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From: Daniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
To: dri-devel@lists.freedesktop.org
Cc: Daniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
Subject: [PATCH 3/7] radeon: drop extern from function decls
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 19:06:11 +0100
Message-ID: <1290967575-22705-4-git-send-email-daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <1290967575-22705-1-git-send-email-daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>

Only adds noise.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon.h      |    6 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_asic.h |  150 +++++++++++++++++-----------------
 2 files changed, 77 insertions(+), 79 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon.h b/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon.h
index 2257a01..5fff6bf 100644
--- a/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon.h
+++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon.h
@@ -1436,9 +1436,9 @@ extern int radeon_suspend_kms(struct drm_device *dev, pm_message_t state);
  * r600 functions used by radeon_encoder.c
-extern void r600_hdmi_enable(struct drm_encoder *encoder);
-extern void r600_hdmi_disable(struct drm_encoder *encoder);
-extern void r600_hdmi_setmode(struct drm_encoder *encoder, struct drm_display_mode *mode);
+void r600_hdmi_enable(struct drm_encoder *encoder);
+void r600_hdmi_disable(struct drm_encoder *encoder);
+void r600_hdmi_setmode(struct drm_encoder *encoder, struct drm_display_mode *mode);
 /* radeon_acpi.c */ 
 #if defined(CONFIG_ACPI) 
diff --git a/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_asic.h b/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_asic.h
index 979a11e..cf7a8f6 100644
--- a/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_asic.h
+++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_asic.h
@@ -129,75 +129,73 @@ int r100_cs_packet_parse(struct radeon_cs_parser *p,
 void r100_enable_bm(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 void r100_set_common_regs(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 void r100_bm_disable(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern bool r100_gui_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r100_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r100_pm_prepare(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r100_pm_finish(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r100_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r100_pm_get_dynpm_state(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r100_pre_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
-extern u32 r100_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc, u64 crtc_base);
-extern void r100_post_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
+bool r100_gui_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r100_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r100_pm_prepare(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r100_pm_finish(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r100_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r100_pm_get_dynpm_state(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r100_pre_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
+u32 r100_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc, u64 crtc_base);
+void r100_post_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
  * r200,rv250,rs300,rv280
-extern int r200_copy_dma(struct radeon_device *rdev,
-			 uint64_t src_offset,
-			 uint64_t dst_offset,
-			 unsigned num_pages,
-			 struct radeon_fence *fence);
+int r200_copy_dma(struct radeon_device *rdev,
+		  uint64_t src_offset, uint64_t dst_offset,
+		  unsigned num_pages, struct radeon_fence *fence);
 void r200_set_safe_registers(struct radeon_device *rdev);
  * r300,r350,rv350,rv380
-extern int r300_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int r300_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int r300_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern bool r300_gpu_is_lockup(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int r300_asic_reset(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_ring_start(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_fence_ring_emit(struct radeon_device *rdev,
-				struct radeon_fence *fence);
-extern int r300_cs_parse(struct radeon_cs_parser *p);
-extern void rv370_pcie_gart_tlb_flush(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rv370_pcie_gart_set_page(struct radeon_device *rdev, int i, uint64_t addr);
-extern uint32_t rv370_pcie_rreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, uint32_t reg);
-extern void rv370_pcie_wreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, uint32_t reg, uint32_t v);
-extern void rv370_set_pcie_lanes(struct radeon_device *rdev, int lanes);
-extern int rv370_get_pcie_lanes(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_set_reg_safe(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_mc_program(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_mc_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r300_clock_startup(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int r300_mc_wait_for_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rv370_pcie_gart_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rv370_pcie_gart_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rv370_pcie_gart_enable(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rv370_pcie_gart_disable(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r300_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r300_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r300_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+bool r300_gpu_is_lockup(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r300_asic_reset(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_ring_start(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_fence_ring_emit(struct radeon_device *rdev,
+			  struct radeon_fence *fence);
+int r300_cs_parse(struct radeon_cs_parser *p);
+void rv370_pcie_gart_tlb_flush(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rv370_pcie_gart_set_page(struct radeon_device *rdev, int i, uint64_t addr);
+uint32_t rv370_pcie_rreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, uint32_t reg);
+void rv370_pcie_wreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, uint32_t reg, uint32_t v);
+void rv370_set_pcie_lanes(struct radeon_device *rdev, int lanes);
+int rv370_get_pcie_lanes(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_set_reg_safe(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_mc_program(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_mc_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r300_clock_startup(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r300_mc_wait_for_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rv370_pcie_gart_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rv370_pcie_gart_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rv370_pcie_gart_enable(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rv370_pcie_gart_disable(struct radeon_device *rdev);
  * r420,r423,rv410
-extern int r420_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r420_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int r420_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int r420_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r420_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern u32 r420_mc_rreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, u32 reg);
-extern void r420_mc_wreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, u32 reg, u32 v);
-extern int r420_debugfs_pipes_info_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r420_pipes_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r420_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r420_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r420_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int r420_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r420_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+u32 r420_mc_rreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, u32 reg);
+void r420_mc_wreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, u32 reg, u32 v);
+int r420_debugfs_pipes_info_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r420_pipes_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
  * rs400,rs480
-extern int rs400_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rs400_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rs400_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rs400_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs400_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rs400_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs400_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs400_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 void rs400_gart_tlb_flush(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 int rs400_gart_set_page(struct radeon_device *rdev, int i, uint64_t addr);
 uint32_t rs400_mc_rreg(struct radeon_device *rdev, uint32_t reg);
@@ -211,11 +209,11 @@ void rs400_gart_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
  * rs600.
-extern int rs600_asic_reset(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rs600_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rs600_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rs600_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int rs600_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs600_asic_reset(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs600_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rs600_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs600_suspend(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+int rs600_resume(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 int rs600_irq_set(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 int rs600_irq_process(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 void rs600_irq_disable(struct radeon_device *rdev);
@@ -230,12 +228,12 @@ void rs600_hpd_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 bool rs600_hpd_sense(struct radeon_device *rdev, enum radeon_hpd_id hpd);
 void rs600_hpd_set_polarity(struct radeon_device *rdev,
 			    enum radeon_hpd_id hpd);
-extern void rs600_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rs600_pm_prepare(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rs600_pm_finish(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rs600_pre_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
-extern u32 rs600_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc, u64 crtc_base);
-extern void rs600_post_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
+void rs600_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rs600_pm_prepare(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rs600_pm_finish(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rs600_pre_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
+u32 rs600_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc, u64 crtc_base);
+void rs600_post_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
 void rs600_set_safe_registers(struct radeon_device *rdev);
@@ -323,12 +321,12 @@ void r600_hpd_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 bool r600_hpd_sense(struct radeon_device *rdev, enum radeon_hpd_id hpd);
 void r600_hpd_set_polarity(struct radeon_device *rdev,
 			   enum radeon_hpd_id hpd);
-extern void r600_ioctl_wait_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev, struct radeon_bo *bo);
-extern bool r600_gui_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r600_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r600_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void rs780_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void r600_pm_get_dynpm_state(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r600_ioctl_wait_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev, struct radeon_bo *bo);
+bool r600_gui_idle(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r600_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r600_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void rs780_pm_init_profile(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void r600_pm_get_dynpm_state(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 bool r600_card_posted(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 void r600_cp_stop(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 int r600_cp_start(struct radeon_device *rdev);
@@ -409,13 +407,13 @@ void evergreen_hpd_set_polarity(struct radeon_device *rdev,
 u32 evergreen_get_vblank_counter(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
 int evergreen_irq_set(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 int evergreen_irq_process(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern int evergreen_cs_parse(struct radeon_cs_parser *p);
-extern void evergreen_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void evergreen_pm_prepare(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void evergreen_pm_finish(struct radeon_device *rdev);
-extern void evergreen_pre_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
-extern u32 evergreen_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc, u64 crtc_base);
-extern void evergreen_post_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
+int evergreen_cs_parse(struct radeon_cs_parser *p);
+void evergreen_pm_misc(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void evergreen_pm_prepare(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void evergreen_pm_finish(struct radeon_device *rdev);
+void evergreen_pre_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
+u32 evergreen_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc, u64 crtc_base);
+void evergreen_post_page_flip(struct radeon_device *rdev, int crtc);
 void evergreen_disable_interrupt_state(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 int evergreen_blit_init(struct radeon_device *rdev);
 void evergreen_blit_fini(struct radeon_device *rdev);

