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Subject: Discussion: Patch series that adds disable-tcg option for ppc targets
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 13:32:18 +0000	[thread overview]
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Hi all,

The team I'm working on started to work on adding support for building the ppc target with the disable-tcg option. However, we're not quite sure on where to start with such a big patch.

    * Should we focus first on changing the .c files, so that it will build when we finally patch the meson.build everything build correctly? Or should we start by changing the meson file, so that everyone agrees that the excluded files can indeed be excluded?
    * Should we first finish the whole series to then mail it, or should we send one file at a time, as soon as we have them ready?

So far we're thinking we'll need to:
    * change 6 files (arch_dump.c, machine.c, mmu-hash32.c, mmu-hash64.c, mmu-radix64.c and meson.build);
    * exclude 8 files from the build (dfp_helper.c, excp_helper.c, fpu_helper.c, int_helper.c, mem_helper.c, misc_helper.c, translate.c, timebase_helper.c);
    * create a new one that holds stubs.
Does this sound about right? This is mostly guesswork based on how x86, s390x and ARM are doing it.

Thank in advance

Bruno Piazera Larsen

Instituto de Pesquisas ELDORADO<http://clickemailmkt.eldorado.org.br/ls/click?upn=UPoxpeIcHnAcbUZyo7TTaswyiVb1TXP3jEbQqiiJKKGsxOn8hBEs5ZsMLQfXkKuKXZ7MVDg0ij9eG8HV4TXI75dBzDiNGLxQ8Xx5PzCVNt6TpGrzBbU-2Biu0o69X5ce-2FW-2FOk1uUipuK0fZnWXJEgbRw-3D-3DJY4T_wWk-2BG6VvNBoa1YzxYjhCdFS9IfANIaBzDSklR1NyyrKOI1wj0P-2BdBFcuO4FnHcsA1MyHu0ly1Yt3oDMp7KKdJPM68iKuI2jiRH5v4B0d8wf3chU3qy5n5iXWnW1QjSaNFHOgELzxaP-2FnesTeBgJ5dFkjH4f279sVQpOtyjw5xAqj34M6pgNRAxVvuXif4IWDcVzXg1FzfYlEfkKzr9vvpA3Hg8kitwMtlU3zwbQUBCgL30fQoJPcRPMGKyOY8RmoAlXNqTJYDYIvqmfnI7KLUvw6vKB5R-2B5q1FJRAzX7H-2BmF0NnDET6jMLuIqtCcVIch>

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