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* [GIT PULL] Final io_uring bits for 5.5-rc1
@ 2019-11-28 17:05 Jens Axboe
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From: Jens Axboe @ 2019-11-28 17:05 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: Linus Torvalds; +Cc: io-uring

Hi Linus,

As mentioned in the first pull request, there was a later batch as well.
This contains fixes to the stuff that already went in, cleanups, and a
few later additions. In particular, this pull request contains:

- Cleanups/fixes/unification of the submission and completion
   path (Pavel,me)

- Linked timeouts improvements (Pavel,me)

- Error path fixes (me)

- Fix lookup window where cancellations wouldn't work (me)

- Improve DRAIN support (Pavel)

- Fix backlog flushing -EBUSY on submit (me)

- Add support for connect(2) (me)

- Fix for non-iter based fixed IO (Pavel)

- creds inheritance for async workers (me)

- Disable cmsg/ancillary data for sendmsg/recvmsg (me)

- Shrink io_kiocb to 3 cachelines (me)

- NUMA fix for io-wq (Jann)

Please pull!

   git:// tags/for-5.5/io_uring-post-20191128

Dan Carpenter (1):
       io-wq: remove extra space characters

Hrvoje Zeba (1):
       io_uring: remove superfluous check for sqe->off in io_accept()

Jann Horn (2):
       io_uring: use kzalloc instead of kcalloc for single-element allocations
       io-wq: fix handling of NUMA node IDs

Jens Axboe (23):
       io_uring: io_async_cancel() should pass in 'nxt' request pointer
       io_uring: cleanup return values from the queueing functions
       io_uring: make io_double_put_req() use normal completion path
       io_uring: make req->timeout be dynamically allocated
       io_uring: fix sequencing issues with linked timeouts
       io_uring: remove dead REQ_F_SEQ_PREV flag
       io_uring: correct poll cancel and linked timeout expiration completion
       io_uring: request cancellations should break links
       io-wq: wait for io_wq_create() to setup necessary workers
       io_uring: io_fail_links() should only consider first linked timeout
       io_uring: io_allocate_scq_urings() should return a sane state
       io_uring: allow finding next link independent of req reference count
       io_uring: close lookup gap for dependent next work
       io_uring: improve trace_io_uring_defer() trace point
       io_uring: only return -EBUSY for submit on non-flushed backlog
       net: add __sys_connect_file() helper
       io_uring: add support for IORING_OP_CONNECT
       io-wq: have io_wq_create() take a 'data' argument
       io_uring: async workers should inherit the user creds
       net: separate out the msghdr copy from ___sys_{send,recv}msg()
       net: disallow ancillary data for __sys_{send,recv}msg_file()
       io-wq: shrink io_wq_work a bit
       io_uring: make poll->wait dynamically allocated

Pavel Begunkov (15):
       io_uring: break links for failed defer
       io_uring: remove redundant check
       io_uring: Fix leaking linked timeouts
       io_uring: Always REQ_F_FREE_SQE for allocated sqe
       io_uring: drain next sqe instead of shadowing
       io_uring: rename __io_submit_sqe()
       io_uring: add likely/unlikely in io_get_sqring()
       io_uring: remove io_free_req_find_next()
       io_uring: pass only !null to io_req_find_next()
       io_uring: simplify io_req_link_next()
       io_uring: only !null ptr to io_issue_sqe()
       io_uring: fix dead-hung for non-iter fixed rw
       io_uring: store timeout's sqe->off in proper place
       io_uring: inline struct sqe_submit
       io_uring: cleanup io_import_fixed()

  fs/io-wq.c                      | 187 ++++++----
  fs/io-wq.h                      |  63 +++-
  fs/io_uring.c                   | 776 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
  include/linux/socket.h          |   3 +
  include/trace/events/io_uring.h |  16 +-
  include/uapi/linux/io_uring.h   |   1 +
  net/socket.c                    | 214 +++++++----
  7 files changed, 757 insertions(+), 503 deletions(-)

Jens Axboe

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2019-11-28 17:05 [GIT PULL] Final io_uring bits for 5.5-rc1 Jens Axboe

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