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@ 2019-08-07  8:36 Stephen Rothwell
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From: Stephen Rothwell @ 2019-08-07  8:36 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Hi all,

Changes since 20190806:

The arm64 tree introduced a patch that stopped the powerpc ppc64_defconfig
build from completing so I reverted that commit.

The mips tree gained a conflict against Linus' tree.

The crypto tree still had its build failure for which I applied a patch.

The drm-misc tree gained a conflict and a sematic conflct against the
amdgpu tree.

The integrity tree lost its build failure.

The akpm-current tree gained a conflict against the arm64 tree and a
build failure for which I reverted a commit.

The akpm tree lost a patch that turned up elsewhere.

Non-merge commits (relative to Linus' tree): 4586
 4952 files changed, 265168 insertions(+), 120665 deletions(-)


I have created today's linux-next tree at
(patches at ).  If you
are tracking the linux-next tree using git, you should not use "git pull"
to do so as that will try to merge the new linux-next release with the
old one.  You should use "git fetch" and checkout or reset to the new

You can see which trees have been included by looking in the Next/Trees
file in the source.  There are also quilt-import.log and merge.log
files in the Next directory.  Between each merge, the tree was built
with a ppc64_defconfig for powerpc, an allmodconfig for x86_64, a
multi_v7_defconfig for arm and a native build of tools/perf. After
the final fixups (if any), I do an x86_64 modules_install followed by
builds for x86_64 allnoconfig, powerpc allnoconfig (32 and 64 bit),
ppc44x_defconfig, allyesconfig and pseries_le_defconfig and i386, sparc
and sparc64 defconfig. And finally, a simple boot test of the powerpc
pseries_le_defconfig kernel in qemu (with and without kvm enabled).

Below is a summary of the state of the merge.

I am currently merging 304 trees (counting Linus' and 74 trees of bug
fix patches pending for the current merge release).

Stats about the size of the tree over time can be seen at .

Status of my local build tests will be at .  If maintainers want to give
advice about cross compilers/configs that work, we are always open to add
more builds.

Thanks to Randy Dunlap for doing many randconfig builds.  And to Paul
Gortmaker for triage and bug fixes.

