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From: Thorsten Leemhuis <>
To: Jim Quinlan <>
Cc: Cyril Brulebois <>,
	"" <>,
	Linux PCI <>,
Subject: Re: [Bug 215925] New: PCIe regression on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4) breaks booting
Date: Fri, 20 May 2022 07:48:06 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On 18.05.22 21:47, Jim Quinlan wrote:

> I have just sent a pullrequest to to address
> this regression.

Great, thx

> Please let me know if I have to do anything else besides addressing
> reviewers concerns
> for this pullreq.

No need to, everything fine. I just have to tell regzbot manually about
the patch (and the commit-id once it landed), as it doesn't handle links
to bugzilla ticket to well yet, but that hopefully should be history in
a week or two (or three).

#regzbot monitor:

Ciao, Thorsten

> On Mon, May 16, 2022 at 5:05 PM Jim Quinlan <> wrote:
>> Hi Bjorn, Thorsten,
>> I apologize -- I did not see this email until now; I think I have to
>> work on my gmail filters and labels.
>> I've just made a post on the Bugzilla website regarding this
>> regression and have ideas on what may be causing the problem.
>> Unfortunately, the error cannot be reproduced on my RPi4 or Broadcom
>> STB version of the 2711.
>> Hopefully Cyril can help me identify the issue.
>> I will try to get a Fixup ASAP.
>> Regards,
>> Jim Quinlan
>> Broadcom STB
>> On Mon, May 9, 2022 at 3:44 AM Thorsten Leemhuis
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi, this is your Linux kernel regression tracker. Partly top-posting to
>>> mnake this easily accessible.
>>> Jim, what's up here? The regression was reported more than a week ago
>>> and it seems nothing happened since then. Or was there progress and I
>>> just missed it?
>>> Anyway:
>>> [TLDR: I'm adding this regression report to the list of tracked
>>> regressions; all text from me you find below is based on a few templates
>>> paragraphs you might have encountered already already in similar form.]
>>> On 02.05.22 20:38, Bjorn Helgaas wrote:
>>>> On Sat, Apr 30, 2022 at 2:53 PM <> wrote:
>>>>>             Bug ID: 215925
>>>>>            Summary: PCIe regression on Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM4)
>>>>>                     breaks booting
>>>>>            Product: Drivers
>>>>>            Version: 2.5
>>>>>     Kernel Version: v5.17-rc1
>>>>>           Hardware: ARM
>>>>>                 OS: Linux
>>>>>               Tree: Mainline
>>>>>             Status: NEW
>>>>>           Severity: normal
>>>>>           Priority: P1
>>>>>          Component: PCI
>>>>>           Assignee:
>>>>>           Reporter:
>>>>>         Regression: No
>>>>> Catching up with latest kernel releases in Debian, it turned out that my
>>>>> Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4, mounted on an official Compute Module 4 IO
>>>>> Board,
>>>>> and booting from an SD card, no longer boots: this means a black screen on the
>>>>> HDMI output, and no output on the serial console.
>>>>> Trying various releases, I confirmed that v5.16 was fine, and v5.17-rc1 was the
>>>>> first (pre)release that wasn't.
>>>>> After some git bisect, it turns out the cause seems to be the following commit
>>>>> (
>>>>> ```
>>>>> commit 830aa6f29f07a4e2f1a947dfa72b3ccddb46dd21
>>>>> Author: Jim Quinlan <>
>>>>> Date:   Thu Jan 6 11:03:27 2022 -0500
>>>>>     PCI: brcmstb: Split brcm_pcie_setup() into two funcs
>>>>> ```
>>>>> Starting with this commit, the kernel panics early (before 0.30 seconds), with
>>>>> an `Asynchronous SError Interrupt`. The backtrace references various
>>>>> `brcm_pcie_*` functions; I can share a picture or try and transcribe it
>>>>> manually if that helps (nothing on the serial console…).
>>>>> This commit is part of a branch that was ultimately merged as
>>>>> d0a231f01e5b25bacd23e6edc7c979a18a517b2b; starting with this commit, there's
>>>>> not even a backtrace anymore, the screen stays black after the usual “boot-up
>>>>> rainbow”, and there's still nothing on the serial console.
>>>>> I confirmed that 88db8458086b1dcf20b56682504bdb34d2bca0e2 (on the master side)
>>>>> was still booting properly, and that 87c71931633bd15e9cfd51d4a4d9cd685e8cdb55
>>>>> (from the branch being merged into master) is the last commit showing the
>>>>> panic.
>>>>> Since d0a231f01e5b25bacd23e6edc7c979a18a517b2b is a merge commit that includes
>>>>> conflict resolutions in drivers/pci/controller/pcie-brcmstb.c, I suppose this
>>>>> could be consistent with the initial panic being “upgraded” into an even more
>>>>> serious issue.
>>>>> I've also verified that latest master (v5.18-rc4-396-g57ae8a492116) is still
>>>>> affected by this issue.
>>>>> The regular Raspberry Pi 4 B doesn't seem to be affected by this issue: the
>>>>> exact same image on the same SD card (with latest master) boots fine on it.
>>> CCing the regression mailing list, as it should be in the loop for all
>>> regressions, as explained here:
>>> To be sure below issue doesn't fall through the cracks unnoticed, I'm
>>> adding it to regzbot, my Linux kernel regression tracking bot:
>>> #regzbot ^introduced 830aa6f29f07a4e2f1a
>>> #regzbot title pci: brcmstb: CM4 no longer boots from SD card
>>> #regzbot ignore-activity
>>> #regzbot from: Cyril Brulebois <>
>>> #regzbot link:
>>> This isn't a regression? This issue or a fix for it are already
>>> discussed somewhere else? It was fixed already? You want to clarify when
>>> the regression started to happen? Or point out I got the title or
>>> something else totally wrong? Then just reply -- ideally with also
>>> telling regzbot about it, as explained here:
>>> Reminder for developers: When fixing the issue, add 'Link:' tags
>>> pointing to the report (the mail this one replied to), as the kernel's
>>> documentation call for; above page explains why this is important for
>>> tracked regressions.
>>> Ciao, Thorsten (wearing his 'the Linux kernel's regression tracker' hat)
>>> P.S.: As the Linux kernel's regression tracker I deal with a lot of
>>> reports and sometimes miss something important when writing mails like
>>> this. If that's the case here, don't hesitate to tell me in a public
>>> reply, it's in everyone's interest to set the public record straight.

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