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2010-11-28 18:06 [PATCH 0/7] radeon_asic header cleanup, part 2 Daniel Vetter
2010-11-28 18:06 ` [PATCH 1/7] radeon: consolidate asic-specific function decls for pre-r600 Daniel Vetter
2010-11-29 15:29   ` Alex Deucher
2010-11-28 18:06 ` [PATCH 2/7] radeon: consolidate asic-specific function decls for r600 & later Daniel Vetter
2010-11-29 15:34   ` Alex Deucher
2010-11-28 18:06 ` Daniel Vetter [this message]
2010-11-29 15:36   ` [PATCH 3/7] radeon: drop extern from function decls Alex Deucher
2010-11-28 18:06 ` [PATCH 4/7] radeon: kill decls for inline functions Daniel Vetter
2010-11-29 15:37   ` Alex Deucher
2010-11-28 18:06 ` [PATCH 5/7] radeon: move blit functions to radeon_asic.h Daniel Vetter
2010-11-29 15:37   ` Alex Deucher
2010-11-28 18:06 ` [PATCH 6/7] radeon: kill r100_io_(r|w)reg Daniel Vetter
2010-11-29 15:40   ` Alex Deucher
2010-11-28 18:06 ` [PATCH 7/7] radeon: kill rdev->pciep_(r|w)reg Daniel Vetter
2010-11-29 15:43   ` Alex Deucher

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