Stephen Rothwell

$ git checkout master
$ git reset --hard stable
Merging origin/master (76d7961ff4ee Merge tag 'mips_fixes_5.3_1' of git://
Merging fixes/master (609488bc979f Linux 5.3-rc2)
Merging kbuild-current/fixes (8bf63e8da5e5 kbuild: revive single target %.ko)
Merging arc-current/for-curr (e86d94fdda8e ARC: unwind: Mark expected switch fall-throughs)
Merging arm-current/fixes (c5d0e49e8d8f ARM: 8867/1: vdso: pass --be8 to linker if necessary)
Merging arm-soc-fixes/arm/fixes (7bd9d465140a Merge tag 'imx-fixes-5.3' of git:// into arm/fixes)
Merging arm64-fixes/for-next/fixes (d8bb6718c4db arm64: Make debug exception handlers visible from RCU)
Merging m68k-current/for-linus (f28a1f16135c m68k: Don't select ARCH_HAS_DMA_PREP_COHERENT for nommu or coldfire)
Merging powerpc-fixes/fixes (d7e23b887f67 powerpc/kasan: fix early boot failure on PPC32)
Merging s390-fixes/fixes (24350fdadbde s390: put _stext and _etext into .text section)
Merging sparc/master (038029c03e21 sparc: remove unneeded uapi/asm/statfs.h)
Merging fscrypt-current/for-stable (ae64f9bd1d36 Linux 4.15-rc2)
Merging net/master (feac1d680233 Merge branch 'sja1105-fixes')
Merging bpf/master (f1fc7249dddc selftests/bpf: tests for jmp to 1st insn)
Merging ipsec/master (22d6552f827e xfrm interface: fix management of phydev)
Merging netfilter/master (589b474a4b7c netfilter: nf_flow_table: fix offload for flows that are subject to xfrm)
Merging ipvs/master (58e8b37069ff Merge branch 'net-phy-dp83867-add-some-fixes')
Merging wireless-drivers/master (1f6607250331 iwlwifi: dbg_ini: fix compile time assert build errors)
Merging mac80211/master (d8a1de3d5bb8 isdn: hfcsusb: Fix mISDN driver crash caused by transfer buffer on the stack)
Merging rdma-fixes/for-rc (e21a712a9685 Linux 5.3-rc3)
Merging sound-current/for-linus (c1c6c877b0c7 ALSA: hda - Don't override global PCM hw info flag)
Merging sound-asoc-fixes/for-linus (3b97d1599f04 Merge branch 'asoc-5.3' into asoc-linus)
Merging regmap-fixes/for-linus (609488bc979f Linux 5.3-rc2)
Merging regulator-fixes/for-linus (0151f77cffe3 Merge branch 'regulator-5.3' into regulator-linus)
Merging spi-fixes/for-linus (6a2c4358f940 Merge branch 'spi-5.3' into spi-linus)
Merging pci-current/for-linus (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging driver-core.current/driver-core-linus (cc798c83898e kernfs: fix memleak in kernel_ops_readdir())
Merging tty.current/tty-linus (81eaadcae81b kgdboc: disable the console lock when in kgdb)
Merging usb.current/usb-linus (c43f28dfdc46 usb: usbfs: fix double-free of usb memory upon submiturb error)
Merging usb-gadget-fixes/fixes (42de8afc40c9 usb: dwc2: Use generic PHY width in params setup)
Merging usb-serial-fixes/usb-linus (552573e42aab USB: serial: option: add D-Link DWM-222 device ID)
Merging usb-chipidea-fixes/ci-for-usb-stable (16009db47c51 usb: chipidea: udc: workaround for endpoint conflict issue)
Merging phy/fixes (609488bc979f Linux 5.3-rc2)
Merging staging.current/staging-linus (09f6109ff4f8 Merge tag 'iio-fixes-for-5.3a' of git:// into staging-linus)
Merging char-misc.current/char-misc-linus (5511c0c309db coresight: Fix DEBUG_LOCKS_WARN_ON for uninitialized attribute)
Merging soundwire-fixes/fixes (664b16589f88 soundwire: cadence_master: fix definitions for INTSTAT0/1)
Merging thunderbolt-fixes/fixes (e21a712a9685 Linux 5.3-rc3)
Merging input-current/for-linus (849f5ae3a513 Input: iforce - add sanity checks)
Merging crypto-current/master (e2664ecbb2f2 crypto: ccp - Ignore tag length when decrypting GCM ciphertext)
Merging ide/master (baf6722aa0cb ide: Use dev_get_drvdata where possible)
Merging vfio-fixes/for-linus (5715c4dd66a3 vfio/mdev: Synchronize device create/remove with parent removal)
Merging kselftest-fixes/fixes (fbb01c52471c selftests/livepatch: push and pop dynamic debug config)
Merging modules-fixes/modules-linus (be71eda5383f module: Fix display of wrong module .text address)
Merging slave-dma-fixes/fixes (d105ef8120dd dmaengine: tegra210-adma: Fix unused function warnings)
Merging backlight-fixes/for-backlight-fixes (e93c9c99a629 Linux 5.1)
Merging mtd-fixes/mtd/fixes (2b372a9685a7 mtd: hyperbus: Add hardware dependency to AM654 driver)
Merging mfd-fixes/for-mfd-fixes (63b2de12b7ee mfd: stmfx: Fix an endian bug in stmfx_irq_handler())
Merging v4l-dvb-fixes/fixes (92f5b0313e37 media: vivid: fix missing cec adapter name)
Merging reset-fixes/reset/fixes (a71dcd3757e2 reset: remove redundant null check on pointer dev)
Merging mips-fixes/mips-fixes (74034a09267c MIPS: BCM63XX: Mark expected switch fall-through)
