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From: Hans de Goede <>
To: Jiri Kosina <>,
	Thorsten Leemhuis <>
Cc: Benjamin Tissoires <>,,
	Linux Kernel Mailing List <>,
	"" <>,
Subject: Re: [regression] Touchpad is not working after suspend to RAM since kernel 5.14 (fwd from b.k.o bug 214667)
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 15:58:13 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
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On 1/10/22 14:00, Jiri Kosina wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Dec 2021, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> Hi, this is your Linux kernel regression tracker speaking.
>> Forwarding a regression reported by Christian Casteyde (CCed) in
>> which apparently has fallen through the cracks.

Thanks, I will respond to this in the bugzilla ticket.



>> A few quotes from comments in the ticket:
>>> Since Kernel 5.14 (probably 5.14-rc5 indeed) the touchpad does not
>>> work anymore after resume from suspend to RAM. Was working with 5.13
>>> kernel.
>>> I've bisected the bug, first bad commit is: 
>>> b3e29642548258c7cd2cb3326a776fff84cd6b69 is the first bad commit
>>> SC[33mcommit b3e29642548258c7cd2cb3326a776fff84cd6b69ESC[m Merge:
>>> 8f4ef88 498d0dd Author: Jiri Kosina <> Date:   Wed Jun
>>> 30 09:15:15 2021 +0200
>>> Merge branch 'for-5.14/multitouch' into for-linus
>>> - patch series that ensures that hid-multitouch driver disables touch
>>> and button-press reporting on hid-mt devices during suspend when the
>>> device is not configured as a wakeup-source, from Hans de Goede
>>> Seem to be related with the observed behaviour.
>> Yes, that's a merge, but it contains code changes, maybe something went
>> wrong there.
> CCing Hans, as that merge commit brought his series "disable touch and 
> button-press during suspend" series.
> It's strange though that bisection points to a merge commit and not a 
> commit in that series.
>>> Update with kernel 5.15-rc7
>>> Still present. However, I noticed dmesg ouput interesting messages
>>> telling there is a transfer from the ELAN touchpad while suspended,
>>> it failed to suspend, then failed to resume. The interesting thing is
>>> if I try to suspend a second time, at resume the touchpad manages to
>>> resume. Appending dmesg output for reference.
>>> The problem is still present in 5.16-rc7, but indeed it got worse
>>> (and indeed is now critical). a) After the first "suspend" tentative
>>> (closing the lid), the laptop doesn't suspend (only the screen is
>>> blanked) b) When I reopen the lid, the touchpad stays disabled c)
>>> When I try to suspend a second time (closing the lid), the system
>>> totally freeze (without any info in dmesg) and I need to reset it
>>> totally. I'll open a separate bug report for this one, when bisected,
>>> and will try to post it to the suspend maintainer together with the
>>> mailing list (I'm not accustomed to mailing lists).
>> FWIW, Christian did this here:
>>> FYI, if I remember well, reverting this single commit fixed the issue
>>> and the diff was making sense (try to disable the touchpad before
>>> going to sleep to prevent unexpected event from it while
>>> suspending... if I understood well the code).
>> To be sure this issue doesn't again fall through the cracks unnoticed,
>> I'm adding it to regzbot, my Linux kernel regression tracking bot:
>> #regzbot introduced b3e29642548258c7cd2cb3326a776fff84cd6b69ESC
>> #regzbot title hid: touchpad is not working after suspend to RAM
>> #regzbot from: Christian Casteyde <>
>> #regzbot ignore-activity
>> Reminder: when fixing the issue, please add a 'Link:' tag with the URL
>> to the report (the parent of this mail) using the redirector,
>> as explained in 'Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst'. Regzbot
>> then will automatically mark the regression as resolved once the fix
>> lands in the appropriate tree. For more details about regzbot see footer.
>> Sending this to everyone that got the initial report, to make all aware
>> of the tracking. I also hope that messages like this motivate people to
>> directly get at least the regression mailing list and ideally even
>> regzbot involved when dealing with regressions, as messages like this
>> wouldn't be needed then.
>> Don't worry, I'll send further messages wrt to this regression just to
>> the lists (with a tag in the subject so people can filter them away), as
>> long as they are intended just for regzbot. With a bit of luck no such
>> messages will be needed anyway.
>> Ciao, Thorsten (wearing his 'Linux kernel regression tracker' hat).
>> P.S.: As a Linux kernel regression tracker I'm getting a lot of reports
>> on my table. I can only look briefly into most of them. Unfortunately
>> therefore I sometimes will get things wrong or miss something important.
>> I hope that's not the case here; if you think it is, don't hesitate to
>> tell me about it in a public reply. That's in everyone's interest, as
>> what I wrote above might be misleading to everyone reading this; any
>> suggestion I gave thus might sent someone reading this down the wrong
>> rabbit hole, which none of us wants.
>> BTW, I have no personal interest in this issue, which is tracked using
>> regzbot, my Linux kernel regression tracking bot
>> ( I'm only posting
>> this mail to get things rolling again and hence don't need to be CC on
>> all further activities wrt to this regression.
>> ---
>> Additional information about regzbot:
>> If you want to know more about regzbot, check out its web-interface, the
>> getting start guide, and/or the references documentation:
>> The last two documents will explain how you can interact with regzbot
>> yourself if your want to.
>> Hint for reporters: when reporting a regression it's in your interest to
>> tell #regzbot about it in the report, as that will ensure the regression
>> gets on the radar of regzbot and the regression tracker. That's in your
>> interest, as they will make sure the report won't fall through the
>> cracks unnoticed.
>> Hint for developers: you normally don't need to care about regzbot once
>> it's involved. Fix the issue as you normally would, just remember to
>> include a 'Link:' tag to the report in the commit message, as explained
>> in Documentation/process/submitting-patches.rst
>> That aspect was recently was made more explicit in commit 1f57bd42b77c:

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2022-01-20  8:17 ` [regression] Touchpad is not working after suspend to RAM since kernel 5.14 (fwd from b.k.o bug 214667) #forregzbot Thorsten Leemhuis
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