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From: "Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason" <>
To: Junio C Hamano <>
Cc:, Jeff King <>
Subject: Re: What's cooking in git.git (Mar 2021, #07; Mon, 22)
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2021 15:50:20 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <xmqq35wm5y6d.fsf@gitster.g>

On Tue, Mar 23 2021, Junio C Hamano wrote:

Quick notes on my outstanding submissions listed here:

> * ab/fsck-api-cleanup (2021-03-17) 19 commits
>  - fetch-pack: use new fsck API to printing dangling submodules
>  - fetch-pack: use file-scope static struct for fsck_options
>  - fetch-pack: don't needlessly copy fsck_options
>  - fsck.c: move gitmodules_{found,done} into fsck_options
>  - fsck.c: add an fsck_set_msg_type() API that takes enums
>  - fsck.c: pass along the fsck_msg_id in the fsck_error callback
>  - fsck.[ch]: move FOREACH_FSCK_MSG_ID & fsck_msg_id from *.c to *.h
>  - fsck.c: give "FOREACH_MSG_ID" a more specific name
>  - fsck.c: undefine temporary STR macro after use
>  - fsck.c: call parse_msg_type() early in fsck_set_msg_type()
>  - fsck.h: re-order and re-assign "enum fsck_msg_type"
>  - fsck.h: move FSCK_{FATAL,INFO,ERROR,WARN,IGNORE} into an enum
>  - fsck.c: refactor fsck_msg_type() to limit scope of "int msg_type"
>  - fsck.c: rename remaining fsck_msg_id "id" to "msg_id"
>  - fsck.c: move definition of msg_id into append_msg_id()
>  - fsck.c: rename variables in fsck_set_msg_type() for less confusion
>  - fsck.h: use "enum object_type" instead of "int"
>  - fsck.h: use designed initializers for FSCK_OPTIONS_{DEFAULT,STRICT}
>  - fsck.c: refactor and rename common config callback
>  Fsck API clean-up.
>  cf. <>

Re-rolled just now;

> * ab/tests-cleanup-around-sha1 (2021-03-10) 4 commits
>  - tests: get rid of $_x05 from the test suite
>  - shortlog tests: rewrite to get rid of --abbrev=35 hardcoding
>  - test-lib: remove unused $_x40 and $_z40 variables
>  - git-bisect: remove unused SHA-1 $x40 shell variable
>  Remove variables that hold regexp and glob that match fixed number
>  of hexadecimal digits from the test suite.
>  Expecting a reroll.
>  At least the last one weakens a test and should be dropped; there
>  may be similar breakage due to not understanding what they are
>  trying to test.

Looking at those patches again I think it would be acceptable to merge
this having peeled off either 4/4 or that patch and 3/4?

But as noted in that discussion I submitted these thinking some other
abbrev patches of mine had landed, but I misrecalled that and they never

I have a version of those locally, so I'd rather just focus on that. So
if you're not interested in peeling off the first 2 or 3 patches of this
for the trivial cleanuplet's just drop this one.

> * ab/make-cocci-dedup (2021-03-22) 4 commits
>  - Makefile/coccicheck: set SPATCH_BATCH_SIZE to 8
>  - Makefile/coccicheck: allow for setting xargs concurrency
>  - Makefile/coccicheck: speed up and fix bug with duplicate hunks
>  - Makefile/coccicheck: add comment heading for all SPATCH flags
>  Coccicheck update.
>  cf. <>

Should be dropped per

> * ab/unexpected-object-type (2021-03-08) 7 commits
>  - tag: don't misreport type of tagged objects in errors
>  - object tests: add test for unexpected objects in tags
>  - object.c: add a utility function for "expected type X, got Y"
>  - tree.c: fix misindentation in parse_tree_gently()
>  - oid_object_info(): return "enum object_type"
>  - object.c: make type_from_string() return "enum object_type"
>  - object.c: refactor type_from_string_gently()
>  Error reporting upon object type mismatch has been improved
>  Expecting a reroll.
>  Looked good except for some rewrites.

I have a re-roll of this at

It fixes the rewrites, but now there's some other outstanding feedback
on code in v1 (but not commented on at the time)...

> * ab/describe-tests-fix (2021-03-01) 10 commits
>  - test-lib: return 1 from test_expect_{success,failure}
>  - svn tests: refactor away a "set -e" in test body
>  - svn tests: remove legacy re-setup from init-clone test
>  - describe tests: support -C in "check_describe"
>  - describe tests: fix nested "test_expect_success" call
>  - describe tests: convert setup to use test_commit
>  - test-lib functions: add an --annotated-tag option to "test_commit"
>  - describe tests: always assert empty stderr from "describe"
>  - describe tests: refactor away from glob matching
>  - describe tests: improve test for --work-tree & --dirty
>  Various updates to tests around "git describe"
>  Expecting a reroll.
>  cf. <xmqq1rcj6hzr.fsf@gitster.g>

Hoping to re-roll this soon...

> * ab/make-cleanup (2021-02-23) 5 commits
>   (merged to 'next' on 2021-03-22 at e9e16c9fc4)
>  + Makefile: add {program,xdiff,test,git,fuzz}-objs & objects targets
>  + Makefile: split OBJECTS into OBJECTS and GIT_OBJS
>  + Makefile: sort OBJECTS assignment for subsequent change
>  + Makefile: split up long OBJECTS line
>  + Makefile: guard against TEST_OBJS in the environment
>  Originally merged to 'next' on 2021-03-19
>  Reorganize Makefile to allow building git.o and other essential
>  objects without extra stuff needed only for testing.
>  Will merge to 'master'.