Merging at91-fixes/at91-fixes (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging omap-fixes/fixes (fb59ee37cfe2 ARM: dts: am57xx: Disable voltage switching for SD card)
Merging kvm-fixes/master (30cd8604323d KVM: x86: Add fixed counters to PMU filter)
Merging kvms390-fixes/master (a86cb413f4bf KVM: s390: Do not report unusabled IDs via KVM_CAP_MAX_VCPU_ID)
Merging hwmon-fixes/hwmon (608944f1978b hwmon: (lm75) Fixup tmp75b clr_mask)
Merging nvdimm-fixes/libnvdimm-fixes (d75996dd022b dax: dax_layout_busy_page() should not unmap cow pages)
Merging btrfs-fixes/next-fixes (042693442aa6 Merge branch 'misc-5.3' into next-fixes)
Merging vfs-fixes/fixes (b101f818ceaf configfs: fix a deadlock in configfs_symlink())
Merging dma-mapping-fixes/for-linus (f46cc0152501 dma-contiguous: page-align the size in dma_free_contiguous())
Merging i3c-fixes/master (6fbc7275c7a9 Linux 5.2-rc7)
Merging drivers-x86-fixes/fixes (f14312a93b34 platform/x86: pcengines-apuv2: use KEY_RESTART for front button)
Merging samsung-krzk-fixes/fixes (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging pinctrl-samsung-fixes/pinctrl-fixes (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging devicetree-fixes/dt/linus (740ce365a4dc dt-bindings: Fix generated example files getting added to schemas)
Merging scsi-fixes/fixes (e82f04ec6ba9 scsi: qla2xxx: Fix possible fcport null-pointer dereferences)
Merging drm-fixes/drm-fixes (e21a712a9685 Linux 5.3-rc3)
Merging amdgpu-fixes/drm-fixes (b066c77636c0 Revert "drm/amdgpu: fix transform feedback GDS hang on gfx10 (v2)")
Merging drm-intel-fixes/for-linux-next-fixes (73a0ff0b30af drm/i915: Fix wrong escape clock divisor init for GLK)
Merging mmc-fixes/fixes (b803974a8603 mmc: cavium: Add the missing dma unmap when the dma has finished.)
Merging rtc-fixes/rtc-fixes (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging gnss-fixes/gnss-linus (f2c7c76c5d0a Linux 5.2-rc3)
Merging hyperv-fixes/hyperv-fixes (5d14de4c6ce5 hv: Use the correct style for SPDX License Identifier)
Merging soc-fsl-fixes/fix (5674a92ca4b7 soc/fsl/qe: Fix an error code in qe_pin_request())
Merging risc-v-fixes/fixes (0828268f2478 riscv: kbuild: add virtual memory system selection)
Merging pidfd-fixes/fixes (97112e283da5 exit: make setting exit_state consistent)
Merging fpga-fixes/fixes (7721f61d2e76 fpga: altera-ps-spi: Fix getting of optional confd gpio)
Merging drm-misc-fixes/for-linux-next-fixes (f7ccbed656f7 drm/rockchip: Suspend DP late)
Merging kspp-gustavo/for-next/kspp (5dfc1167928d scsi: fas216: Mark expected switch fall-throughs)
Merging kbuild/for-next (cc6ff7162ef4 Kbuild: Handle PREEMPT_RT for version string and magic)
Merging compiler-attributes/compiler-attributes (ba2c1340d7c8 auxdisplay: charlcd: add help text for backlight initial state)
Merging leaks/leaks-next (9e98c678c2d6 Linux 5.1-rc1)
Merging dma-mapping/for-next (ad3c7b18c5b3 arm: use swiotlb for bounce buffering on LPAE configs)
Merging asm-generic/master (7f3a8dff1219 asm-generic: remove ptrace.h)
Merging arc/for-next (6fbc7275c7a9 Linux 5.2-rc7)
Merging arm/for-next (b7a735f3a606 Merge branch 'for-arm-soc' into for-next)
Merging arm64/for-next/core (a36ed99a8cd7 Merge branch 'for-next/tbi' into for-next/core)
Applying: Revert "arm64: Add support for relocating the kernel with RELR relocations"
Merging arm-perf/for-next/perf (228f855fb57a perf: Remove dev_err() usage after platform_get_irq())
Merging arm-soc/for-next (1439dbf17e9e Merge branch 'arm/fixes' into for-next)
Merging actions/for-next (fb9c1c1deb5e Merge branch 'v4.20/drivers+s900-sps' into next)
Merging amlogic/for-next (5f2581d1bbf1 Merge branch 'v5.4/drivers' into tmp/aml-rebuild)
Merging aspeed/for-next (34bab04663d5 Merge branch 'dt-for-v5.4' into for-next)
Merging at91/at91-next (90fbe456b5f0 Merge branch 'at91-dt' into at91-next)
Merging bcm2835/for-next (f83e5000db15 Merge branch 'bcm2835-dt-next' into for-next)
Merging imx-mxs/for-next (8b3e0af8ab56 Merge branch 'imx/defconfig' into for-next)
Merging keystone/next (78145dbeaea1 Merge branch 'for_5.3/driver-soc' into next)
Merging mediatek/for-next (73ade6a62931 Merge branch 'v5.1-next/soc' into for-next)
Merging mvebu/for-next (e1b0b32a5ad6 Merge branch 'mvebu/dt64' into mvebu/for-next)
Merging omap/for-next (7376d6a65730 Merge branch 'fixes' into for-next)
Merging qcom/for-next (753d0414f8c1 Merge branches 'arm64-for-5.4' and 'drivers-for-5.3' into for-next)
