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 01/14] ice: implement set_eeprom functionality Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 02/14] ice: add ethtool -m support for reading i2c eeprom modules Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 03/14] ice: Update Boot Configuration Section read of NVM Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 04/14] ice: handle DCBx non-contiguous TC request Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 05/14] ice: fix driver unload flow Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 06/14] ice: Adjust DCB INIT for SW mode Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 07/14] ice: save PCI state in probe Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 08/14] ice: Check for null pointer dereference when setting rings Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 09/14] ice: write register with correct offset Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 10/14] ice: print unsupported module message Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 11/14] ice: print PCI link speed and width Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 12/14] ice: Get rid of ice_cleanup_header Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 13/14] ice: Rename VF function ice_vc_dis_vf to match its behavior Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 19:37 ` [net-next v2 14/14] ice: Fix return value when SR-IOV is not supported Jeff Kirsher
2019-11-06 23:49 ` Jeff Kirsher [this message]

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