Thanks, I'd seen before that that merge peeled off (Makefile: build
"$(FUZZ_OBJS)" in CI, not under "all", 2021-01-28) per list discussion
about wanting to have a canary for the fuzz objects.

Is there any interest in an "all" target that's narrowly tailored to
just build the git you asked for via other options? Maybe "make all

> * ab/pickaxe-pcre2 (2021-02-18) 24 commits
>  - pickaxe -G: don't special-case create/delete
>  - pickaxe -G: terminate early on matching lines
>  - xdiff-interface: support early exit in xdiff_outf()
>  - xdiff-interface: allow early return from xdiff_emit_{line,hunk}_fn
>  - pickaxe -S: slightly optimize contains()
>  - pickaxe: rename variables in has_changes() for brevity
>  - pickaxe -S: support content with NULs under --pickaxe-regex
>  - pickaxe: assert that we must have a needle under -G or -S
>  - pickaxe: refactor function selection in diffcore-pickaxe()
>  - perf: add performance test for pickaxe
>  - pickaxe/style: consolidate declarations and assignments
>  - diff.h: move pickaxe fields together again
>  - pickaxe: die when --find-object and --pickaxe-all are combined
>  - pickaxe: die when -G and --pickaxe-regex are combined
>  - pickaxe tests: test for -G, -S and --find-object incompatibility
>  - pickaxe tests: add test for "log -S" not being a regex
>  - pickaxe tests: add test for diffgrep_consume() internals
>  - pickaxe tests: refactor to use test_commit --append --printf
>  - test-lib functions: add --printf option to test_commit
>  - test-lib-functions: reword "test_commit --append" docs
>  - test-lib-functions: document and test test_commit --no-tag
>  - grep/pcre2 tests: reword comments referring to kwset
>  - Merge branch 'jk/rev-list-disk-usage' into ab/pickaxe-pcre2
>  - Merge branch 'ab/test-lib' into ab/pickaxe-pcre2
>  Rewrite the backend for "diff -G/-S" to use pcre2 engine when
>  available.
>  Ready???

I think it's been ready for while, but unfortunately it hasn't gotten
much/any review.

The changes to the C code are all rather trivial (just the "change
return; to return 0" is rather verbose). 

> * ab/tree-walk-with-object-type (2021-03-17) 32 commits
>  . tree-walk.h API: add a tree_entry_extract_type() function
>  . blame: emit a better error on 'git blame directory'
>  . tree-walk.h API: add a get_tree_entry_path() function
>  . tree-walk.h API: add get_tree_entry_all()
>  . tree-walk.h API: add a tree_entry_extract_all() function
>  . tree-entry.h API: rename tree_entry_extract() to tree_entry_extract_mode()
>  . tree-walk.h API: document and format tree_entry_extract()
>  . tree-walk.h API: add get_tree_entry_type()
>  . match-trees: use "tmp" for mode in shift_tree_by()
>  . tree-walk.h API: rename get_tree_entry() to get_tree_entry_mode()
>  . tree-walk.h API: formatting changes for subsequent commit
>  . tree-walk.h users: use temporary variable(s) for "mode"
>  . fsck.c: switch on "object_type" in fsck_walk_tree()
>  . merge-ort: correct reference to test in 62fdec17a11
>  . merge-tree tests: test for the mode comparison in same_entry()
>  . tree-walk.h users: migrate miscellaneous "mode" to "object_type"
>  . tree-walk.h users: refactor chained "mode" if/else into switch
>  . tree-walk.h users: migrate "p->mode &&" pattern
>  . tree.h API: make read_tree_fn_t take an "enum object_type"
>  . archive: get rid of 'stage' parameter
>  . tree.h users: format argument lists in archive.c
>  . tree.h: format argument lists of read_tree_recursive() users
>  . tree-walk.h users: switch object_type(...) to new .object_type
>  . cache.h: have base_name_compare() take "is tree?", not "mode"
>  . diff tests: test that "mode" is passed when sorting
>  . mktree tests: test that "mode" is passed when sorting
>  . fast-import tests: test for sorting dir/file foo v.s. foo.txt
>  . tree-walk.c: migrate to using new "object_type" field when possible
>  . tree-walk.h: add object_type member to name_entry
>  . cache.h: add a comment to object_type()
>  . notes & match-trees: use name_entry's "pathlen" member
>  . diff.c: remove redundant canon_mode() call
>  (this branch uses ab/read-tree.)
>  Code clean-up.
>  I am not exactly sure where this series wants to go, other than
>  unnecessarily churning the code.  Seems to break "diff --no-index"
>  rather badly, too (e.g. t4050, t4002, among others).

I see this got ejected from "seen" around the time of the release.

As noted in I do
think it's a useful eventual step to simplify the various API use around
tree-walk to the desires of its callers (who really care about object
types, not what mode bits *say* about object types). As noted this
doesn't do that yet, but is necessary for that.

More importantly, I do need the improved tree-walk API this is leading
up to for fixing a long standing bug in us not validating tree mode bits
in fsck.

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