Merging renesas/next (a16ecb14d0b0 Merge branches 'arm-dt-for-v5.3', 'arm-soc-for-v5.3', 'arm-defconfig-for-v5.3', 'arm64-defconfig-for-v5.3', 'arm64-dt-for-v5.3' and 'dt-bindings-for-v5.3' into next)
Merging renesas-geert/next (67986e5bca3b Merge branch 'renesas-arm64-dt-for-v5.4' into renesas-next)
Merging reset/reset/next (ea651ffd4f7f reset: Add DesignWare IP support to simple reset)
Merging rockchip/for-next (30b2ea80df59 Merge branch 'v5.4-armsoc/dts32' into for-next)
Merging samsung-krzk/for-next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging scmi/for-linux-next (2c49c4861280 Merge remote-tracking branches 'korg_sudeep/for-next/juno', 'korg_sudeep/for-next/vexpress-dt' and 'korg_sudeep/for-next/vexpress' into for-linux-next)
Merging sunxi/sunxi/for-next (5013ec0cdcf7 Merge branches 'sunxi/dt-for-5.4' and 'sunxi/drivers-for-5.4' into sunxi/for-next)
Merging tegra/for-next (033de83170dd Merge branch for-5.3/arm64/defconfig into for-next)
Merging clk/clk-next (03d7036efa4a Merge branch 'clk-fixes' into clk-next)
Merging clk-samsung/for-next (a188339ca5a3 Linux 5.2-rc1)
Merging c6x/for-linux-next (8adcc59974b8 Merge branch 'work.misc' of git://
Merging csky/linux-next (ada384a7fd2d csky: Optimize arch_sync_dma_for_cpu/device with dma_inv_range)
Merging h8300/h8300-next (a5de8865cb3e h8300: move definition of __kernel_size_t etc. to posix_types.h)
Merging ia64/next (c5e5c48c1642 ia64:unwind: fix double free for mod->arch.init_unw_table)
Merging m68k/for-next (f28a1f16135c m68k: Don't select ARCH_HAS_DMA_PREP_COHERENT for nommu or coldfire)
Merging m68knommu/for-next (e21a712a9685 Linux 5.3-rc3)
Merging microblaze/next (226a893bbb1f microblaze: no need to check return value of debugfs_create functions)
Merging mips/mips-next (6393e6064486 mips: fix vdso32 build, again)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/mips/include/asm/vdso/vdso.h
Merging nds32/next (932296120543 nds32: add new emulations for floating point instruction)
Merging nios2/for-next (f017da5c7077 nios2: configs: Remove useless UEVENT_HELPER_PATH)
Merging openrisc/for-next (57ce8ba0fd3a openrisc: Fix broken paths to arch/or32)
Merging parisc-hd/for-next (83af58f8068e parisc: Add assembly implementations for memset, strlen, strcpy, strncpy and strcat)
Merging powerpc/next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging fsl/next (63d86876f324 Revert "powerpc/fsl_pci: simplify fsl_pci_dma_set_mask")
Merging soc-fsl/next (21560067fb1f soc: fsl: qe: fold qe_get_num_of_snums into qe_snums_init)
Merging risc-v/for-next (f51edcec5288 MAINTAINERS: Add an entry for generic architecture topology)
Merging sifive/for-next (467e050e9760 Merge branch 'i2c/for-current' of git://
Merging s390/features (20f3502bfb2f s390: move vmalloc option parsing to startup code)
Merging sh/sh-next (cd10afbc932d sh: remove unneeded uapi asm-generic wrappers)
CONFLICT (modify/delete): arch/sh/include/uapi/asm/types.h deleted in sh/sh-next and modified in HEAD. Version HEAD of arch/sh/include/uapi/asm/types.h left in tree.
CONFLICT (modify/delete): arch/sh/include/uapi/asm/setup.h deleted in sh/sh-next and modified in HEAD. Version HEAD of arch/sh/include/uapi/asm/setup.h left in tree.
$ git rm -f arch/sh/include/uapi/asm/setup.h arch/sh/include/uapi/asm/types.h
Merging sparc-next/master (b71acb0e3721 Merge branch 'linus' of git://
Merging uml/linux-next (b482e48d29f1 um: fix build without CONFIG_UML_TIME_TRAVEL_SUPPORT)
Merging xtensa/xtensa-for-next (1386dcaa9226 Merge branch 'xtensa-5.3' into xtensa-for-next)
Merging fscrypt/master (0564336329f0 fscrypt: document testing with xfstests)
Merging afs/afs-next (852c1d04f6d0 afs: Support RCU pathwalk)
Merging btrfs/next (29dcea88779c Linux 4.17)
Merging btrfs-kdave/for-next (a668d8d6543c Merge branch 'cleanup/sysfs-refactoring' into for-next-20190805)
Merging ceph/master (d31d07b97a5e ceph: fix end offset in truncate_inode_pages_range call)
Merging cifs/for-next (6f552656e128 smb3: Incorrect size for netname negotiate context)
Merging configfs/for-next (f6122ed2a4f9 configfs: Fix use-after-free when accessing sd->s_dentry)
Merging ecryptfs/next (7451c54abc91 ecryptfs: Change return type of ecryptfs_process_flags)
Merging ext3/for_next (56db1991690f udf: prevent allocation beyond UDF partition)
Merging ext4/dev (96fcaf86c3cb ext4: fix coverity warning on error path of filename setup)
Merging f2fs/dev (11f3567662e0 f2fs: Support case-insensitive file name lookups)
Merging fsverity/fsverity (60d7bf0f790f f2fs: add fs-verity support)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/f2fs/inode.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/f2fs/file.c
