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* [ANNOUNCE] trace-cmd 3.0
@ 2022-03-10 21:44 Steven Rostedt
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From: Steven Rostedt @ 2022-03-10 21:44 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: LKML, linux-rt-users, linux-trace-users, Linux Trace Devel
  Cc: Namhyung Kim, Masami Hiramatsu, Yordan Karadzhov,
	Tzvetomir Stoyanov, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo, Jiri Olsa,
	Changbin Du, Patrick McLean, Josh Boyer, Clark Williams,
	Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Juri Lelli, John Kacur, Tony Jones,
	Tom Zanussi, Jonathan Corbet, Daniel Wagner, Johannes Berg,
	Josef Bacik, troyengel, Behan Webster, Sebastian Andrzej Siewior

[ Resending without corrupted email headers ]

I'm happy to announce that after over a year, we finally are able to
release trace-cmd version 3.0!

The two biggest changes:

1) Updated trace.dat to version 7 (not compatible with older versions of
   trace-cmd). But now supports compression.

2) Better synchronization between host and guest kernel tracing.

Features and user visible updates since 2.9:

- Relies on upstream repos for libtraceevent and libtracefs:
    * Removed libtraceevent code (Upstream minimum version 1.5)
    * Removed libtracefs code (Upstream minimum version 1.3)

- KernelShark is no longer installed in the trace-cmd repo.

- Some perf support

- trace-cmd dump updates:
   * Display the clock used in the file

- New trace-cmd clock: tsc2nsec to use the tsc clock in the ring buffer but
  to display it as nanoseconds. Requires architecture support, but trace-cmd
  list -C will show if it supported or not.

- New option --raw-ts for trace-cmd report to show raw timestamps without any

- New timestamp synchronization between host and guests.
   * P2P : timing back and forth of host and guest
   * KVM : queries the kernel for the multiplier, offset and shift for exact
           synchronization of host and guest timestamps.

- tracecmd_warning() API for writing error messages in libtracecmd library.

- Better bash tab completion.

- Plugins now go into /usr/[local/]lib/trace-cmd instead of traceevent

- New option --full for trace-cmd list to show "print fmt" of event formats
  specified by -e <event> -F

- trace-cmd list now shows ftrace events as well as events that can be

- Supports non qemu VM host/guest tracing.

- New option --align-ts for trace-cmd report that will make the timestamps of
  all events a delta from the first event. (0.000003 instead of 16292.633984)

- New option -V for trace-cmd report to change verbosity.

- New option --verbose for a bunch of commands to trace-cmd.

- New option --poll for trace-cmd record to poll which makes trace-cmd check
  the buffers with O_NONBLOCK instead of relying on IPIs to wake it up. This
  reduces latency on recording tasks that trace-cmd is not running on.

- trace.dat output has been updated to Version 7 (incompatible with older
  trace-cmd, but trace-cmd convert can convert back to version 6, with
  possible lost of features).
   * The file is broken up into sections (defined as options) just like an ELF
   * Allows for sections to be compressed.
      .  Supports zlib compression
      .  Supports ZSTD compression
   * Will allow for new types of data to be added
      . Target for perf data to be included (still in development)

- New command: trace-cmd convert, to convert between trace-cmd 7 and 6 files.

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2022-03-10 21:44 [ANNOUNCE] trace-cmd 3.0 Steven Rostedt

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