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From: Pierre Ossman <>
To: Alan Cox <>
Cc: Adrian Bunk <>,
	Linux Kernel Mailing List <>,,
Subject: Re: [2.6 patch] remove SPF-using wbsd lists from MAINTAINERS
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 22:21:01 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <1105382033.12054.90.camel@localhost.localdomain>

Alan Cox wrote:
> On Llu, 2005-01-10 at 18:43, Adrian Bunk wrote:
>>IMHO lists rejecting emails based on some non-standard extension don't 
>>belong into MAINTAINERS.
> Find out why someone is publishing records saying your mail isnt valid
> instead of moaning here. If they are using SPF and you are not using any
> strange extensions its fine. You or your provider appears to be
> advertising that doesn't use the mail relay you are using.

I think I've fixed the problem now. It wasn't that there were published 
records for, the problem was that the mail server couldn't 
resolve your domain. For some reason everything from the DNS I'm using 
to your DNS gets dropped. The mail server takes the paranoid route and 
assumes the worst when it cannot contact dns servers (that's why you got 
a 4xx, not a 5xx). I've now changed DNS which will hopefully solve the 

As for dropping the mailing list out of MAINTAINERS then I'd prefer you 
didn't (of course). But I will not remove the filters on the servers 
since they remove a lot of spam. If that means it cannot be in 
MAINTAINERS, then so be it.


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2005-01-10 18:43 [2.6 patch] remove SPF-using wbsd lists from MAINTAINERS Adrian Bunk
2005-01-10 19:08 ` Russell King
2005-01-10 19:21   ` Adrian Bunk
2005-01-10 21:11     ` Russell King
2005-01-11 16:10     ` Alan Cox
2005-01-10 22:49   ` David Woodhouse
2005-01-10 19:23 ` Alan Cox
2005-01-10 21:21   ` Pierre Ossman [this message]
2005-01-10 21:29     ` Russell King
2005-01-10 22:04     ` Adrian Bunk
2005-01-10 22:22       ` Pierre Ossman
2005-01-10 22:42         ` Adrian Bunk
2005-01-11 11:14           ` Ondrej Zary
2005-01-10 23:36   ` David Schwartz
2005-01-11  1:03     ` Pierre Ossman
2005-01-10 19:55 ` Stephen Pollei
2005-01-11  5:54 ` Valdis.Kletnieks

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