Merging fuse/for-next (e7d6cd694383 fuse: cleanup fuse_wait_on_page_writeback)
Merging jfs/jfs-next (a5fdd713d256 jfs: fix bogus variable self-initialization)
Merging nfs/linux-next (dea1bb35c5f3 NFS: Fix regression whereby fscache errors are appearing on 'nofsc' mounts)
Merging nfs-anna/linux-next (68f461593f76 NFS/flexfiles: Use the correct TCP timeout for flexfiles I/O)
Merging nfsd/nfsd-next (64a38e840ce5 SUNRPC: Track writers of the 'channel' file to improve cache_listeners_exist)
Merging orangefs/for-next (e65682b55956 orangefs: eliminate needless variable assignments)
Merging overlayfs/overlayfs-next (0be0bfd2de9d ovl: fix regression caused by overlapping layers detection)
Merging ubifs/linux-next (8009ce956c3d ubifs: Don't leak orphans on memory during commit)
Merging v9fs/9p-next (80a316ff1627 9p/xen: Add cleanup path in p9_trans_xen_init)
Merging xfs/for-next (afa1d96d1430 xfs: Fix possible null-pointer dereferences in xchk_da_btree_block_check_sibling())
Merging iomap/iomap-for-next (5d907307adc1 iomap: move internal declarations into fs/iomap/)
Merging djw-vfs/vfs-for-next (7e328e5930ad mm/fs: don't allow writes to immutable files)
Merging file-locks/locks-next (43e4cb942e88 locks: Fix procfs output for file leases)
Merging vfs/for-next (dad5ea4bac62 ceph_real_mount(): missing initialization)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/ubifs/super.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/gfs2/super.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/ceph/super.c
CONFLICT (modify/delete): Documentation/filesystems/vfs.txt deleted in HEAD and modified in vfs/for-next. Version vfs/for-next of Documentation/filesystems/vfs.txt left in tree.
$ git rm -f Documentation/filesystems/vfs.txt
Applying: docs: filesystems: vfs: update for "vfs: Kill mount_single()"
Merging printk/for-next (ba174ef6d224 Merge branch 'for-5.3-fixes' into for-next)
Merging pci/next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging pstore/for-next/pstore (609488bc979f Linux 5.3-rc2)
Merging hid/for-next (7773e1130551 Merge branch 'for-5.3/upstream-fixes' into for-next)
Merging i2c/i2c/for-next (d4b7c7304363 Merge branch 'i2c/for-5.4' into i2c/for-next)
Merging i3c/i3c/next (934d24a5e150 i3c: move i3c_device_match_id to device.c and export it)
Merging dmi/master (57361846b52b Linux 4.19-rc2)
Merging hwmon-staging/hwmon-next (637b16e0744a hwmon: (npcm750-pwm-fan) Remove dev_err() usage after platform_get_irq())
Merging jc_docs/docs-next (aa48e31b8747 mailmap: add entry for Jaegeuk Kim)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in Documentation/admin-guide/cifs/todo.rst
Merging v4l-dvb/master (d42974e438fe media: venus: dec: populate properly timestamps and flags for capture buffers)
Merging v4l-dvb-next/master (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging fbdev/fbdev-for-next (732146a3f1dc video: fbdev: imxfb: fix a typo in imxfb_probe())
Merging pm/linux-next (9a7513a4449e Merge branch 'pm-sleep' into linux-next)
Merging cpufreq-arm/cpufreq/arm/linux-next (cfef2846f785 Merge branch 'cpufreq/qcom-updates' into cpufreq/arm/linux-next)
Merging cpupower/cpupower (04507c0a9385 cpupower : frequency-set -r option misses the last cpu in related cpu list)
Merging opp/opp/linux-next (0203c0343a1f Merge branch 'opp/qcom-updates' into opp/linux-next)
Merging thermal/next (d093f91ff7d0 Merge branch 'for-rc' into next)
CONFLICT (rename/add): Rename Documentation/thermal/index.rst->Documentation/driver-api/thermal/index.rst in HEAD. Documentation/driver-api/thermal/index.rst added in thermal/next
Merging thermal-soc/next (4cb9f043447e thermal: thermal_mmio: remove some dead code)
Merging ieee1394/for-next (812cd88749e0 firewire: mark expected switch fall-throughs)
Merging dlm/next (a48f9721e6db dlm: no need to check return value of debugfs_create functions)
Merging swiotlb/linux-next (4cdfb27ba80d xen/swiotlb: remember having called xen_create_contiguous_region())
Merging rdma/for-next (31d0e6c149b8 mlx5: Fix formats with line continuation whitespace)
Merging net-next/master (05bb520376af Merge branch '40GbE' of git://
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/net/can/flexcan.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in Documentation/PCI/pci-error-recovery.rst
Merging bpf-next/master (682cdbdc2160 Merge branch 'test_progs-stdio')
Merging ipsec-next/master (c7b37c769d2a xfrm: remove get_mtu indirection from xfrm_type)
