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From: Daniel Wagner <>
To: Andrei Datcu <>
Subject: Re: Clearing service error from invalid-key will not invoke the agent anymore
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2021 08:47:39 +0200	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <20210701064739.oilpty5pd43z4cyc@beryllium.lan> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

Hi Andrei,

On Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 09:10:05PM +0300, Andrei Datcu wrote:
> Using version 1.40, I'm trying to connect to a basic psk wifi hotspot.
> If I input a wrong key to the agent request, the service will
> correctly get Error == "invalid-key" (and State == "idle"). Invoking
> Service::ClearProperty("Error") will put the service in a weird state:
> every subsequent Service::Connect() call will fail without ever
> requesting any agent input. To leave this state, one has to call
> `Service::Remove()`.
> Is this expected or is this a bug?

Sounds like a bug to me. I think it could be that we set the error state
but don't update the ipconfig/service state accordingly. Although you
are saying the service is in a error state.

So this here is probably not helping:

--- a/src/service.c
+++ b/src/service.c
@@ -3999,6 +3999,13 @@ static DBusMessage *clear_property(DBusConnection *conn,
        if (g_str_equal(name, "Error")) {
                set_error(service, CONNMAN_SERVICE_ERROR_UNKNOWN);
+               __connman_service_ipconfig_indicate_state(service,
+                                               CONNMAN_SERVICE_STATE_FAILURE,
+                                               CONNMAN_IPCONFIG_TYPE_IPV4);
+               __connman_service_ipconfig_indicate_state(service,
+                                               CONNMAN_SERVICE_STATE_FAILURE,
+                                               CONNMAN_IPCONFIG_TYPE_IPV6);
        } else

If possible could you check what the service state is when we hit the

@@ -6183,7 +6190,7 @@ int __connman_service_clear_error(struct connman_service *service)
        DBusMessage *pending, *provider_pending;
-       DBG("service %p", service);
+       DBG("service %p state %d", service, service->state);
        if (!service)
                return -EINVAL;

TBH, the 'set_error' thing looks a bit strange. The commit message says

  service: Signal error property changes

  In order to allow clients to update the property in a manner similar to
  other service properties, signal changes in the service "Error" property
  key/value pair.

  The value "" is used when no error is asserted because D-Bus property
  changed convention has no semantics for indicating a key/value pair was


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