Merging mlx5-next/mlx5-next (694a296024d4 net/mlx5: remove self-assignment on esw->dev)
Merging netfilter-next/master (1b90af292e71 ipvs: Improve robustness to the ipvs sysctl)
Merging nfc-next/master (1f008cfec5d5 NFC: fdp: Fix unused variable warnings)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/nfc/st21nfca/se.c
Merging ipvs-next/master (1b0b807dd746 Merge branch 'r8169-fw')
Merging wireless-drivers-next/master (6004cf298a41 b43legacy: Remove pointless cond_resched() wrapper)
Merging bluetooth/master (fa9ccaf84f5d Bluetooth: hidp: Let hidp_send_message return number of queued bytes)
Merging mac80211-next/master (6a7ce95d752e staging/octeon: Fix build error without CONFIG_NETDEVICES)
Merging gfs2/for-next (7e77380155dd gfs2: Minor gfs2_alloc_inode cleanup)
Merging mtd/mtd/next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging nand/nand/next (1670e678a8a7 mtd: rawnand: ingenic: Add of_node_put() before return)
Merging spi-nor/spi-nor/next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging crypto/master (155e4db32487 asm-generic: Remove redundant arch-specific rules for simd.h)
Applying: hwrng: fix typo in n2-drv.c
Merging drm/drm-next (dce14e36aea2 Merge tag 'drm-intel-next-2019-07-30' of git:// into drm-next)
Merging amdgpu/drm-next (ce5507ad2bde drm/amdkfd/kfd_mqd_manager_v10: Avoid fall-through warning)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/powerplay/navi10_ppt.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/powerplay/inc/amdgpu_smu.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/powerplay/amdgpu_smu.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/display/dc/dcn20/dcn20_hwseq.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/display/dc/core/dc_stream.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/display/dc/clk_mgr/dcn20/dcn20_clk_mgr.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/vcn_v2_0.c
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_vcn.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/amdgpu_ras.c
Merging drm-intel/for-linux-next (033a856c7368 drm/i915/dmc: Load DMC on TGL)
Merging drm-tegra/drm/tegra/for-next (2a6fc3cb5cb6 drm/tegra: Fix gpiod_get_from_of_node() regression)
Merging drm-misc/for-linux-next (178e5f3a5bc1 drm/crc-debugfs: Add notes about CRC<->commit interactions)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in drivers/gpu/drm/ttm/ttm_bo.c
Applying: drm/amdgpu: fix up for "drm/amdgpu: switch driver from bo->resv to bo->base.resv"
Merging drm-msm/msm-next (4cf643a39221 Merge tag 'drm-next-5.3-2019-06-27' of git:// into drm-next)
Merging hdlcd/for-upstream/hdlcd (d664b851eb2b drm/arm/hdlcd: Reject atomic commits that disable only the plane)
Merging mali-dp/for-upstream/mali-dp (4cf643a39221 Merge tag 'drm-next-5.3-2019-06-27' of git:// into drm-next)
Merging imx-drm/imx-drm/next (c23ef285fc67 drm/imx: Drop unused imx-ipuv3-crtc.o build)
Merging etnaviv/etnaviv/next (facb180d3a51 drm/etnaviv: Use devm_platform_ioremap_resource())
Merging regmap/for-next (5a6660ea31e5 Merge branch 'regmap-5.4' into regmap-next)
Merging sound/for-next (118b2806a076 ALSA: usb-audio: Add Pioneer DDJ-SX3 PCM quirck)
Merging sound-asoc/for-next (0042ee5ffb43 Merge branch 'asoc-5.4' into asoc-next)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in sound/soc/intel/skylake/skl.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in sound/soc/intel/skylake/skl-nhlt.c
Merging modules/modules-next (38f054d549a8 modules: always page-align module section allocations)
Merging input/next (c394159310d0 Input: soc_button_array - add support for newer surface devices)
Merging block/for-next (de95f8645c6e Merge branch 'for-5.4/block' into for-next)
Merging device-mapper/for-next (9c50a98f55f4 dm table: fix various whitespace issues with recent DAX code)
Merging pcmcia/pcmcia-next (95691e3eddc4 pcmcia: Implement CLKRUN protocol disabling for Ricoh bridges)
Merging mmc/next (9637eb6749b9 Merge branch 'fixes' into next)
Merging kgdb/kgdb-next (3bd67b37e350 kdb: print real address of pointers instead of hashed addresses)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in kernel/debug/kdb/kdb_bt.c
Merging md/for-next (e820d55cb99d md: fix raid10 hang issue caused by barrier)
Merging mfd/for-mfd-next (b5e29aa880be mfd: davinci_voicecodec: Remove pointless #include)
Merging backlight/for-backlight-next (73fbfc499448 backlight: pwm_bl: Fix heuristic to determine number of brightness levels)
Merging battery/for-next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging regulator/for-next (0c1f8324e0e3 Merge branch 'regulator-5.4' into regulator-next)
Merging security/next-testing (286e47a07799 Merge branch 'next-lsm' into next-testing)
Merging apparmor/apparmor-next (136db994852a apparmor: increase left match history buffer size)
Merging integrity/next-integrity (70433f67ec3a MODSIGN: make new include file self contained)
Merging keys/keys-next (8cf8684e0d24 Merge branch 'keys-acl' into keys-next)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in include/linux/key.h
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in fs/afs/security.c
Applying: fsverity: merge fix for keyring_alloc API change
Merging selinux/next (9b80c36353ed selinux: always return a secid from the network caches if we find one)
Merging tpmdd/next (fa4f99c05320 tpm: tpm_ibm_vtpm: Fix unallocated banks)
Merging watchdog/master (a18670f4617d watchdog: ath79_wdt: fix a typo in the name of a function)
Merging iommu/next (66929812955b iommu/amd: Add support for X2APIC IOMMU interrupts)
Merging vfio/next (1e4d09d2212d mdev: Send uevents around parent device registration)
Merging audit/next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging devicetree/for-next (bf1c0ac6a8bc docs: convert from markdown to ReST)
Merging mailbox/mailbox-for-next (25777e5784a7 mailbox: handle failed named mailbox channel request)
Merging spi/for-next (9e9509024d87 Merge branch 'spi-5.4' into spi-next)
Merging tip/auto-latest (a7b234abc54f Merge branch 'sched/urgent')
Merging clockevents/clockevents/next (b0c74b96d177 clocksource/drivers/davinci: Add support for clocksource)
Merging edac/edac-for-next (3724ace582d9 EDAC/mc: Fix grain_bits calculation)
Merging irqchip/irq/irqchip-next (3dae67ce600c irqchip/gic-pm: Remove PM_CLK dependency)
Merging ftrace/for-next (6d54ceb539aa tracing: Fix user stack trace "??" output)
Merging rcu/rcu/next (b989ff070574 Merge LKMM and RCU commits)
Merging kvm/linux-next (30cd8604323d KVM: x86: Add fixed counters to PMU filter)
Merging kvm-arm/next (1e0cf16cdad1 KVM: arm/arm64: Initialise host's MPIDRs by reading the actual register)
Merging kvm-ppc/kvm-ppc-next (3bda7f0ae0f7 KVM: PPC: Book3S PR: Fix software breakpoints)
Merging kvms390/next (a049a377164c KVM: selftests: Enable dirty_log_test on s390x)
Merging xen-tip/linux-next (b877ac9815a8 xen/swiotlb: remember having called xen_create_contiguous_region())
Merging percpu/for-next (03ed70fb0e5e Merge branch 'for-5.3' into for-next)
Merging workqueues/for-next (be69d00d9769 workqueue: Remove GPF argument from alloc_workqueue_attrs())
Merging drivers-x86/for-next (e3168b874321 platform/x86: asus-wmi: fix CPU fan control on recent products)
Merging chrome-platform/for-next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging hsi/for-next (c1030cd45619 HSI: Remove dev_err() usage after platform_get_irq())
Merging leds/for-next (be7fc2cc8617 Merge tag 'generic_lookup_helpers' into for-next)
Merging ipmi/for-next (340ff31ab00b ipmi_si: Only schedule continuously in the thread in maintenance mode)
Merging driver-core/driver-core-next (0fbb93fce79b olpc: x01: convert platform driver to use dev_groups)
Merging usb/usb-next (c5d1653783ca Merge tag 'dev_groups_all_drivers' of git:// into usb-next)
Merging usb-gadget/next (b2357839c56a usb: renesas_usbhs: add a workaround for a race condition of workqueue)
Merging usb-serial/usb-next (e21a712a9685 Linux 5.3-rc3)
Merging usb-chipidea-next/ci-for-usb-next (034252e37b31 usb: chipidea: msm: Use devm_platform_ioremap_resource())
Merging phy-next/next (609488bc979f Linux 5.3-rc2)
Merging tty/tty-next (480a98c73807 tty: serial: qcom_geni_serial: use devm_platform_ioremap_resource() to simplify code)
Merging char-misc/char-misc-next (f51cf9e23b70 misc: Remove spear13xx pcie gadget driver)
Merging extcon/extcon-next (a3fc57233977 extcon: adc-jack: Remove dev_err() usage after platform_get_irq())
Merging soundwire/next (15ed3ea2280e soundwire: bus: split handling of Device0 events)
Merging thunderbolt/next (04f7745300ed thunderbolt: Show key using %*pE not %*pEp)
Merging staging/staging-next (36d042bd6865 staging: rtl8192e: Make use kmemdup)
Merging mux/for-next (05fb8284a417 Merge branch 'i2c-mux/for-next' into for-next)
Merging icc/icc-next (83fdb2dfb0c2 interconnect: convert to DEFINE_SHOW_ATTRIBUTE)
Merging slave-dma/next (e17be6e1b713 dmaengine: Remove dev_err() usage after platform_get_irq())
Merging cgroup/for-next (a581563f1bef cgroup: minor tweak for logic to get cgroup css)
Merging scsi/for-next (03ed974738a0 Merge branch 'misc' into for-next)
Merging scsi-mkp/for-next (99b7132e18fd scsi: qla2xxx: Update driver version to
Merging vhost/linux-next (73f628ec9e6b vhost: disable metadata prefetch optimization)
Merging rpmsg/for-next (7f1345e9efcc Merge branches 'hwspinlock-next', 'rpmsg-next' and 'rproc-next' into for-next)
Merging gpio/for-next (52d4cb72f265 Merge branch 'devel' into for-next)
Merging gpio-brgl/gpio/for-next (f4160faac98c gpio: pca953x: Drop %s for constant string literals)
Merging pinctrl/for-next (915f1e7321c8 Merge branch 'devel' into for-next)
Merging pinctrl-samsung/for-next (169297cdefec pinctrl: samsung: Add of_node_put() before return in error path)
Merging pwm/for-next (3d25025ce9c2 pwm: fsl-ftm: Make sure to unlock mutex on failure)
Merging userns/for-next (318759b4737c signal/x86: Move tsk inside of CONFIG_MEMORY_FAILURE in do_sigbus)
Merging ktest/for-next (aecea57f84b0 ktest: Fix some typos in
Merging random/dev (58be0106c530 random: fix soft lockup when trying to read from an uninitialized blocking pool)
Merging kselftest/next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging y2038/y2038 (a2318b6a16a8 riscv: Use latest system call ABI)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/riscv/include/uapi/asm/unistd.h
Merging livepatching/for-next (28f28ea4343a Merge branch 'for-5.3-core' into for-next)
Merging coresight/next (a04d8683f577 coresight: etm4x: improve clarity of etm4_os_unlock comment)
Merging rtc/rtc-next (06c8e550a84e rtc: s5m: convert to i2c_new_dummy_device)
Merging nvdimm/libnvdimm-for-next (cb3110f7452d Merge branch 'for-5.3/dax' into libnvdimm-for-next)
Merging at24/at24/for-next (10742fee98eb eeprom: at24: remove unneeded include)
Merging ntb/ntb-next (5f9e832c1370 Linus 5.3-rc1)
Merging kspp/for-next/kspp (60f2c82ed20b randstruct: Check member structs in is_pure_ops_struct())
Merging cisco/for-next (9e98c678c2d6 Linux 5.1-rc1)
Merging gnss/gnss-next (f2c7c76c5d0a Linux 5.2-rc3)
Merging fsi/next (371975b0b075 fsi/core: Fix error paths on CFAM init)
Merging siox/siox/next (1e4b044d2251 Linux 4.18-rc4)
Merging slimbus/for-next (0a43bffb7e21 slimbus: fix slim_tid_txn())
Merging nvmem/for-next (e018ed6ecebf nvmem: meson-mx-efuse: allow reading data smaller than word_size)
Merging xarray/xarray (91abab83839a XArray: Fix xas_next() with a single entry at 0)
Merging hyperv/hyperv-next (221f6df008ab hv_balloon: Reorganize the probe function)
Merging auxdisplay/auxdisplay (f4bb1f895aa0 auxdisplay/ht16k33.c: Convert to use vm_map_pages_zero())
Merging kgdb-dt/kgdb/for-next (ca976bfb3154 kdb: Fix bound check compiler warning)
Merging pidfd/for-next (aed5a8df3dbb tests: add pidfd poll tests)
Merging devfreq/for-next (27c17be8e488 PM / devfreq: tegra20: add COMMON_CLK dependency)
Merging hmm/hmm (cc374377a19d mm/hmm: remove hmm_range vma)
Merging fpga/for-next (7d62460b4060 MAINTAINERS: Move linux-fpga tree to new location)
Merging akpm-current/current (ca26aeea8338 ipc/msg.c: consolidate all xxxctl_down() functions)
CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in arch/arm64/include/asm/processor.h
Applying: Revert "uprobe: collapse THP pmd after removing all uprobes"
$ git checkout -b akpm remotes/origin/akpm/master
Applying: pinctrl: fix pxa2xx.c build warnings
Applying: mm: treewide: clarify pgtable_page_{ctor,dtor}() naming
Applying: drivers/tty/serial/sh-sci.c: suppress warning
Applying: drivers/media/platform/sti/delta/delta-ipc.c: fix read buffer overflow
Merging akpm/master (24a3eaea5312 drivers/media/platform/sti/delta/delta-ipc.c: fix read buffer overflow)

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2019-08-07  8:36 linux-next: Tree for Aug 7 Stephen Rothwell
2019-08-07 15:11 ` linux-next: Tree for Aug 7 (mm/khugepaged.c) Randy Dunlap
2019-08-07 16:59   ` Song Liu
2019-08-07 20:10     ` Andrew Morton
2019-08-07 21:00       ` Song Liu
2019-08-07 21:27         ` Andrew Morton
2019-08-07 21:30           ` Randy Dunlap
2019-08-07 22:11             ` Song Liu
2019-08-08  1:31               ` Stephen Rothwell
2019-08-07 22:13           ` Song Liu
2019-08-08  1:20           ` Stephen Rothwell
2019-08-07 15:29 ` linux-next: Tree for Aug 7 (net/bridge/netfilter/nf_conntrack_bridge.c) Randy Dunlap
2019-08-07 15:57   ` Jeremy Sowden
2019-09-23 22:26     ` Ivan Kalvachev
2019-09-23 22:48       ` Jeremy Sowden
2019-08-08  5:13 ` linux-next: Tree for Aug 7 Michael Ellerman
2019-08-08 15:54   ` Gustavo A. R. Silva

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